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  2. Can you organized it even if it's only three because I want to place Photoshoots-Jihyo in the bottom middle. If it's ok?
  3. Thanks for the mention and glad you had fun in here
  4. Yeah! I think I request again since @Zaito granted my request last time. Hahahahah but I listen to it every friday since it's you're broadcast day!
  5. Yeah! Hhahahahaah Nayeon Bunny Teeth is so cute!
  6. Nayeon's bunny teeth for life
  7. Hello there! Welcome to TTF!
  8. Yeah! All is perfect I wish October 9th is their comeback!
  9. OHHH you really did make one gonna find some pics later
  10. Song requests queue is still open Drop those songs of yours
  11. Today
  12. I finish making it visit it now!
  13. Here we are appreciating Nayeon's Bunny Teeth Everyone agree that Nayeon's Bunny Teeth is cute. You can add more pics about Nayeon cute Bunny Teeth here!
  14. korea->japan->korea->NY->korea->japan? looks so complicated anyway, thanks for always sharing these
  15. Would be perfect since October 20th is a friday aswell in terms of performance on the day of anniversary.
  16. Okayyy I'll make one
  17. I think that make sense if they comeback on October 9th since their 2nd Anniversary is on October 20th that make sense.
  18. sure why not?
  19. What's also really interesting is, as I said in another thread, October 9th is also a Monday and Cheer Up, TT and also Signal were all also released on a Monday. Illuminati confirmed.
  20. Do you want? I'll make one!
  21. 170622 Gimpo airport TWICE came back to Korea from Japan (84 pic) http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/06/170622-gimpo-airport-twice-came-back-to.html
  22. I lately think that I have reasons to post here and thank everybody that welcomes me here!
  23. Aw, thanks! And as you said before I see you everywhere as well lol
  24. It's been 8 days or almost 1 week since I enter TTF but in that short time, I meet amazing people that suddenly become my friends here. I want to thank them for being my friend and also for welcoming me here in my first day! Thank you! @#Satzu @Mina❤ @Twice's Bias @NayeonBunnyIsMyBias @Zaito @Jokballet There so many that I don't mentioned them but you know who you are. For me, you are so great. Thank you so much again! You're the best! And also special mention @Kh3ngboon for editing my dp. You're the best! And Thank you so much!
  25. do we already have a nayeon bunny teeth appreciation thread? if not someone make one already
  26. The force is awaken
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