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    @Yeongie 윤기 @Cupcake Cupid @MinaThePenguin @Lovely puppy @Shyness @MyiMina @Plume @TzuyuIsMyLovE❤ @ZackZachary @Twice's Bias @DubusLover Are just some (okay maybe not just some xD) people that I would like to thank for being my friend and being very nice over the past weeks (or months)~ With these people I always have someone to talk to and to share my opinions on things with. So, just a quick little shoutout
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    This list is a compilation of all photo cards, poster, postcards, etc. that can be found and is included in each TWICE album, that can be used as a checklist if you wish to collect them. NOTE: Some of the merchandise listed are limited and only available in pre-orders. THAILAND & TAIWAN Press album is not yet included in this thread. I will be making a separate thread for them. THE STORY BEGINS PAGE TWO TWICECOASTER LANE 1 TWICECOASTER LANE 1 - CHRISTMAS EDITION TWICECOASTER LANE 2 SIGNAL EP #TWICE - JAPAN DEBUT ALBUM DISCLAIMER: The photos used for the guide are not mine. They are simply used as a guide for us, Onces, in our collecting endeavors. I hope you find this helpful and I might follow up with the checklist for the Thailand and Taiwanese press albums, as well as the Twiceland (Opening & Encore) PCs, Shibuya PCs, etc.
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    Thank you everyone for the 100 reputation points, I love you all.
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    hello everyone:) I'm new here^^ I've been wanting to join TTF since a long time ago but just decided to join now... I don't really know how this works and I'm still trying to figure it out and I hope you can all help me out:) I've been a fan of twice since 2015 but I've been a fan of kpop way before that. I never knew that I would Stan a group this much since I've been a fan of other groups and I thought that being a fan is just liking their songs and stuff but twice was the first group that made me think that it isn't just listening to the songs or watching their music videos... It's about watching everything like each performance, each variety appearance, award shows, their vlive's, instagram post,interviews just everything. And it made me decide that "I will support them no matter what and no matter how long." As a fan for almost 2 years I can say that I've watched almost all videos twice appeared in though I'm not sure maybe I missed some so it would be awesome if some of you can recommend me some:) My ultimate bias is Tzuyu , though Momo is also my bias and Jihyo my bias wrecker and maybe all of them haha. Twice is the first group where I have a hard time choosing a bias cause everyone's just awesome^^ Twice has made me Cheer up since the moment I listened to Like Ooh Ahh and i wanna support them so much that I feel so TT whenever I realize that they're so far away and I just wanna watch them perform any song like Knock Knock and I'll be there infront cheering them on and sending them a Signal:) I will support twice forever and wait excitedly as they release each comeback cause I'll be waiting for every single one be it at midnight or at dawn:))))
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    YESTERDAY WAS MY TEAM TWICE 1ST BDAY !!! :D I am soooo happy to have joined this community (and the Once fandom, of course) My post count is 439, wich is not that bad, I guess ? Also, thank you soooo much for the 81 reputation points
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    I wanna be motm please '^'
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    I finally pre order a Twice album hahahahahha I wish I meet the deadline and payment and be able to save some money. For Twice POWERRRRRR!
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    First of all, just want to thanks to this forum for give ONCE chances to support Twice. Firstly, I just want to share about how did I get knowed Twice. It starts from TT song. That song very popular at my college until almost everyday I heard that song. So one day, I try to search Twice on my own. I thought that Twice are a new girl group. But Twice actually debut in 2015. Start from that, I discovered more about Twice. I start to find all Twice members, all of their biography, the song theory and memorize it. Start from that, I will spend my time almost 5 hours everyday streaming their song and try memorize the lyrics. even when I'm having trouble at my school, Twice always cheer me up no matter where I am. When I am studying for my examination, I usually hear Signal because they always give me inspiration to do best on my exam. I really want to saw them in person live. But i don't even have a chance to do that. I will try the best to be a useful ONCE and I hope that in future that I could meet them. #ONCE4LYFE
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    I GOT A XIYEON PHOTOCARD IN MY PRISTIN ALBUM I'M SCREAMING okay that's all I have to fangirl about
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    Hai~ If You're Reading This... I LOVE U <3
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    I really want to get to 100 reputation points !!!! Just five more
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    I ship NaHyo with @Lovely puppy flee
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    Apparently my previous status update sounds so sad :| So today....... Random memes, I guess? Happy meal.....? "I need a hiatus" lel XD (jk) Literally me..... Whamen, rite?! As I'm social-awkward, I might do this....... Do I still have a really bad taste on humor? ._.a
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    Hey guys!! ChewyTzuyuChan here!!| I'm back! It's been a while since my last post, but don't you worry.. I spent almost half a month for these vector arts/fanarts... So I hope you like it!! Make sure to comment which art do you like the most... (and if still dont follow me in instagram, https://www.instagram.com/once_rnz/) you can pm me request there and i will gladly do it :D... IM NAYEON YOO JEONGYEON MOMO JJANG SANA JJANG PARK JIHYO MINA JJANG KIM DAHYUN SON CHAEYOUNG CHOU TZUYU Yours Truly, ChewytzuyuChan...
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    Hii every Onces ~ I know Twice from TT, but I really get into when they released Knock, and now I decided to join TTF c: And so here I am, I'm french, I'm 16 years old and my Bias is TZUYUUUU ♥ ( Don't worry I love all of them ♥ ) ~(I'm also terribly shy with stranger and so I can do something a little bit strange, so sorry for that)~ ~Love you all Once ♥~
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    99 Rep Points X_X RIP Me
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    My goal is to spread love and positivity, if you need any, feel free to message me.
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    Happy Birthday @Planks!
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    I Love Everyone Here :3 To Everyone: You've Become My Second Family And I Want To Thank Everyone For Taking Care Of Me And Giving Me So Much Kindness I Love You~ :3
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    "Where one burns book, one will, in the end, burn people" -Heinrich Heine-
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    Apparently TTF is under construction.... Twice is on hiatus..... Discord is croo..... I guess I'm gonna be less active for a while. There are much things I need to do. I must focus on my assignment so I can finally get my degree. I also need to revive my interest on girls irl (Twice makes me can't like other girls lel) jk... Btw I'm saving my money to buy Twice's album for their next comeback (or Twice's photobook? Or SHINee's album? Or AOA?) (Eh???) I won't leave TTF completely. Well, as long as it's still easy to open it on my phone's browser :p It's been 7 month now since I'm registered and it's been an impactful journey so far. I can't leave :') I will still active on twitter tho (maybe). If you have an account there please let me know so I can follow you ;) Mine is @haejuahn
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    70 Reputation Points Ty Everyone
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    Hello everyone! I have made a piano cover for Melting recently as I really like the song. It is the first TWICE's song that I have attempted to cover, and indeed, I encountered quite some challenges while covering it. Nevertheless, I finally was able to record it properly and uploaded to Soundcloud just for my own playback as well as making improvements through listening back my own cover. It is definitely not the most top-notched cover out there - I do not have any proper recording equipment, in fact I recorded it using my phone's audio recorder lol - but hopefully it is not an earsore to listen to it. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    I miss the forums. I'm too busy with school stuffs. Can't even spazz on the threads.
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    Who else wonders a lot "What is life?"? What are emotions and why do we feel them? What is pain? What is love? Why are we here? What's our purpose?
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    62 followers wow kinda close to 100 when I was new I only had 6 followers i love all my followers
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    Hello everyone, my name is Wyman and I come from Hong Kong. My bias is Mina. Actually I love every members in Twice. And I would like to learn more about Twice because I am a new Once. Hope I made a good introduction to all of you ^^
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    This cover is 3 months old But I wanted to share it with you guys and tell me what you think? Thank you! ❤️
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    oops--double post
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    My playlist Twice Songs Count: 14 -__- I want more songs but I dont have money lol
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    Hi, Zaito here Been a long time since I last start a thread for something but here you go. A treat from me to you guys. Enjoy No.1: 1920 X 1080 No.2: 3840 X 2400
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    Anyone here plays Superstar SMTown or Superstar JYPNation? You should know that member cards are core elements to the game. Sadly they're limited to SM and JYP artists. This also isn't really Twice related but my statuses aren't always about Twice anyways So I was experimenting with Photoshop a bit and managed to make a few fanmade cards for Apink! Here they are: Yea i can try and do other groups if possible as well (I'm not taking requests or am I ahahaha)
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    I did this mashup a few months ago after noticing the similarities in chord progressions between the two. Hope its fun!
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    I've been posting Random Shoutouts for fanarts that I find on twitter, ig, and tumblr. Originally I was trying to find Twice fanarts that were really fit my taste. I liked art and I wantes to appreciate them sincerely Surprisingly there are so much talents out there! And I think so far these are my favourites: Anyway don't forget to follow ALL the creators~ Find them on my original threads here:
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    Twice makes me feel things I've never felt before lmao
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    im glad you're no longer embarrassed about your interest, which is kpop. Like, what are you embarrassed for, right? It's not as if we're in a world where elders or adults can't watch or listen to kpop. Even my grandma likes this Filipino Teen actress, and i dont see anything wrong with that. You have the free will to do what you want. As long as it makes you happy, then go.
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