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  2. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

    Boi u rock! the song and vid is completing each other and in perfect synergy~ well done HAPPY MINA DAYY!!!!
  3. Today
  4. So I finally decided to join this Discord thingy. I'm going by the name "TWICE's Pet Gerbil#9738" :mn-game::cy-gj:

    1. Plume



    2. TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      I don't know how anything works, tho... :sn-derp:

  5. Feeling down... I miss my friends. love you all

    1. Plume


      Everything's going to be okay. We're for you. You are going to do great!:sn-pew:

  6. No. If I'm correct, TWICE members are not allowed to have personal Twitters. But I can't confirm that for sure.
  7. Yup. The End. Oh lookie. Sum1 downvoted me again. Must b a sinful perv somewhere here 2 do dat.
  8. Whoever read the dm on TTF's twitter account asking what happened to the site, it was me who send it. Lmaooo. I was worried I lost one of my special sites. Please don't leave us.

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    2. Phebe
    3. Minari 🐧

      Minari 🐧

      @Lost Penguin or maybe the server didn't expect too much penguin population so it got tired a bit. Lol

    4. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      @Minari 🐧 Welp pengus ... so understandable 

  9. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

    It really is a beginner video for me. Took me a week to do this. Been preparing this for her special day. But thank you! I will try learn some and if I discover anything, I'll go make a better one. ;)
  10. TTF was down for a few minutes. I was so lost for a brief while... :sn-shock:


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    2. Phebe


      It was down for awhile. I messaged Boon about it and he fixed it.

    3. TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      Phebe saves the day again. :jh-cheer::jh-cheer:

    4. Phebe


      You know it:sn-pew:

  11. Hey everyone, sorry for being inactive for these few days, I've been super busy with my school musical. We have to perform two times today, and even one tomorrow.... :ny-pout:

    I'll show you guys a selfie of me in my costume later today, okay? I promise!
    My school will also be recording tomorrow's performance and showing it through DVD, so hopefully I'll be able to upload it to Google Drive and share it with you guys. I would give you the time's of when I appear, of course.
    Also when @I. Am. Jihyo's or @Dahyun.exe appear too if they want lol

  12. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

    Eyyyy! Is this the beginners video? I feel like I'm watching a pro FMV hahahaha I would like to see you made more fmv
  13. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

    Can't spell A-L-W-A-Y-S without S-L-A-Y kekekeke
  14. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

    If it's Mina you're talking, yes she is. Thank you! :) Yes she always slayyy as always
  15. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

  16. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

    If it's Mina you're talking, yes she is. Thank you! :) Can't contain these happiness I feel. Time to share it for others. Hehe
  17. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

  18. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

  19. [FMV] Happy Mina Day (03.24.2018)

    So I made a video for TWICE Mina's birthday. Actually a beginner for video editing but please do take some time to watch it. I want to create more videos in the future so any recommendations will be appreciated. So here's the short clip I made. Enjoy watching! Happy Mina Day!!! @Lost Penguin @Picapict boiz, gather all the penguins you know. Let's celebrate.
  20. #happyminaday :mn-gasp:


    *but still, jeong yeon is life XD :jy-jks:

    1. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin


  21. Today's gonna be the best day for the penguins. HAPPY MINA DAY! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!

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    2. Minari 🐧
    3. JokbalManiaMomo


      Penguin will have a huge PARTY today as their queen is celebrating her BIRTHDAY! :mn-peace:

    4. Minari 🐧

      Minari 🐧

      Yeah right, we are busy already. Come drop by. You are very welcomed.

  22. Happy Birthday to our elegant Black Swan, MINARING!!! :)


  23. tumblr_p3h2ytY5O41wk8cqeo3_400.gif


  24. Yes Boi It is Mina Day

    Welcome to most Expensive Girl, Gorgeous, Black and White Swan, Queen of Bridge and Ballet

    Happy Mina Day


    Some Blessing here (You've to open it today... No skipping)















  25. Happyyy birthday Minarii :ny-chu:



    1. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      HAPPY MINA DAY :mn-peace: 

    2. Kishward


      Yes all hail Queen Minari :mn-ooh:

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