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  2. Sila: Pre tapos na thesis niyo?

    Me: ha? ako ata tatapusin ng thesis ko :jy-eww:

    1. Plume


      I don't understand:ny-hmm:

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  4. [INFO] TWICE's Tzuyu wishes Twitter a happy birthday

    saying happy birthday to twitter
  5. TWICE's Tzuyu wished Twitter a happy 12th birthday. The idol said in a brief birthday wish video, "Happy 12th birthday to Twitter! Please continue to love TWICE! I also love Twitter very much!" Did you know Twitter is turning 12 years old this year? cr: allkpop
  6. Japanese adult video stars launch K-pop group, spark divisive debate By Chang Dong-woo SEOUL, March 22 (Yonhap) -- For a freshly-minted K-pop band, the trio could not look any more ordinary. Dressed in bright colorful dresses, the bubbly ladies of Honey Popcorn sang their catchy synthpop track, "Bibidi Babidi Boo," during their debut showcase on Wednesday in Seoul, dancing adorably like any other by-the-numbers rookie girl group. These seemingly unassuming women, however, have found themselves at the center of a public brouhaha, with tens of thousands demanding the government ban their activities. To a large extent, the controversy was unavoidable. The three singers are all Japanese adult video actresses. The Honey Popcorn members, Mikami Yua, Sakura Moko, and Matsuda Miko, all started their careers in the Japanese entertainment industry as singers in the J-pop idol scene. After retiring from their bands, SKE48, NMB48 and Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome, respectively, they turned to the Japanese adult video scene. Mikami later joined Ebisu Muscats, a musical group composed of Japanese adult video stars, in 2016. In this file photo, Honey Popcorn, a girl group comprised of Japanese adult video actresses, performs during a showcase for the its debut album in Seoul on March 21, 2018. (Yonhap) The group's formation was announced in late February, along with plans to hold a showcase in Seoul on March 14. The news of the members' steamy professional backgrounds was more than enough to turn heads. Many parents and conservatives became vigilant and demanded the group cancel their debut. A petition was filed on the presidential website, requesting the government to ban Honey Popcorn's debut. "There are many cases where idol stars directly affect fans. Idols are heroes to the young, especially teens," the petitioner, whose name was not made public, asserted. The petition had been signed by more than 35,000 people as of Thursday afternoon. Social media also became flooded with comments calling for the singers to return to Japan. "Is it not a problem if they film porn while promoting themselves as K-pop idols?" Twitter user @ya6355 wrote. "I hope they never return to our country," the person added. Such reaction is unsurprising as the K-pop industry tends to rely heavily on the clean and wholesome image of its stars. Many pop singers, especially female stars, rely heavily on advertisement deals in securing revenue for their companies. The image values of singers, when associated with negative news, tend to decline steeper compared with stars in other fields. Amid the backlash, the band's Korean agency, Kyun Create, suddenly canceled the showcase in early March, prompting speculation that the team capitulated to the negative sentiment. The timing also coincided with the fast spread of the Me Too movement in South Korea. The movement has crystallized lingering opposition to predatory sexual aggression, a subject that is not uncommon in pornographic material. But to the surprise of many, the company on Monday again notified reporters that the trio would move forward with the canceled showcase on Wednesday. The band released its debut EP the same day. "I am engaged in such (adult video) work in Japan. I also consider that work serious, but right now I want to focus on promoting Honey Popcorn," Mikami, leader of the group, said at the showcase held in western Seoul on Wednesday. Aware of the perception conundrum, Mikami said she would understand if not many could support the group. "I will try to be grateful for the fans who can root for us," she said. In this file photo, Mikami Yua, lead singer of Honey Popcorn, speaks to reporters during a showcase for the group's debut album in Seoul on March 21, 2018. (Yonhap) By all accounts, the members appear genuine in their passion for K-pop and their project. According to Kyun Create, the members are huge fans of K-pop music, with Mikami's partiality towards Korea and Korean culture fairly well known among her fans. On her YouTube account, Mikami has several videos of her dancing to hits from A-Pink, Cosmic Girl and TWICE. According to the company, Honey Popcorn is essentially a passion project funded by Mikami. The band also does not appear gimmicky, with production values for the music and videos on par with standard rookie K-pop acts. Not all opinions are negative either, with many supportive comments posted on their artist page on music streaming service Melon. "I want to live in a world where Honey Popcorn can sing with confidence," Melon user gkakf123 wrote. "Korean girl groups also often perform lewd dance moves. Is there a reason why these girls can't follow the footsteps of idol girl groups?" posted user ktmsh1211. But regardless of the earnestness in their affinity for K-pop and Korea, the team's debut has become a litmus test, for better or for worse, in measuring South Korean public tolerance towards the association of K-pop with adult video realm. It is not clear whether the singers will continue to film adult videos while releasing and promoting under Honey Popcorn. "It would be hard to prevent any group, regardless of their past, from pursuing their project. At the same time, expressing opposition against ideas that go against one's belief is something that should promoted in a healthy democracy," Chung Deok-hyun, a Seoul-based cultural critic, said. Chung expected that the future of Honey Popcorn will depend ultimately by how they are received by the general public. "I think its best just to let them be. If they grow on people they could become bigger. I think the market will ultimately decide the group's fate. odissy@yna.co.kr (END) CR: Yonhap News Agency
  7. Baek Ji-young popular in North: defector The Unification Ministry is fine-tuning the details before sending a 160-member art troupe to Pyongyang for two performances between March 31 and April 3. The artists included Cho Yong-pil, Lee Sun-hee, Choi Jin-hee, rock singer Yoon Do-hyun, Baek Ji-young, Jung-in, former Girls’ Generation member Seohyun, Ali and K-pop act Red Velvet. Among the much-anticipated performances, it is said Baek Ji-young is the most popular north of the border, thanks to her award-winning soundtracks for TV dramas and hit songs. Baek Ji-young (WS Entertainment) One North Korean defector, who was responsible for media censorship at Pyongyang’s Ministry of Public Safety until 2013, told Korean newspaper the Chosun Ilbo Thursday that “many college students in Pyongyang carried Compact Discs or USB flash drives, containing South Korean movies, dramas and songs.” The defector further mentioned that among the seized properties, Baek’s songs came up most frequently during routine inspections, specifically “Like Being Hit by a Bullet,” which became North Korean college students’ favorite song to sing. “Baek Ji-young’s songs came up so much that our inspection team started to sing her songs from memory,” the defector recalled. Baek, who debuted with “Dash” in 1999, rose to K-pop stardom with many of her chart-topping hits, such as dance track “My Ear’s Candy,” soft ballads “That Woman” and “Don’t Forget Me.” Baek’s “Like Being Hit by a Bullet,” which was produced by music producer-CEO Bang Si-hyuk of Big Hit Entertainment, topped South Koraen music charts Melon and Mnet for four and six consecutive weeks, respectively. University students in Pyongyang (AP) Yun Sang, a singer-songwriter and producer, led the South Korean delegation to the working-level talks concerning the art-troupe performance. His North Korean counterpart Hyun Song-wol agreed to the North’s hosting of two performances at Pyongyang’s Ryugyong Chung Ju-yung Gymnasium and East Pyongyang Grande Theatre in between March 31 and April 3, according to the Unification Ministry Tuesday. South Korea sent a six-member advance team Thursday to check out venues for the upcoming performances. By Catherine Chung (cec82@heraldcorp.com) CR: KPOPHERALD

    Hello there. I am Andy. Nice to meet you~ Do enjoy the forums and meeting new people while you are here. Also, here are some useful links that you might need while getting started: | Forum Guides | Team Twice's Discord | Contacting a Mod | Cheers!
  9. Henlo

    Hello there. I am Andy. Nice to meet you~ Do enjoy the forums and meeting new people while you are here. Also, here are some useful links that you might need while getting started: | Forum Guides | Team Twice's Discord | Contacting a Mod | Cheers!
  10. [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets


    Hello and welcome to TTF fellow chaeng stan!
  12. [V Report Plus] Twice’s Jihyo, Nayeon stop over in Canada Twice aired a V live broadcast Thursday while waiting in Canada for their plane bound for Chile. Jihyo began the broadcast by asking Nayeon if her hair looks short. “We are on our way to perform for Music Bank in Chile. We have to transfer from Canada to go to Chile,” said Jihyo. Jihyo and Nayeon were exhausted from a 13-hour flight to Canada from Korea. They had to wait more than six hours for their next flight to Chile, which would take 10 hours. When Nayeon told fans that the two of them did not look very good on camera, Jihyo added, “We have given up on our looks on today’s V live.” Nayeon then expressed disappointment that she could not watch the drama “Because This is My First Life” due to technical problems with her phone. “Why can’t I watch something I’ve paid for?” she said in frustration. http://www.vlive.tv/video/63940 CR: KPOPHERALD PS: To ONCE, do anticipate TWICE's upcoming new MV teaser(s) for their next Korean comeback in April to be out soon!
  13. [GAME] Type The Members' Names With Eyes Closed

    Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu 9/9 A+++
  14. Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Most likely next month. I just reserved my hotel in SG - so excited!
  15. [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    No problemo.
  16. Did somebody say 'JAV'? Oh my oh my. And this happens right when Mnet and the 48G will be doing a Produce 101 style show. Let's see what Twice and JYP do with this request. Yea, 1 is from SKE48, the other is from NMB48. The 3rd member is from the idol group Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome. I'm surprised they got passed the big 3 broadcasting networks; but when I think about it, there was a girl group before whose origins came from the 19+ in South Korea. But they didn't last for very long. So meh. I hope they turned over a new leaf to do some honorable work. Best of luck to these girls.
  17. The Eras of the Chatroom/Chatbox

  18. Fake maknae ft. Thomas. <3 Nayeon - the type of girl who wears a glasses to look younger. Lmao. (Whenever I wear my glasses, I look older. Why such a cruel world. Huhu) Screen caps from VLive
  19. The Official MiMo (Mina & Momo) Thread ❤

    Yessss, I agree! I love J-Line. Wish they could do a sub-unit or some sort of special event together. Also, I see you live in Mina's heart too
  20. Me: *watching VLive*

    Notif: *TWICE joined the chat*

    WTF!!! I don't know what to feel. Coz they joined the chat while I'm watching but I.do.not.understand.what.they.are.saying. *SCREAMING INSIDE*


  21. i saw Love Simon in theaters it can be a bit cheesy but it's an amazing movie i almost cried in the end of it:mm-heart::jh-myheart:  

  22. I'm used to seeing people saying Japanese AV instead of JAV my bad
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