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    For once, I feel bored this month... Oh, what a difference Discord makes And it's making me feel a lot more emo than usual... I'm back into my emo phase from 2 years ago. I've probably cried at least 4 times today and I'm mentally unstable... I'll be living on TTF for the days I'm not on Discord. if you didn't get tagged, don't to open the spoiler down below or you'll be super confused and maybe weirded out xd ^ all of this was so hard to write without it glitching, praise me for my hard work
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    It seems like someone is downvoting me. Do I have a hater here?
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    I've been bias wrecked five times now so I will make myself "Can't choose!".
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    OMG, I had the most liked content for Feb 25th. I somehow finally won a day!
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    I don't mind if you want the whole new team of Team Twice Staffs. Are you willing to handle all these issues when it is being directed to you? If you're willing to then, please do hold on. You still need to know that Forum is about the community itself. Not just the staff members being active equals to the Forums being active. Forums doesn't work that way. Last time as well, it was not that when staff members are active is equivalent to the Forums being active, it's the member itself. I've been here since 2016, and I dare to say that due to life goals, your activity here is being halt. So, as to respect people that have been pouring time and effort into the Forums, I do not want them to prioritize this Forums first. Instead, I tell them to focus on their real life priorities first. Then once you're done, then see if you can pour some time into it. I can assure you, something is on its way, even if it's not in the Forums itself. If you see spams everywhere, you could help us by sending in reports so we can handle them. I'm not saying that it's your fault that you do not report that. However, since we are saying as part of this community, I believe that you could ease the staffs duties. It's true that staff team have been kind of inactive. However, things are being prepared behind in moving towards for TWICE's third anniversary and an anniversary that is coming pretty, pretty soon, as I mentioned in the above paragraph. As a change in the Forums theme, lock on tight as comeback is pretty much around the corner.
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    My Page Two photocards arrived! I’m on the train at the moment, but i’ll take a photo of them when I get home :)
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    Hello! My Name is Eva and I'm new to this forum but know @Phebe. I'm not a huge Twice stan but love me some Dahyun which I hear isn't a very popular bias. But would love to get into them :)
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    BEHOLD, The Story Begins , Taiwan version! It came with some stuff I wasn't expecting, namely the lyric "booklet", which has all their faces on the other side. I was hoping to get a Mina photocard as she's the only member I haven't got one for yet. I didn't, but it's alright because I got Sana!! Peeking Momo... Sorry the lighting in my room is terrible. I did my best.
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    I would post my introduction but you can just find me in school to ask me questions
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    Happy birthday Zebby
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    "After a storm there will always be a rainbow......"
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    I've never about International Women's Day until today. I've had like, five people wish me a happy International Women's Day........ is it a new holiday? Or has it always been a holiday and the feminists had the need to express themselves today?
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    Farewell my friends. Have a good, happy and long life. Puppy's time ends here.
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    Finally 100% better Feeling like a Brand New Guy I'm so lit right now I am a lil tired though...
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    So, I just installed Premiere Pro CC 2015 on my PC. I learnt how to edit a video and here's the result. First attempt to use Premiere Pro lol It has been a while since I use this software. I used to edit short movies with it. I also used to make Twice FMVs (but using Windows Movie Maker). Anywaaaaaay this is FUN!
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    I'm addicted
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    I finally bought Twicetagram and also some Once begins photocards. I guess I won't get any Momo item in Twicetagram because I'm not that lucky but I hope so. I don't have to wait so much, only 4 days. I'm happy.
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    Community rep: Neutral to Good. Yay, feeling good.
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    MY DAD BOUGHT ME THE FULL PAGE TWO PHOTOCARD SET https://www.ebay.com/itm/TWICE-Page-Two-Cheer-Up-Full-Photo-Card-Set-30pcs/282826321597?hash=item41d9c32ebd:g:b-8AAOSw-4RabjVA aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA There goes my birthday money lmao
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    I received the "Awesome Reputation" special award! Not sure why, tho; 248 reputation seems like a weird number to get it at... Thanks everyone for liking and upvoting my stuff. I couldn't have received this award without you:
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    I miss you, where did you go?
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    FINALLY ON SIGNAL LANE First 6 month after I joined TTF = barely 10 pots Next 6 month till cb requires 50 posts to access = 110 posts Next 6 months = 880 pots
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    Discovered recently...
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    Hello guysss! I hope everyone will have a happy and great day today!
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    K-Pop was mentioned on the news in the United States! Apparently BTS has done better than Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez. But they were showing examples of K-Pop groups, and I saw Hani from EXID! I'm literally over joyed right now, they've come so far!! I also saw Tzuyu for like, one split second. My mom asked "Isn't those the group you bought albums for?" and I laughed and said, yes.... I hope she doesn't look up EXID, she'll call me gay for sure. I'm a bit upset because all they really talked about was how K-Pop people have really good swift movements and amazing dances.... "Looks like you're in the trend early" said my mom lmao Fighting for EXID and TWICE! I also heard them mention RED VELVET, OH MY GIRL and APINK (it might of been AOA actually, the screen went too fast). No BLACKPINK, though. Pretty shocking tbh I've been trying to stan OH MY GIRL for months now but after JinE left I just don't feel the group is the same anymore. My mom also asked, "Can you dance like that?" and I replied with, "Maybe. It depends on the dance style and the beat of the song." Time to impress my mom with my TWICE dancing skills lmaoo
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    Yay, my another monthly anniversary... Until now, I've been registered to TTF for 15 months. Thank you guys for making me a MOTM this month because I'm afraid I will be inactive after this. I really don't wanna call it a hiatus because I hope I will still visit eventually, but it won't be easy :') I think that's it for this month TTF acc anniversary message. Have fun and enjoy the forum! I believe this is one of the best era on TTF with the best active members around. Keep supporting our girls ohh I can't wait for 'Brand New Girl' MV to come out! >.< Ah, please remind me the #OnceSelcaDay on March 11th, probably gonna post another picture on twitter hehehe.... Should I post it here too??? Anyway...... See you all
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    I hope everyone have a good day today!
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    Already said by Lucia, but let the Moderators handle this next time owo xd
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    Congrats on 500 <3 Stay strong in school, don't end up like me
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    "I love you" To Minari~ oh wait To Dubu~ Wait what? To Momo~ (Swerving problem 101 hahahaha)
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    Finally changed my name to Lucia.
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    @Carpathia if you are sad and want to express it just don't hesitate to dm us, we are here as a family and we are here as your friend. So please stop thinking about suicide. I've been through that moment in my life and I constantly think that I'm worthless but then one thing will comes to my mind when I'm so down, that if I kill myself, the burden of my problem will be pass in my family because they will also be sad because of me. So please just think about your family and what will happen after you've done what you want.
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    Like what I said on Discord, Dying doesn't stop pain. Your life is a chance. Just.. don't die please. You want to suffer more? No, it's not a good choice. And again, call the suicide hotline because you really need to, seeing someone like this makes me shaking. We're here for you, talk to someone and live your life.
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    Hello guys? How is your day? I hope you all have a great day today. Uhmmmmm, I will be on a hiatus (didn't know when do I go back) because of our projects and defense in school So I won't be here but I will be on discord or you can dm me here if you want to say something. So hope will have a great day today and also tomorrow
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    Those who know me will probably think I'll pick dubu but in all honesty, to me, it would be Sana or Jihyo. Jihyo is not only girlfriend material but wifey material. She's basically god itself, okay? Seriously, she cares a lot, supportive, and is very selfless. The guy who'll win her heart will be extremely lucky and blessed. I also voted for Sana because she can be both cute and seductive at the same time. She can be clingy, a bit possessive (sometimes), and can make you squeal because of her natural aegyo.
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    Happy Birthday to the loser who killed best man rip
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    I'm getting lazier and lazier Blame it all on Discord
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    Through my rigorous investigation and experimenting, I've gathered that in order to get a clearer profile picture you need to make the file as close to the 500 kb limit as possible. (Ignore this if you're a tech-savvy kiddo who already knew this.)
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    Hello newly added special award I've been waiting for you, for a very looong time and now I got you! I can't get that and I can't make it without you guyss soooo THANK YOU SOOOO MUCHHHH!
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    Hey brand new giiiiiirl Ryoute ippai no Dreaaaaams~ Dakishimetaraaaaa~ Dramatic ni step into the wall? jkjkjkjk
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    I visit this forum last January 14, 2018. But I just posted a status update few hours ago, some dark magic there Just kidding I like to visit this in anonymous form
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    I'm pissed off about somethings here in the forum but Idk, I don't think I want to talk about it with anyone. What about you guys? I hope you all are doin' well.
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    Don't know how many upvotes I should ask for to show my face Maybe 8? Is that too little or too much? Oh well, here's your chance 8 upvotes/likes and I'll show my face~