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    ☆ TEAM TWICE'S VERY MERRY SECOND ANNIVERSARY EASTER EGG HUNT ☆ To celebrate Team twice's second anniversary the Twiceter bunny left us some twice themed Easter eggs that we have hidden around the forum. Your goal is to find all nine Twiceter Eggs (yes it is a picture dw) and have a shot at winning a copy of TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 Monograph! But be careful, because there's also some devious dupes that aren't the real Twiceter bunny eggs! How it works: Use the clues left by the bunny below to find the hidden eggs Create a new post in the Contest Entries forum (Remember only mods and admins can see your post and will check them) Title your post [CONTEST] Twiceter Birthday Egg Hunt Please format each post as follows: Egg: Nayeon Location: Team Twice's very Merry Second Birthday Remember to post every egg found as a reply to your thread! How the winner is chosen: The more eggs you find the better chance you have of winning: 4 Eggs = 1 entry 6 Eggs = 2 entries All 9 Eggs = 3 entries Finding all 9 dupes gets you a bonus entry and a special forum prize! ********* Think You're ready? I hope so! The Twiceter bunny won't be around forever! **You have until 11:59 PM KST on April 26, 2017!** ********* GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN ♡ TTF STAFF ♡
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    can you beat the grandmaster that has become one with the force?
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    Mina needs to see this cr. 무릎 this is too cyute the second pic reminds me of all the fansign pics where she hugs her penguins
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    Birthday fanart for chaeng ♥
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    Feel free to use these two SIGNAL headers c:
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    It's that time again again! ^^ That time where twice gets ready for a comeback, and what better way to get ourselves hyped for it than with limited edition awards! Each awards costs 1000 Wonce and will be available until 11:59 KST on May 14th #signal #Signal - solo #Signal - super All you need to do is comment with which of the three awards (you can also get two or three) you would like the purchase ♡ TTF Staff ♡
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    Hi Guys!! ChewyTzuyuChan here, it's been a long time since my last post Im not in my country right now, im on vacation and i dont have my computer with me where i create all my fanarts, but i did bring my laptop and try to do vector art and i think its pretty good! Hope you like it :D Yours Truly. ChewyTzuyuChan
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    hey i'm memestar i never really paid attention to twice except dahyun, even slightly disliked them, but now i see the light after listening to all their certified bops jeongyeon is gr8 too pls give me love and lots of links once sunbaenims uwu
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    Annyeong Fellow Onces! this is my Korean class and let's talk about the basics first! Hello -- 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) How are you?-- 잘 지냈어요? (jal- jinaess-eoyo?) My name is -- 내 이름은 (nae ileum-eun) Fine, thank you -- 좋아, 고마워 (joh-a, gomawo) What's your name -- 너 이름이 뭐니? (neo ileum-i mwoni?) Please -- 감사합니다 (budi) Thank you -- 감사합니다 (gomabseubnida) Yes -- 예 (ye) No -- 아니 (ani) I'll do Korean Class 2 just let me know
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    Hello, fellow Once i just wanted to Say Hi . I am a once from the Usa and I loveeeee Twice soooooo Much Nice to meet you , my name is Aliceu but people call me Alice , My bias Is the one and only Tzuyu!
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    @Ahn Haeju @Lovely puppy @Jokballet @I0riYagami @Twice's Bias @sanaing
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    Patch Notes 17.04.26 Now before you say anything else, Yes! I know that April is almost over! 1. We haven't forgotten! Seriously, we have not forgotten about you guys. This past month has been pretty busy with our projects (#TeamBTS), Twiceter, and Chaeyoung's birthday! So May might be a bit empty lol! 2. Minor site changes We've been going through a lot of minor changes to forum applications. If you haven't noticed yet, we have updated our awards system which now displaces nice categories here, A bug fix to our points system, and updated our theme to work with the newest version of IPS. With these changes we have to work out a lot of kinks that sometimes we miss in the update process. So please bear with us if you find and missing items or if the theme looks funny! We have also updated our staff page to reflect the current staff, staff groups, and added in the "chiefs of staff" who help oversee all of Team Twice! 3. We have a new contact form! We are excited to announce that we have added a new feature to the forum! It's called Forms. While that seems really boring this is a big step forward in how we handle feedback & Suggestions. We want to uphold our promise of improving how we communicate with you guys and help improve the forums with your ideas. Now, the "contact us" will remain at the bottom of the forums page as that runs directly through our service provider but all forms submitted through there will be second priority as they are not viewable by all admins and do not run through the forums itself! As a side note, we are using this forms feature for our donations processing and birthday projects benefits to help streamline the process overall, but you can find the updates about that in our new donations guide HERE 4. Harassment of members As of recent we have received more than a few complaints of harassment by several different members. For us our members privacy and safety is important and any kind of behavior is not tolerated. Going forward we are taking a zero tolerance stance on such behavior from anyone including our staff. Please respect each others privacy especially if a member has trusted you with their private info (number, address, name, etc), and please be mindful of who you give your info to! Thank you everyone for making our time here on the forums worthwhile :) ♡ TTF Staff ♡
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    I have no idea how to best start this post, so let me just say thank you. When I started TTF in July 2015, my goal was to create a spot for Once to get together pre-debut and hype each other up about Twice's impending debut. Over 6,000 members, thousands of posts, and 3 rounds of promotions later, I think it's safe to say that goal was achieved. I am so proud of all that we have achieved in the name of Twice. We've completed 9 successful birthday projects and one anniversary project which allowed us to express our love for Twice. We've donated to important charities to make an impact in the world. We've created a network for Once to meet each other and make friends across the globe. Thank you for all of you over the past year and a half who have reached out to me to tell me that TTF has meant something to you. When things were difficult for me, I took strength from knowing that what we were working on was important to you all. The generosity and kindness of the members of this forum has made TTF what it is today and I'm very proud to have created something so meaningful to so many people. To the staff & my friends – you know who you are – thank you so much for all you have done. I could not have done any of this without you, and I am leaving knowing that TT/TTF are in good hands. Everyone, please be nice to them ;) I love you all! Please keep loving Twice, Team Twice & Team Twice Forums in 2017! Thank you for everything!
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    This thread is to keep a history of the various eras of the chatroom/chatbox. Topics covered include who were the regulars and what was discussed. 1. Pre-TJ era -- before December 2015 Little is known about this era. The chatroom was empty most of the time. 2. The TJ era -- December 2015 - March 2016 3. The SubjectKpop era -- April 2016 - June 2016 4. The T2 era -- July 2016 - January 2017 On June 20, @T2long joined TTF. Within a few minutes, he was in the chatbox shouting like a pro. Could he be a Hall of Famer in the making? Time will tell. This was a time of great happiness and great sadness. Happiness because the great shouter SubjectKpop ruled the chatroom/chatbox. Sadness because we lost our beloved chatroom. On June 28, we celebrated our friend @penguin324. From this time onward, June 28 will forever be known as The Day of Pingu. On August 14, 2016 @T2long passed @tzuXhybudget as the #1 shouter. Congratulations to T2 for a job well done, and soon to be hall of famer. On August 15, 2016 @tzuXhybudget took back his former place as the #1 shouter. We haven't seen #1 shouters trade places like this since @edr49890 and @NarKara back in 2013 at Karaholic. This a day for the ages. --- Later in the day @T2long took his title back. Could we be witnessing the greatest shouter of all time??? Only time will tell. On August 23, 2016 @T2long @tzuXhybudget @IntoTheDark @RyuJ @Ooh-Ahh @LazyWatermelon were elected into the Team Twice Chatbox Hall of Fame. During the week of August 21, 2016 there has been a changing of the guard in the chatbox. On September 18, 2016, typos seemed to be the topic of the day. Why typo talk has become so popular is unknown, and will leave future Once historians baffled. On October 4, 2016, Tempest returned. October 17, 2016, @syko changed his name to @bomilover. October 18, 2016, we celebrated @nayeonlover's birthday, and new member @LonelyWolf's joined us in the chatbox. I'm sensing great shouting abilities in our new friend @LonelyWolf. Could we be witnessing the beginning shouting career of a future Chatbox Hall of Famer. Also, @T2long changed his name to @Rasberry Poof. November 5, 2016, our friend secret has left TTF. We wish her well. November 6, 2016, Tempest unleashes the peanut war, delcaring, "PEANUT BUTTER IS LIFE PEANUT BUTTER IS LOVE." Early December 2016, @Tzuyu's Boyfriend (note: now known as Migs) has been shouting like a pro. I told @tzuXhybudget to be worried about being replaced in the top 3 chatters when he is on vacation. Could @Tzuyu's Boyfriend move into the top 3??? We'll see. December 14, 2016, the incredible happened ... @syko moved passed @SubjectKpop into 3rd place of top chatters. Could we soon be seeing @syko passing @tzuXhybudget??? 5. The Zeba, Twice's Bias, and Lovely Puppy Era -- February 2017 - May 17, 2017 February 15, 2017, lots has happened in the chatroom/chatbox the last few months. Hopefully, I'll get around to updating everything sometime. Now though, might be the greatest moment in Team Twice chatbox history. The King of the Chatbox ... T2 has changed his name back to T2long!!!!! (For those who don't know, he went from T2long to Rasberry Poof to Smol Baka Dumpster.) (Need to include the names of who was in the top chatters list once the chatbox came back. As you can seen below, once things stablized it has been @Zebaand @Twice's Bias.) March 13, 2017, T2long stopped by the chatbox, and all the lurkers stopped lurking, so they could talk to the chatbox King. April 1, 2017, I didn't notice when this happened so it could have been March 30 or March 31 ... @Twice's Bias has become the #1 chatter. Standings as of April 1: Twice's Bias Zeba Amelia-Chan. April 2, 2017, @Zeba has reclaimed #1 chatter!!! The battle between @Zeba and @Twice's Bias is epic. Still in 3rd place is @Amelia-Chan. Top Chatters: Zeba Twice's Bias Amelia-Chan. April 6, 2017, @Scheherazade has shocked the shouting world, and taken over 3rd place from @Amelia-Chan. Once again, we have a change at the top with @Twice's Bias back at #1, and @Zeba falling to #2. Top Chatters: Twice's Bias Zeba Scheherazade. Unbelievable, on a few hours later, and @Zeba is back in 1st!!! Top Chatters: Zeba Twice's Bias Scheherazade. April 9, 2017, @Twice's Bias is back in front. Top Chatters: Twice's Bias Zeba Scheherazade. April 10, 2017, @Zeba is back in front. Top Chatters: Zeba Twice's Bias Scheherazade. April 13, 2017, @Twice's Bias is back in front. Top Chatters: Twice's Bias Zeba Scheherazade. April 13, 2017, I've never seen a battle for top chatter like this ... @Zeba back in front. Top Chatters: Zeba Twice's Bias Scheherazade. New member @Nyancal joined us in the chatbox -- potential Chatbox Hall of Famer??? April 15, 2017, a very crowded chatbox. Lots of MIA members returned -- @Migs, @lingpin, @Stzuphen, @JayQ, and others (but there names scrolled by, and I can't remember specifically who). April 25, 2017, lots of members hunting for eggs because of a TTF contest. April 26, 2017, @Lovely puppy has moved into 3rd place for the top chatters. Top Chatters: Zeba Twice's Bias Lovely puppy. April 30, 2017, what a weekend, lot's of all-time chatbox greats stopped by the chatbox. We saw @T2long, @madine, @LazyWatermelon, @Shyfan, @Zaito, @Koi, @Infident, @Migs and @lilimints return to the chatbox. While we don't get to see them as much as in the past, it's a pleasure to have them return as chatbox heros. (I hope I didn't miss anyone.) May 2, 2017, new member @#Satzu is doing lots of shouting .... he's been a great addition to the chatbox. May 6, 2017, is new member @Downie going to be the new @T2long? He's off to a good start. On second thought, maybe, @Downie is more like a new @tzuXhybudget. May 7, 2017, our friend @Palace has stopped by TTF. Let's remember @Palace as the fine shouter and lurker that he was, and, hopefully, will be. Thanks for the great times @Palace. May 8, 2017, @T2long stops by the chatbox, and the chatbox comes alive. Any newbies who want to become the next great shouter should take lessons from the King. His ability to work the chatbox is unmatched in Team Twice history. Wow, @Asurah shows up. The power of T2 to bring back famous shouters is unparalleled. Now, @Palace has shown up. Amazing!!!! May 9, 2017, @Suspect makes a long awaited appearance. May 15, 2017, the #1 OTP is together in the chatbox. It's been a long, long, long time. (#1 OTP is RyuJ and Koi for those who don't know.) 6. (No Name Yet) May 17, 2017 May 20, 2017, because of the poll for top 3 visuals of Twice @OmgDubu started there now is a battle in the chadbox (earlier today the chatbox was given the name Chad by Shyfan (I think it was Shy). @Jokballet says "TODAY, 2017/05/20 SANA STANS JUST DECLARED WAR AGAINST DUBU STANS". (This is all in the name of fun ... Sana stans and Dahyun stans still love each other.) May 21, 2017, @Zeba (maybe the #2 greatest Team Twice shouter of all time) has semi-retired. This is a very sad day, but it will be a very happy day when we see her again. (Just a little hint ... @Zeba will be inducted into the Chatbox Hall of Fame come Aug 1, NarKaraFest.) @#Satzu declared King Kaleb! *NOTE THAT THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS ... ALSO MEMBERS CHANGE NAMES BUT I THINK I'VE USED THEIR NAME AT THE MOMENT I MADE THE POST
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    Eyy, It's Downie :D I'm from Indonesia, and I'm an Once who loves The Dubu Idk if I will post that much, but I hope I will. Thats it I guess :v Thx for reading
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    Yay, my albums shipped!!! So excited to see who I pulled.
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    I love the beat of Signal, it's so upbeat and catchy!
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    Hello, I became a Once with TT comeback :) (Wish I became once since the beginning -__-' ) My name is Catherine I'm 26 years old and I'm from Quebec in Canada.(I speak french, and english) My biais is Momo :) If there canadien once come talk to me, I feel alone :( ahaahah but anyone want to talk to me don't be shy!! Twice Fighting!!!!
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    It's funny to see hate comments on music videos because the haters are just helping us get views. Good job, haters
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    HEY AGAIN!!!! I'm back with the upscaled teasers thread! I know so soon after the last one! TWICE are having another comeback in the form of Signal and my time to shine has come once again. As always ALL the images posted by me here are property of JYPE and I own nothing, all I do is use THIS site and maybe alter somethings using the MSPaint tool to fit in the guidelines of said website. anyways onto the first teaser: Resolution: 3000x1998. This one didn't really need the upscale but this thread demands them all be upscaled in someway so here it is So this isn't exactly a teaser but this is the header for JYPE Fans upscaled to 2220x700 Some further digging on just TWICE's JYPE webpage I found this too and had to upscale it: Resolution: 3840x1922 So I dunno if anyone wants this but it's still a teaser so I did my job: resolution 2000x3000 Honestly the other teaser they released at the same time as the timetable really didn't need the upscale and it looks better without the upscale since I have to lower the resolution for it to fit in the guidelines of the upscaler but I have to provide no matter what so here: Resolution: 3000x1999 They announced a whopping 3 versions ;-; here have an upscaled version <3 Resolution: 1600x3604 Another teaser, this time showcasing the Nayeon A version photo card: resolution: 3500x2000 They released the tracklist, I want you all to take a CLOSE look at track 5 and who wrote the lyric...... YEP THAT'S RIGHT OUR OWN JIHYO AND CHAEYOUNG! Resolution: 2000x3000 I'm a little late on this one SORRY I downloaded and did my thing but fell asleep immediately after hahahaha but here all 3 are 2474x3530 Super powers update (Sorry I'm super late, been busy): resolution: 2400x3600 and 3600x2400 Jihyo, Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon teasers: resolution: 2474x3526 and 2472x3526 Late again TT I've been busy in the day so I can't update immediately but here I've got the Super powered versions of ChaenJeongJih teasers :3 Resolution: 2400x3600 and 2400x3598 Mina, Momo, and Tzuyu's solo teasers: Resolution: 2474x3526 3 more teasers showcasing the powers: resolution: 2474x3526 Another group shot released: Resolution: 3000x3000 The teaser today was of a Vlive they're gonna do so here: resolution: 3000 x 2000
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    Here is the new teaser for Jihyo, JungYeon, and Chaeyoung Guess next teaser going to be their ability :D cant find the spoiler cut in my phone
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    I'm going to do it again but this time properly haha with the spoiler filter! Now the other Onces show your pretty face!
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    170430 Incheon Airport (from Singapore) 117 pictures http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/05/170430-incheon-airport-from-singapore.html
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    I dislike how people compare artist and say stuff like this. SNSD and TWICE are two different groups, from two different generations with two different impact on the industry. SNSD are the top girls group from the second generation of KPOP, they opened up a lot of doors for the kpop artists of today. TWICE are a new group that will continue to expand KPOP industry around the world. All 18 artists are different, they have different talents. You can't compare one another. You can't compare Hyoyeon with Momo, you can't compare Jihyo with Taeyeon. They are different. No one is outstanding no one. Damn reporters for making such articles that leads to hate.
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    RIGHT GAYS LISTEN UP i specifically created an account to comment on this thread, and I am here to speak the truth. All of TWICE are gay. no ok but here we go: Jihyo: - straight as an arrow. - she loves all of her girls, but in a motherly/bff kinda way - when she hugs and kisses them, there's no secret lesbian motive behind it - she just rlly loves her friends +is the best leader in the whole entire galaxy - gay rating = 0/10 Tzuyu: - also v straight (im sorry but its true) - she's the youngest so she's obvs gonna be all cuddly and cute to the older girls, and they all coo over her too - but not in a gay way - more like the way a mom protects her child - gay tzuyu fans pls dont hate me - gay rating = 0.5/10 Nayeon: - FAKE GAY. WATCH OUT, LADIES (SORRY BUT 100% TRUE) - she's the straight friend who will make out with u in the club bc "hehe we're drunk why not" but punch you in the face if u try to make a move when u get home - dont be fooled by her love for kisses from the other members: she's the kinda girl who likes to know that the gays love her, even though she isnt a gay herself - ya she's the oldest but she likes being fussed over as if she was the maknae - so when she's being cuddly with the other girls, it's just bc she damn well likes being cuddly - not bc she wants to get into their pants - (it pained me to write this........ gay gods, if youre listening, please turn her. i'm begging.) - gay rating = 2/10 RIGHT THEN HERE WE GO, BUCKLE UR SEATBELTS BECAUSE WE'RE TAKING A TRIP DOWN 🌈RAINBOW ROAD🌈 Dahyun: - Child of God™ who cannot suppress her true identity as sana's #1 fan and girlfriend - out of all the gays she's the one i'm most torn on - ya she likes the bible, but she also like cute girls - it's just a question of which she likes more - YES i know, being gay isnt a sin and religion really shouldnt come into it (but Korea is more behind on the homosexuality front than other countries, and pair that with religion for a 2x homophobia combo), but her strong faith may or may not play a part in her outlook on The Gays - BUT ANYWAY REAL TALK she is that one gay girl who invites all her friends round for midnight bible study and realises how truly gay she is once she's in a room full of cute girls all sitting on her bed in their lil pjs - also saida is real - THE WAY SHE LOOKS AT SANA MAKES ALL OF MY DOUBTS VANISH INTO THIN AIR - every. single. time she gets asked about who she'd date in twice, she picks sana. she even said that her cuteness would make any man swoon (and by 'any man' we all know she means 'any dahyun'). HER CUTENESS DOES MAKE HER SWOON ITS RIDICULOUS HOW OBVIOUS THE GAY IS WITH THIS SHIP - gay rating = 3-4/10 (probs bi) - saida rating = ∞/10 Jungyeon: - THERE'S DEFINITELY SOMETHING GOING ON HERE AND BUT I JUST CANT PUT MY FINGER ON IT - the way she so easily adopted the girl crush role makes it a possibility that she likes the ladies - here's whats probs happening here: jungyeon is a major gay (/bi), but she kinda freaks herself out with how much she loves girls, so she Shy Shy Shys™ away from the label 'Gay Gal' - it's like that quote 'the lady doth protest too much' - if someone was to ask her "r u gay", instead of giving the response of a hetero ("no lol why?"), she'd give the typical response of a closeted raging homo: "oUH HAHA WH-WHAT NO I UH- *hides poster of momo covered in lipstick stains* WHY WOULD YOU EVEN-- OF COURSE IM NOT GAY I MEAN ARE YOU FOR REAL I LOVE MEN OK STOP ASKING ME--- I. AM. NOT. GAY. ok????????????????" - BUT... she very well could be straight (don't beat me up for saying so, it's a real possibility OK?????). her being a tomboy doesn't automatically make her gay - in fact she got sad when ppl started calling her 'oppa' and 'handsome' and didn't wanna be the girl-crush of the group anymore :'(((( - gay rating = either 3/10 (bi) or 8/10 (mostly str8 but teeny bit curious). either way she likes girls Momo: - this one's another head-scratcher - EXPOSED: momo is mistaken for a fake gay, but that is only because she thinks her gay feelings for girls are what everyone feels towards their friends, when really she is a big homo and can't control herself - she's the secret gay friend who will make out with u in the club, make out with u in the cab ride home, AND make out with u when you're both alone in the kitchen at 3am - but again, she'd probably think every bff dynamic consists of intimate touching, heartfelt gazes and secret kisses when nobody's watching - the way she's constantly clinging to the other members and the way she interacts with them suggests there are at least a few homo cells in her body - in conclusion: she is oblivious to how gay she is even though the rest of us are screaming at her through our screens to tattoo GAY across her forehead - gay rating = 6/10 Mina: - gay as hell but also straight? as?? hell??? - ^question marks on the 'straight' bc either she actually is a bit straight or she tries to force herself to be straight bc she freaks herself out with how gay she really is - but this is a gay thread so lets focus on her gay side which defo exists - mimo. there that's all i have to say. - she got shy when her and momo kissed bc she's a v private girl and likes to keep her girl kissing and crushing secret - but she definitely liked it and they did it again without the pepero when they got back to the dorm - NO STRAIGHT GIRL GETS AS JEALOUS AS MINA DOES WHEN HER FRIENDS (CRUSHES) GIVE OTHER GIRLS ATTENTION i mean yeah friendship jealousy is a thing but when her crushes holds other girls' hands mina stares them down like she's trying to use the force to pry their hands away from eachother - also with the recent bambam thing we cant know her true gayness for sure - gay rating = either 7/10rllygaylittlebitstraight or 3/10bi DONT BE MAD OK MINA HAS PERFECTED GAYDAR BLOCKING ITS HARD TO DETECT Chaeyoung: - .....................................do i even need 2 explain - this gal, bless her soul, is one of the most unique + open minded people in the group - she's the arty kinda gay, u know the one who would take u to an art gallery and tell u youre the most beautiful piece of art in there - she loooves it when the girls call her handsome bc of her hair and SHE GOT ALL GIGGLY WHEN PEOPLE ON VLIVE CALLED HER 'OPPA' AND JOKED THAT HER BROTHER SHOULD START CALLING HER OPPA TOO - SHE ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADED A LESBIAN MOVIE AND THEN PUBLICLY VOICED HER VIEWS THAT THE LGBT COMMUNITY SHOULD BE ABLE TO LOVE WHOEVER THEY BLOODY WELL WANT. what a queen - also on 1 of her vlives she said her fav song at the moment was Girl by The Internet - a song about the openly-gay female singer crushing on another woman (she might not even have known that the singer or the song was gay but +900 gay points for her nevertheless) - chaeyoung turning full on ultimate G. A. Y. was caught on camera when they were on weekly idol: momo danced sexy to 3 different genres of music and u could tell by chaeng's face that she was having an inner identity crisis - even tho shes such a cute little fluffy maknae, she's also v mature and likes taking her of the other group members - U KNOW WHAT she's so ahead of her times in Korea from a social awareness standpoint that she could even be pansexual - she would make an attentive and loving gf <3 - THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: she did seem a little weirded out when a girl in the audience kept screaming her name (could just be bc she didnt know she had lots of girl fans or bc she was a lil shy); also supporting the LBGT community doesn't mean ur gay, so even if she isn't gay she's still a gay icon bc she's so willing to voice what she believes is right - gay rating: 8/10 Sana: - PLEASE RISE AND PLACE YOUR RIGHT HAND ON YOUR HEART AS WE SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM FOR QUEEN OF THE GAYS: MINATOZAKI SANA - she thanks god and jesus and mary and joseph every night because, without gay fanservice being a thing, she wouldnt be able to be so openly gay as heck with her members without it being too overtly gay as heck - SHE SAID IN AN INTERVIEW THAT HER ATTENTION IS AUTOMATICALLY DRAWN TO THE FEMALES IN TV SHOWS AND MOVIES, claiming that she thinks this is because she admires and wants to be like them - ^^^^^^^^^ really. really???? where have i heard that before--- oh yes that's right from every closeted gay ever - "are u gay" "NO IM NOT GAY I JUST APPRECIATE WOMEN GOSH GET OUT OF MY FACE *hides posters of every member of twice covered in lipstick stains*" - bur fr, such a candid response (which is famous in the gay world for being the motto of closeted gays) makes it clear that her gayness towards members is the most likely to have actual gay intentions behind it and isn't just fanservice - she is Gay As Hell to the other members in private but they all expose her whenever they get the chance, like when dahyun said that sana came up behind her and kissed her on the neck while she was trying to do her hair. LET SANA BE GAY IN PEACE BUT ALSO KEEP TELLING ME HOW GAY SHE IS IN PRIVATE - she's so shippable with every member of twice that its almost impossible to pick an ultimate (*cough saidaisreal cough*) - H O W E V E R - sana is also very much into men. im sorry but its true. pls dont hate me. - she is definitely a raging hetero who has been deprived of dating; she would 100% act the way she does with her members with guys too, and they would love it, and she knows they'd love it - keep in mind that he has been starved of male contact (that we know of 👀) for a v long time, so her clinginess to and craving for attention from the other girls may be displacement of feelings as there are no available guys - THIS BEING SAID, SHE IS STILL DEFINITELY A BIG GAY QUEEN - i have no doubt in my mind that she is 100%-10/10-no-questions-asked at least bisexual. i promise you this, you have my word for it - gay rating = 10/10 SHE IS GAY END OF STORY. ~end of gay thread~
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    time to spazz about our 'performance leader' momo
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    Idk if this should be in the discussion post or game post. But I'm just going to ask you guys. What's Twice in Your Perspective? Twice : Nayeon : Jungyeon : Momo : Sana : Jihyo : Mina : Dahyun : Chaeyoung : Tzuyu : I really want to know what is in your mind, so WE can get alot well
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    I am one of the 100 lucky winners to win the autographed poster so i just post the image here to let the rest have a glimpse of it
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    THIS REARRANGEMENT IS AMAZING ! I dunno but it sounds really good!!! cr. Kpopfanboyism//soundcloud
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    [INFO] Dahyun and Momo will be appearing on Gag Concert 900th Episode Special #TWICE #트와이스 m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003538334 … cr. TWICE_GLOBAL/naver
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    Hello everyone! I am a new member of Team Twice forum! I have literally little experience joining a forum before, but now I decided to create a TeamTwice account to feel as a part of international fandom! Long story short, I searched up about Chaeng Music and I saw a topic with hard-working member listing almost songs shared by Chaeng in chronologic order! That made me so impressed Moreover, I really like the emoji and gifs TeamTwice members use!! (Like the previous Jihyo and Jungyeon gifs!!) Therefore, with that appreciation, I was so excited to creat an acc and now writing a greeting message to everyone! Really nice to meet you guys! My ultra bias is Chaenggie You guys can call me alicorgi (exactly as my username )Please help me in the future! Yoroshiku Onegaishima! (I'm learning Japanese now. Just a beginner but Twice is one of the reasons so I think I have a really strong motivation for learning) Thank you guys for reading! (Sorry for writing too long and using too much emojis~) Wish you guys have a good day!
  35. 2 points
    Hi everyone I am new here , I didn't know this place even existed until today But now I am here Hope you will accept me
  36. 2 points
    If it's a sensitive topic you would rather discuss in private, then PM me. Waddup, bro!
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    TWICE changed up their choreography for Jihyo. She'd recently hurt her knees, and the girls changed up their choreography to "Knock Knock", "TT", and "Cheer Up" a little. The girls usually kneel down and get back up often, but since that'd be difficult for Jihyo's bad knee, the girls remain standing as a group. SEE ALSO: TWICE's new track "Signal" receives negative reviews from netizens What a simple but sweet move for Jihyo! cr: Allkpop
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    The end of Signal scared me lol But it's kinda cute too
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    HI!! I signed up because I think it'd be fun to be in a forum with ONCE! My name is Vincent, username vincoin, I'm from Australia but I'm a Filipino. I have known TWICE ever since they started but I just recently entered the fandom! Nice to meet you guys!
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    This is so sad. You can see how painful it is, and to think that she still manages to smile despite her injury. Leader ♥
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    #Signal - solo #Signal - super Please, ThankYou
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    OKAY FINE ILL DO ITTTT: Dahyun: FIRST PART(orange page and is way shorter) Twice members! In 2017, again without getting sick, or getting injured, lets try to be happy <3 Twice Twice lets do well! Fighting! Love (sun?) YO! >_< SECOND PART(longer part on white section) I turned 20 and this is our first comeback of 2017. Thank you for letting us come out with this special album. Firstly, our very very precious ONCE! Even though saying it 100 times isn't enough, thank you and love you. Also thank you to the people who help us a lot, JYP pd-nim (and a bunch of managers and stuff). (Here she literally lists around 30 names of people in the staff team to say thank you). Also our TWICE TF team! (another list of names on the TF team) thank you for helping us with the knock knock album! Thank you to everyone that is a part of the JYP family! Thank you to director Nah-E-Buh for helping with the Knock Knock Music video! Also thanks to those who wrote the lyrics for Knock Knock! Thanks to those who helped with the album jacket photos and the hair and makeup artists ^^ Also i love you to my dad, mom, and brother <3 Our boss! I love you very very much <3 Thank you to the person who cheers for us by praying, my grandma. Thanks to (a bunch of family members such as aunts, uncles, friends, etc) Thank you to everyone who supported us^^ Finally, I love you to our members :) <3 ~Translation by Konari(@twicespenguin) P.S.- TOLD YOU ITS JUST A BUNCH OF THANK YOUS TO A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE HAHA
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    They.. sending a SIGNAL to your wallets...
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    trying out a different approach on digital art
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    Happy Chaeyoung Day!!
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    This got me sad and happy Happy - twice is gonna have a comeback, new song, new dance Sad - twice will have no rest, no money for album
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