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  2. I just realized it's my 2nd year anniversary as a TTF member last May 2018 lol

  3. I think she works out often. If she had a 2nd career I think she would fit bodybuilding lol
  4. Jajangmyeon

    [Discussion] If Twice were Marvel heroes

    Avengers - TWICE version!
  5. Survival tactics by Twice in case you are stranded on an island lol
  6. Jajangmyeon

    Please welcome our new friend gowonlover

    Don't really know what's this but welcome! Lol
  7. Watch: TWICE Takes 2nd Win For “Dance The Night Away” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By SEVENTEEN, MAMAMOO, And More TWICE has grabbed their second win for “Dance the Night Away”! On the July 19 episode of “M!Countdown,” TWICE’s latest track was up against Apink’s “I’m So Sick” for first place. TWICE took first with a total score of 10,933 to Apink’s 6,258. Watch their performance and win below! Performers on this week’s episode also included A.C.E, Apink, Chungha, ELRIS, fromis_9, GFRIEND, Golden Child, gugudan SEMINA, Kim Dong Han, Kyungri, MAMAMOO, MOMOLAND, MYTEEN, ONF, Seenroot, SEVENTEEN, TARGET, Triple H, and VARSITY. Watch many of the performances in the soompi link! Congratulations to TWICE! CR: soompi
  8. JeongJeong

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    oke fix, aku bakal nntn
  9. Today
  10. gowonlover

    Please welcome our new friend gowonlover

    wait what is this Thanks guys
  11. OrdinaryFan


    Hello! Welcome to the forum! Another Penguin I see.. Hope we can be friends! hehe.
  12. 180719 M COUNTDOWN [MPD FanCam] - TWICE individual FanCam focus
  13. TheKyeoptaPenguMina

    Bias Wrecker

    Great bias!
  14. TheKyeoptaPenguMina

    [FANART/GIF]Twice Gif (Made by myself)

    Thanks for supporting me :)
  15. [V Report Plus] Twice enjoys tropical fruits during music video shoot (Naver's V app) The fourth episode of Twice’s brand new reality show “Dance the Night Away,” named after its new single, features the band’s nine members enjoying tropical fruits while filming their most recent music video. “This is so amazing,” Chaeyoung said, munching on a piece of pineapple. Jeongyeon liked the green mango best. They were so focused on enjoying the fruit that they were speechless for a long while. The tri-national girl group is having its most prolific year yet, releasing two Korean extended plays and four Japanese singles to date, with another full-length album coming this September. (Naver's V app) By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) https://www.vlive.tv/video/80693 CR: KPOPHERALD
  16. Black rabbit

    Please welcome our new friend gowonlover

    Congrats milo
  17. LinYuBear


    PIGTAILS your signature is dead
  18. Agencies Including SM, JYP, YG, And BigHit Jointly Establish New Content Platform Company Seven entertainment agencies have joined forces for a new global platform company! On July 19, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, BigHit Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Mystic Entertainment, and Star Empire Entertainment held a signing ceremony for the establishment of Music & Creative Partners Asia Co., Ltd. (MCPA). The representatives in attendance were SM Entertainment’s CEO Han Se Min, JYP Entertainment’s vice president Byun Sang Bong, YG Entertainment’s executive director Choi Sung Joon, BigHit Entertainment’s CBO Yoon Suk Joon, FNC Entertainment’s executive director Kim Yoo Shik, Jo Young Chul of Mystic Entertainment, and Lee Seung Joo of Star Empire Entertainment. The company’s services will be somewhat of a Korean equivalent to Vevo. MCPA will distribute music videos on global digital service platforms including YouTube and serve as the head of determining and negotiating policies regarding this. It will also provide a new platform service that distributes music video contents. In addition to music videos, the company will continuously discuss ways to expand business including a broadcast platform for the production and supply of new contents. MCPA was established to create a developmental new business model and for the advancement of the global competitive edge for Korean music contents and artists. It plans on growing into a company that represents Asia. Source (1) CR: soompi
  19. I'm making focused cameras of TWICE - Dance The Night Away Dance Practise Video.

    Wonder if anyone wants to see them? :ny-ew:

  20. LinYuBear

    Please welcome our new friend gowonlover

    nayeonlover = gowonlover xd
  21. Twice's Bias

    [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  22. OrdinaryFan

    [GAME] The Magical Soda Machine

    Get: Perfect Dance Performance. Insert: JYP .
  23. OrdinaryFan

    [GAME] Rhyme Time

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