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    My TTF biases: @Zeba @Shyness @Lovely puppy @JeongyeonIsMyWaifu My TTF bias wreckers: @Skallix @Kh3ngboon @Scheherazade @chaerrybear @NayeonBunnyIsMyBias @a.h. @ZackZachary @TECetc @OnceUponAStar @Beanie @Jhinjerely Yours and more @Jokballet <- adorable bias wrecker #WhenYouCantResistTTFMembersCuteness It sounds dumb but true for me you might don't know that but you guys are a bunch of bias wreckers YES I STAN TTF idk why i'm doing this status, i should be studying rn...
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    ^if you want to read this, it's not a happy thought, i'll tell you that right now. so.
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    Hello! I'm back on this section with a new thread after this one. I actually didn't notice that yesterday marked my first year here in TTF. Okay, so... first of all, let me thank those who became a part of my first year in here. @momotaros namaaaaaaaan. This oppa-nim whom I always tell my rant to. Thank you for listening even tho I am annoying at times. @Sudipto my bby bruv who once roasted me on cb. Go sleep already. hahaha @Kh3ngboon who told me he is pink because he loves pink at the time I joined. @Ling who always greet me every time I go online. It's just sweet. ^^ @Lovely puppy yes, my asawa. She's cute. Wanna see her pic? XD @JayQ my bestie oppar who also love bae minatozaki. Thank you so much for listening to my problem before and for giving me some advice. @minassi my fav collector-senpai. @Zeba our girl who brightens up our day. @Ooh-Ahh ofc cookie-senpai~ @LonelyWolf the not so innocent wolfie. @<3TzuNaMi yeeey the awesome senpai. Of course my KKT Fam: @ChewyYoda <3 @Twice's Bias @WhiteBlue @Aireens @Byulyulk @AJ Son-Minatozaki @Kirielx @taeha11 @Riku @Migs @Tteokgalbi @jemjeremjem1 @Planksu @Chaeyoungalaxy @#DabsForDubu you guys are awesome. I'm missing all of you. My PH peeps yeeeeeeeey @SaranghaeMina @JokbalManiaMomo @OnceUponAStar @Beanie Also to all my fans who always listen to Jhinland lol jk. There are actually more persons to mention but it will take me forever to finish lol I didn't expect to stay in here this long since i'm the type of person who gets bored easily in forums and is lazy as I stated in my intro thread but look, I'm still here. lol Thank you guys for all the memories we've shared in the past year, for making my year great. I hope we could make more of them in the future. I promise to do my best as a moderator and to stay longer in this forum. Again, thank you guys because without each one of you, this Jhin would have left this community already. I love you guys~ ♥
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    Soon there will be a new motm ! And that also means that you guys will finally get rid of me This motm experience was nice, and great. I hope I did a good job as a motm and I also hope that deserved people will become motm, there is too nice people around here. I don't know who I'll vote.. I'm still thinking about who I'll vote. This month wasn't the best irl but in TTF I guess it was ! The chatbox came back, I made new friends and more... But IRL I felt like karma was stuck with me.. I guess it still is. The earthquake happened, the beginning of my faints happened, fights too... Many things happened during this month and I really hope that karma will set me free of everything because I can't handle everything well. Take care guys, and have a great week..~ ♥
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    Heyyyy what's up guysss? Just posting maybe my very last status update here, yeah, I'm going to leave TTF, maybe I will be gone for a while or maybe for a long time, I said this on the chatbox before I'm having a serious health problem so that's the reason for me to leave TTF I don't want my leaving to be a sad farewell, I want to make it happy so please do comment here what's your happiest moment here that I'm involve or maybe other members involve since I'm a happy person (before), I want my departure to be a happy farewell for me Thanks for everything guys, thanks for happy moments, thanks for the lessons I got from you guyss, thanks for the chatbox moment and everything guysss I love you all and GOODBYE! I will see you again!
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    My TTF biases: @MyiMina @MinaThePenguin @Lovely puppy @Yeongie 윤기 @Shyness TTF bias wreckers: @Plume @chaerrybear @ZackZachary @Cupcake Cupid @Twice's Bias @TzuyuIsMyLovE❤ @DubusLover @JokbalManiaMomo @OnceUponAStar @Kh3ngboon @JeongyeonIsMyWaifu @a.h. @kawaiionceprinces13 and much more~! Everyone on TTF is so kind ty myimina for this idea ily Anywaysssssssssss while some of these people may not really know who I ammmm wow rip I still find them super kind and a big part of this community yey ily all now pls dont hate me for tagging you im innocent child
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    Hi Guys, This is not an introduction of a new member (well probably for some I might be new to you) It's my 2ND ANNIVERSARY here in TTF! (probably the 1st kpop forum that I joined and truly active) TIME FLIES EH? For those who doesn't know me well, well I am nobody, just a non Kpop person who bumped into TWICE back in Seoul and decide to stan them I created a few threads here, some are probably still actives, I witnessed the dark ages of TEAM TWICE (from only 3 person to talk in the chatbox - to disappearing chatbox) lack of members and such and now look at the members 10k omg.. I remember I was the 200th+ members when I joined in Changing of few admins and staffs obviously despite all that, I am glad I can meet up new people and eventually be friends with them (u know who u are) I had become your cookie senpai (hopefully still) a.k.a your Awards Team Member (2016- 2017) - LONG LIVE THE PURPLE RANGERS! and currently your beloved CHATBOX MODERATORS (I love to lurk, trust me) so probably many of you wondering (I hope so...) where I am or what I am doing lately.. 2017 isn't my active year here on TTF, hopefully 2018 I will be more active and made some new friends here! CHEERS TO ANOTHER (hopefully) active year in TTF! OOH-AHH
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    Finally it reaches 10 upvotes *touched* *happy* I love my all my readers/friends there >.< Btw, I feel more relaxed writing 'Haeju' as I've changed my nickname lel... I'm no longer the Haeju. She is~
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    Hello you two, it comes to me that you two have been doing useless and immature comments here, arguing that Nayeon is rightfully yours. We have people here who stan TWICE and Nayeon as well. You can fantasize that you have Nayeong or whatever, that just show how delusional you two are showing to the community. I do hope that you are able to stay calm of this, no one's getting your Nayeon. Find your Nayeon yourself.
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    Finally, 11 months on TTF.... I remember when the first time I knew Twice then decided to watch Sixteen to get to know more. I remember I fell in love so hard with Sana and made her my ideal type. I remember when Tzuyu wrekced that because I thought she had a cool personality. Ah, I just realized my TwicexHaeju fanfic started with Tzuyu became Haeju's best friend and Sana became the antagonist. It ended up called 'Me VS J-line', basically Tzuyu vs Sana. Until now, with her pure heart and kindness, Sana is still my ideal type. And, until now, I'm still hoping that I will find my Tzuyu that can make me feel comfortable liking her. It's still like that..... When people ask who my Twice bias is, I never be able to answer them properly. Can I just have more than one?
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    Healing for tough day today💕💕 Once
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    Alola, Onces Santa Zaito is here to drop an early gift for you guys. Ho Ho Ho~ Enjoy~~ 3840 X 2400 1920 X 1080
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    so apparently i made this account like awhile ago but ive never really explored this website well enough ,, so i decided i should start using this more often xd so umm hi everyone !! im ash , i do editing and kinda learning how to gfx rn (?) for twice :3 recently joined TEAM TWICE twitter team and i hope ill do well >< im from the country twice visited for ttv6 hope i can make new friends here !! do check my profile if youd like to see my twitter and youtube ,, anyways please take care of me !
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    WELL, It seems like a reindeer has dropped another gift box for us and we opened it. We found these special awards!! #HeartShaker - Heart #HeartShaker - Logo And it's UP FOR GRABS and.... Each awards costs 1500 Wonce and will be available until 11:59 KST on December 11th!! All you need to do is comment with which of the two awards (or both) you would like the purchase!! and one thing, this is not the Santa Attack Awards. ♡ TTF Staff ♡
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    I got a bigger bruise from dancing to hard
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    Hey Once i was browsing throw thr Forum and saw so many graphics that i thougth i will also make some. But in front make many i maked one and ask what you think about it. I hope you like it. If you like feel free to use it. I wish all a nice day. OHH - AHH TT
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    Omo~ I'm near the 500 reputations!~
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    Hi everyone! I hardly ever like a band. But for TWICE, I believe it's "love", haha. I'm from Vietnam and turned 20 after Jihyo's birthday 12 days. That'd be great to know you all. To proudly call you "comrade" (kidding) and to contribute to the growth of TWICE's community worldwide. Thank you for coming by. Best regards!
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    Hello everyone I'm new here and I would like to uh................................ I've been here fora whole month already! :D I want to take the time to thank everyone who has been super supportive and friendly. I love you all <3 My time here has been amazing! Everyone here is so nice and supportive. I wish I had come here earlier in my life xD Thank you again everyone <3
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    So, I requested @Twice's Bias a drawing of MIna because she likes drawing. Here I'm gonna show off what she has made for me ORIGINAL PICTURE: FANART: (I post this picture with her permission) What do you think, guys? It's really good, isn't it?! I really like it. She said she gave up the mouth part as it's hard for her to draw a face. I say this is already great! If you like what she does you request a drawing from her too ^^ Reach her at twitter: @twices_tb
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    HELLO TWICE ONCE from around the world. My name is Nicholas and i am from Malaysia. I am 15 this year and have been a ONCE since they debuted. I didnt know that you guys have a page like that until i downloaded twitter so yeahh. THANK YOU!!! TWICE FOR LIFE!!!!
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    Sometimes, you got to appreciate life. I appreciate I have these families.
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    I'm glad to see some new good thread-makers in the discussion section TTF needs them. Somehow I lose my sense to make a good one so I'm glad they are there. Discussion section is always my favourite part of this forum! I'm looking forward to their interesting threads in the future >.< Are you?
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    *All rules can be updated at anytime and go into effect immediately* **All changes made to official forum rules will be announced** ***Please use your common sense when using the forums & chatbox*** ☞ ☜ [!!] These rules apply to all sections of the forum including: threads, chatbox, status post, and PM's [!!] Treat all forum members with respect. No harassing or flaming. Absolutely no releasing members personal information with out their expressed consent and informing the admins prior. Doing so will result in an immediate and indefinite ban. No spam. No bullying (Targeting other members with malicious intent). No trolling. No threatening other members. No offensive or sexually explicit usernames, display pictures, signatures, threads, or discussions in chatbox. Making racist comments, bigoted comments, or hateful comments towards the forum, other fandoms, members, staff, yourself, or in general is not tolerated: No offensive/racist/harmful/suggestive usernames. No duplicate accounts. No swearing. No posting paid for content. ☞ ☜ Do not spam: Strings of emoticons/emojis (this means more than 5). Strings of unreadable text or characters (left to the discretion of the staff) The same message more than 2 times. Do not harass, flame or troll other members. Do not bully random members or new members. ☞ ☜ No duplicate threads. Please check before posting news and images. Posting similar videos or news articles from different sources (youtube or twitter, all kpop or koreaboo) is not considered a duplicate topic. Posts with the same content from different sources will be merged. No offensive or overly sexual threads. When posting news articles (Soompi, AKP, etc.), copy-paste the text of the article and any accompanying images (as opposed to the link by itself). Also, please include the link for the article. Posting about a unrelated topic or that is not related to a on-going conversation is spam. Please take OT discussion to a new thread. If your post contains more than 2 images (pictures and GIFs [including "reaction GIFs"]), please post the images under the spoiler cut. Two images may be posted outside of the cut. embedded videos from youtube or twitter/instagram do not count towards your image count. However, if you are posting several videos please post the videos under a spoiler cut. Source all photos and articles: Please credit all fansites and official news sources (Dispatch, etc) Please credit all fancams Gifs and screenshots from broadcasters do not need to be credited JYPE official content does not need to be sourced more about crediting can be found HERE Do not post any images or articles regarding to any paid subscription of twice channel Please tag post titles appropriately: [DISCUSSION] - use for discussion topics [POLL] - use if including a poll [<MEMBER>IST] - include the member' name in brackets for your topic [INFO] - use for all News topics [PICS] - for photos [VID] - for videos [AUDIO] - for audio [TRANS/ENG] - for translations [DOWNLOAD] - for downloads [ENG SUB] - use for Download topics that have English subs [NETIZENS] - for Netizen Zone topics [PANN] - for the specific forum or portal site that the article is sourced from [TWT] - for Twitter content [IG] - for Instagram content [FB] - for Facebook content [VLIVE] - for V Live content [GAME] - for Forum Games topics [FAN<ART/EDIT>] - for fan art or edits [FMV] - for fan-made videos ☞ ☜ Point distribution: ☞ Chat and thread spam: 1 POINT ☞ Not following thread rules (putting multiple images behind a cut, etc.): 1 POINT ☞ Bullying and trolling: 2-5 POINTS (Based on the staff's judgment) ☞ Racism, bigotry, etc: 2-5 POINTS (Based on the staff's judgment) ☞ Offensive usernames: BANNED from site participation until changed ☞ Duplicate accounts: 1 POINT per duplicate account (duplicate accounts are banned indefinitely) Penalties: Forums: ☞2 POINTS: A week long ban from the forum ☞4 POINTS: A one month ban from the forum ☞6 POINTS: A two month ban from the forum ☞8 POINTS: A permanent ban with opportunities to reverse the ban (future forgiveness events, etc.) ☞10 POINTS: Permanent, irreversible ban Chat Box: ☞1st Warning: 1 day Chat Ban ☞2nd Warning: 7 days Chat Ban ☞3rd Warning: 14 days Chat Ban ☞4th Warning: 30 days Chat Ban with opportunities to reverse the ban (future forgiveness events, etc.) ☞5th Warning: 60 days Chat Ban with opportunities to reverse the ban (future forgiveness events, etc.) ☞6th Warning: Permanent Chat Ban
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    ahhh thank you thank you !! we can definitely be friends see you around !<3
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    too much sodium is bad for your health. spread to save lives. 😌
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    I want to thank everyone for my huge amount of reputation points Thank you so much~ I've only been on this forum for about two and a half weeks, and I've really enjoyed my time here, thank you I'm surprised I've gotten so much, really. I've seen that most of my friends on TTF have around 200-500, so it really shocks me, they've been on here for months now, and maybe even a year Thank you bb's
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    Well you can try it out on this now So if you misspelled your name wrong are you going to apologise to yourself and your ancestors for a minor typo? Too much of a perfectionist.
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    That one clumsy, cutie-sexy bae who can also be a waifu material.
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    I'm going to revive this thread like I did on the face thread *oh go why am I reminding this* I'll just leave a message to my besties while tagging them ONCE FR SQUAD: (french alert) TTF Friends: (english alert) If I forgot ppl I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry bet you didn't even read all of the so I'll feel bad until I die. LOVE YOU ALL, Y'ALL SO CUTE ♥
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    TWICE Points Out 6 Things You May Have Missed In “Likey” MV TWICE has shared some fun behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of their “Likey” music video! In a new clip of the group reacting to their own music video, the TWICE members talked about filming the video for “Likey” and pointed out a few things that may have escaped fans’ notice. Jihyo The Director From the very beginning of the music video, Jihyo carries a video camera and films the other members dancing. As it turns out, Jihyo really did film the other members, and some of the footage that she shot was actually used in the video! For example, the scene below was shot by Jihyo, which is why she’s missing. Jihyo revealed that Jeongyeon is also absent because she was filming her individual scenes at the time. Jeongyeon’s Dream Comes True Another cute Easter egg that fans might not have noticed—the outfit that Jeongyeon admires throughout the video makes an appearance again at the very end, when she wears it in the final dance scene! The TWICE members joked that after working hard and saving up at her part-time job in the video, Jeongyeon was finally able to buy the outfit that she’d had her eye on. That Train Is Not CGI The train that passes by both Jihyo and Nayeon in the music video is not computer-generated, but is actually a real train that the girls had to wait for while filming. Furthermore, the filming crew had no idea what the train’s schedule was, so Jihyo had to stand in place and hope that she didn’t run out of sparklers before the train came by! Momo Choreographed That Dance Break Herself That dance break in “Likey” that fans can’t get enough of? The TWICE members revealed that Momo personally choreographed it herself! TWICE’s Greatest Hits Medley While it isn’t highlighted in the music video, the choreography for “Likey” features a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it medley of TWICE’s most famous hits. During Momo’s part in the first verse, the group quickly speeds through their trademark dance moves from “Cheer Up, “TT,” and “Signal.” Sana also noted that the reason they kiss their thumb and forefinger is to indicate an “L” for “Likey.” Ending With A Heart Finally, TWICE pointed out for fans who haven’t noticed that their ending pose for “Likey” is a formation in the shape of a heart! Watch the full clip of TWICE’s “MV Commentary” below! cr: soompi
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    I mean, my queens are so fricking genuine. I've been into kpop for quite a while yet i've never seen a group -to me- as genuine as them. I can't believe people hate these girls, it's like impossible to NOT like them. They're nice, gorgeous, talented and so amazing to us fans smh non fans missing out tbh. It really warms my heart to see how hardworking they are and how they recognize their flaws instead of being too prideful with their success. As well as that I get so duckin happy when staffs spill the tea on how kind and generous they are and the fact that the bad attitude bs haters are spreading is just...bs. I'm just so emotional after Likey it's unhealthy. TWICE ONCE FOREVER!~ and yes my ass is alive but i'm kinda on & off forums for a while.
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    TWICE has just release behind the scenes of their upcoming M/V ' Heart Shaker '
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    Hiii! Welcome to TTF! again. Enjoy your stay here and 50 posts till you can access the chatbox I believe, but dont spam!
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    Read the rules first, my dear child! If you have any questions about rules, privacy or personal information, you can go here or you can PM me about it, I'll try to reply as quick as possible! Don’t know how this place works? Do not fear! Go here for help! If you have a question/suggestion for staff members, you can go here to ask them! If you ever feel bored, all you have to do is go here and you can play some form games with other members! Have amazing information about TWICE that you are dying to share with other people? You can do that here! But make sure that your information hasn’t already been shown on another topic in TTF! If you have any more questions, feel free to message a staff member!
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    well Heart Shaker sounds like anime opening song.
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    Hello! I'm a ONCE from the Philippines and I'm new here! So uhmm.. I can't choose who should I ship with who (in TWICE) so I ship everyone with everyone (in TWICE). I'm an awkward introvert, a Libra, and I'm turning 20 next year (I'm old >.<). So uhmm.. Please take care of me.
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    cr : ei tea Twice perform 'Sleep Tight Good Night' at the MBC Radio FM4U 91.9 'Tei's Dream Radio. Disclaimer: (@Zaito recorded this video for I'm the one that uploaded it and I get his permission to do that)
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    Made my first video for Twice, hope you guys laugh as much as I did while I was making it. Just a couple clips I edited together in hopes to spread my love for Twice! Once For Life. If you have any memes or clips you want me to include in the next episode, feel free to put it in the comments. Enjoy: ✨Adventures Of Twice✨ EP1 Trivia: Can you figure out my favorite youtubers from this video? -✨Sambakzi✨
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    Time to do some voice acting lines
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    Me when I saw TTF's new theme I usually don't like pink, but the LIKEY colors match very well.
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    I almost have 50 reputation points in a week of me on this forum omg
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    1. Become a graphic designer. I used to be against it because I felt that drawing every day would become a chore, but I decided to just have fun. 2. Create an art page for Jihyo. Whether it be anime, chibi, realistic, etc., I want to do it for her. If I could do anything for her for making me so happy these past few months, it would be that.