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    Team Twice Forums got an Upgrade! Well... kind of. So what should you expect and understand about Team Twice Forums 2.0? CHANGES Awards Album awards have been removed from TTF. While these have been a big part of our forums and helped engage the community we have found that they pose more of a hassle when manging our entire awards system. Holiday Awards are being redone - We know those cost some rare Wonce to buy, but we are going to condense and rerelease our holiday awards with the new season (and probably for FREE!) Birthday Projects awards have been condensed Regular awards Era awards are the only awards now requiring only a post count. Photoshoot, Selca, and OTP now require no post count and only cost 2000 Wonce Custom awards have been upgraded to be more rare and really show your participation around the forums. All previous buyers have been grandfathered in adn will keep their awards, but those who do not meet the new requirements may not purchase any more. Custom awards cost 10000 Wonce and require 300 posts Voting has been removed - until now voting has been a large part in how we decide our era awards. However this also means that awards are not posted for several weeks following the release of new albums. So, we have decided that to speed up the process and have a more coordinated era system all era will be decided on from teasers by our forum staff. Groups Groups are what allow us staff to give members permissions. This includes post limits, messaging capabilities, signatures, name changes, and more importantly banners. For every banner requested we must make a new group. All custom groups have been removed and users refunded Base groups have been expanded to feature album titles and custom badges a special sorting system has been installed to sort members from old groups into the new groups. This will take time to settle. If you are not sorted into a group please log out and back in for the system to make the change Custom groups now cost 50000 Wonce and require a 500 posts post count - we want banners to really represent our established members. For this reason we have made them more expensive and given them a post count. Predefined groups are now a thing - these groups are much cheaper and will include predesigned banners showing your love for twice, a member, or your forum role "lurker", "spazzer", etc Emotes Emotes will be returning in a much more controlled environment All emotes are going to be removed in the near future A new system of "sets" (1 emote per member) will be established We will have a max of 20 emotes per member members will vote on their favorite sets to fill up these spots new sets will replace old or unpopular sets we will bribe u with wonces to vote A emotes suggestion thread will be opened - this is not a guarantee that your emotes will be used Ranks Ranks are our direct post count management. Ranks represent the title displayed under your name and the "blip" or "dot" that follows. We have added 13 new ranks to our system Wonces and the Marketplace Our marketplace has been redesigned to be better organized and manageable! Each item is now its own thread Item prices have been raised and some items have been given a post count requirement We will now be hosting "[EVENT]"s to gain more wonce these events can range from joining our official discord to posting in certain forum subsections We will require more time to complete marketplace requests for banners and awards as we review them. Thank you! The Forums The forums have been completely rearranged. Many of our nested threads have been taken out for easier access We have removed the trading post for the time being. The sidebar has been expanded! and now include a twitter feed for @JYPETWICE. Member birthdays, calendar events, and overall forum stats have been added. Members Threads and Discussions Member threads and discussions have been cleaned out. We have not deleted threads but we have moved them to a hidden archive on our forum. Our goal with this is to implement a new title format and organization. Discussions has been condensed by 50% Each member section now has its own rules thread. General rules still apply, but the new thread rules feature which tags are expected to be used in these sections. Our master rules post has been changed to also reflect this change Theme We have cut down our themes to just one! #TeamTwiceInk is the new clean theme that will take over team twice to feature birthday headers, event headers, comebacks colors, and more! We currently have a second theme in the making, but because of its complexity it may be several months before it is released. TWICE_Official Many of you have probably been wondering why we have an account called @TWICE_Official floating around our forums. Many of you are probably like "what phake is this!?" but we assure you this is not a fake. Our staff have made an official account for twice and had a Korean Once personally hand the login to the Twice managers. This is no guarantee of them logging in! But if you see them around please be very kind and welcoming to our special guest ^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This update has been in the works for several weeks. Our staff have put in a lot of work trying to think of what best suits the community both now and in our future. We understand that this will not be perfect and we have a lot of kinks to work out of the new system, but we will need your help. Please send a contact us or pm should you find a bug in the forums! We thank you for you patience as we change our system over! Please make sure to thank all our staff for working hard to make this possible! @Kh3ngboon, @kkerel, @Mina'sPenguins, @Jhin
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    I GIVE MY PERMISSION TO BAN ME FOR THIS (OFFENSIVE WORDS INCLUDED) I fully respect the decision made by the mods to take down the chatbox. As some people know me as an old member, I would like to say a few things. I got banned before and had received warnings as well due to a particular event. But then I don't regret it as I know its my fault. Taking down the chatbox is a tough decision made by the mods and admins and every staff members. They take down the chatbox because of a reason. Knowing most of the mods, they also do not want to take down the chatbox but because of recent events and past events that had cause a lot of disruptions and disrespects within the chatbox, against their will, they took it down to prevent further disrespects or any consequences from happening. I myself had broken rules before and I truly know it sucks but rules are there for a reason. Without rules, we can do anything we want but then in reality can we do anything we want? Rules in this forum are like laws in the real world. They are there to prevent consequences from happening to other people and allowing others to enjoy. For those who broke rules or show disrespect to the mods when they are controlling the chatbox in which lead to this event, just admit your fucking mistakes, you who caused this because of wanting to show that nobody can control u and u are free to do whatever u want like breaking rules or trolling or causing discomfort to other people. Just be a fucking grown up, admit your mistake, apologise, learn from mistake and move on. There's still Private message, other ways to contact each other and forums topic talks. Don't be a fucking pussy and keep begging like a fucking bitch for the chatbox to be back because its your fault for causing it in the first place. Also have fucking patience, just because chatbox is quiet, doesnt mean you must spam it. Let it be, do your own stuff you fucking lonely shitbag. Be a grown up too, don't be a kid and cry or beg for mercy when its your fault for causing it, fucking oxygen wasting cunt I'm not specifically targeting anyone but for those who broke the rules and causes discomfort for others as they can't use the chatbox especially new members, apologise and admit and learn from mistake and move on. ALSO just because the chatbox is down, doesn't mean you can't use the forum, it doesn't mean you must create a new forum for TWICE and abandon this one, just private message, use other social medias to contact each other and move on with your shitty life. Thanks.
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    || WE GOT A DISCORD || and it's super super awesome! This has been an on going consideration of our forum staff and with the removal of our chatbox feature from the forums we figured it would be a nice gift to give you guys a new way to chat and communicate! We understand that this sudden decision has been rather controversial but it has been something we have considered for a long time because of the recent change in atmosphere seen consistently in the chatbox over the past several months. We don't like to see people arguing and pointing fingers as this equal parts everyone's fault (us included). We understand your disappointment and we truly do not like to make such decisions, but for the future of team twice and keeping this a friendly community we made a decision we thought would be most beneficial for all. Regardless! We have listened and seen your concern so with out further ado we give you:
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    Let me share my two cents here: Having a chatbox us great and all, it allows communication in a sense that we wouldn't be waiting for each others replies and we can just straight up discuss and have fun there. However, that's not in my case. Look, I'm just going to be blunt here and all so if I hurt you or so, I apologise. 1. Activity of the chatbox I believe there's no chatrooms that will not be quiet for a bit. Every conversation must have that time of a break. When you talk normally, you might need to take a break like drinking a water to having sleeps. So, there is no point of reviving the chat box or so. When people wants to chat, you'll eventually engage into topics and the chat box will be active. 2. Intentions beat Purpose The purpose of chat box is to communicate, not to shower with all sorts of spams. You wait. You don't make a fuss about it being inactive and see when there are no Mods or Staffs around, you break the rules. What are rules set for? To make sure the chat box is in a safe place for all ages so that everyone could enjoy the talk. It's not a gif box or picture box, it's a chat box. You chat. You don't drop tons of images in a chat box. What does tons of images of whatever is going to tell me? Nothing. 3. Monday Blues in the chat box The blues are hired and they do their duty for a purpose: to make sure everything is in order. It's like the police in a community. Everybody knows that. From today, what I've experienced, it's what most of the citizen did to the police, disrespected. We, moderators, are in for a job and that's moderating the chat box, make sure that no one will break the rules or so. Instead, we have been telling multiple times, no spams should be allowed in the chat box as it's disrupt the purpose of having it. And the next thing you know? You try to challenge me, showing you're tough. At that moment I literally sunk into the seabed. You think we moderators want to issue wps? Heck no. You think it's easy to shoot a bullet right into your friends? Heck no. That's what I've been trying to avoid to do and yet what did I receive? People assuming that I won't do it cause every time it end's up with a warning. I believe by doing this, it'll really set a lot of things to all of us. Whether it's from taking a break to regretting this moment, I'd hope all members have a positive mindset and like what WhiteBlue said in his recent status update, love Twice and keep on supporting them.
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    || SAY GOODBYE TO THE CHATBOX || Do to the recent excess of rule violations in the chatbox we have decided to remove the feature all together. This was not an easy decision for us to make as the chatbox is a great way for members to connect and communicate on our forums. However, because our staff are not being respected and rules are continually broken we had to make a choice. We hope you all understand. Thank you. Edit: Use the time to actually get to know the forums and why it is here! Threads are full of fun games, chatting, spazzing, and surprises :)
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    @#Satzu just stop, the chatbox won't come again by asking everyone to put it back, It's like litteraly doing the same error. Look around the forum, comment thread. The forum is to share things about twice, not to talk un the chatbox all day. Yes it was one of the best features, but people disrespecting staff is like going too far. So now stop whining and do something purposeful, thanks.
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    Thank you to everyone who mentioned me c: I feel really honored you consider me as a close friend :D Well, I can't stop at simply 3 members so bear with me, this is going to be lengthy! This took me a few hours hehehe
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    I guess I will be writing a super lengthy post here bear with me :x I like to thank to those who really tagged me :') Of course im thankful and grateful to have TTF community members as friends :D Im sorry if I didnt tag you (my memory sucks)
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    too many to mention tbh. I'll do my best, though. Can't possible keep it to three. First things first, my buddies back from SH @Koi and @nayeonlover. I've known them for quite some time and getting to meet them again on ttf was awesome. Then, the first people (not including Joana, who I already mentioned) who I met when I joined: @PinguMina fellow gamer, one of my first friends here. @NaJihyeon, first friend I made here on TTF. unfortunately he's gone now, was good knowing ya buddy. @Shyfan fellow Sana stan, sha sha sha enthusiast, and psychic for calling the shy shy shy trend with his username @Suspect a bit of a lurker, but always willing to have a nice chat when he can be found. fellow Sana fan as well. unfortunately mia. @Prof. Cycas and @Mina'sPenguins were really helpful, good friends back in the day, Steven is still around and is awesome to know, Prof is unfortunately mia :( @RyuJ constantly lurking, or just gone I can never tell, but Ryu's been around for a good amount of time and is always willing to provide a good laugh alsoryukoift @LazyWatermelon some JY stan, some baka that always insists on not being a JY stan but we all know how much he loves her rather eccentric at times, part of what makes him so fun though - miss ya melon come back :( @saint_21great friend, also one of the first I met here, unfortunately also mia :c @Mahyun - another old friend, it seems she's moved on but she was always awesome to talk to, miss ya mah :') @Madine madine noona! another bit of an oldie sorrymadine miss you noona :( @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle where would the chatbox have been without its caretaker? unfortunately its gone (for now?) but beatle's legacy will forever live. @Ooh-Ahh fellow former purple ranger, fellow shahalla enthusiast (along with Steven as well, and @patzuyu and @SunSanaYa, all good friends) Also current loonatic . @T2long, the famous chatter himself, king of the chatbox (as dubbed by beatle). Had some nice squabbles with him over the months, was nice knowing ya teatwo @tzuXhybudgetfellow former purple ranger #2, one of the few I can say I'm older than awesome friend, always helpful with everything, including superstar stuff @Zeba fellow former purple ranger #3, who I can say is one of the best friends I've made here on TTF, something I bet a lot of people on this forum can say always helpful, always willing to chat and lift my spirits when I'm feeling down, and always willing to bombard me with Sana spam. @minassi sis! fellow maple syrup, always so nice and caring :') @JayQ moar maple syrup! fellow Fe heroes player, fellow (sort of?) Sana stan, amazing friend always there for a quick uplifting chat, whether it be of video games or of Sana or of some other random topic er well I'm gonna have to cut this post short so I'm gonna have to make quick mention of all the rest of the friends I made here (seems there's a tag limit so I can't tag them all unfortunately :c) @Kh3ngboon @Riku @<3TzuNaMi, theta, palace, doge, sean, germaine, winston, asu, puppy, ian (frozen ian), kkul, wolf, ling, palace, taros, planku, pants, feng, mashi, sk, blue, warren, ah, alex, zaito, nom, miggy, bao, sud, kru, and jhin. I want to make a special mention of yall too but I haven't the time unfortunately :( love y'all tho, great friends, had a great time, peace really hope I didn't forget anyone, a bit tired
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    Looking at this thread about people mentioning their best friend/favourite members and the moments that they have had together, reminded me about something very important, which is one of the most important purpose of the forum - bringing people together. I don't usually type something this long but this really hits me as I read all the posts. It reminded me about me when I first joined, it was all about the member spazzing, casual chatting and all the non-stop talks. How we discussed to watch music shows together and spazz it live, how we share information to each other about any news or special performances; all the fun conversations and games in some threads that isn't necessary about Twice but is all about the interaction between members. Not saying that the forum isn't like how I said it was, in fact I truly believe it is constantly bringing people together and we will work hard to maintain and keep it the way it was supposed to be, Right? It is just that when I think about my close friends/favourite members that I have met here, all the memories and good times we had come hitting me like a truck. So rather than mentioning my favourite members, I would prefer to say I truly cherish all the time we have together, regardless if the member that I've talked to before is still active, all the senpais that I respect, I still remember all of them. And of course all the members that I am close to now, I guess we feel the same way about this. Without dragging this any longer, I just want to say that no matter what happens, lets remind ourselves what was the true purpose and the mindset we have when we first joined or what we realise when we communicate with people here. Behind all the toughness, we all still need other's support. Finally, always love TWICE <3
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    hi it's minassi's one year anniversary already omg.
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    I'm going to be listing all of my friends that I've made in the ttf chatbox. @Ahn Haeju @TECetc @Mina_ng @Twice's Bias @I0riYagami @Zaito @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle @Lovely puppy @FB s'OYHIJ @kz.suweeg @Downie @OmgDubu @LivinGforNAYEON @B.R.joe @Zeba @Thexx @Ooh-Ahh @sanaing @Shyfan @syko @T2long@MinaThePenguin @Shyness @xiaobbang @chaerrybear @>TornbetweenMomoandSana< @StylishDoge @Konari @Scorp@Kpopasiaworldwide@NayeonBunnyIsMyBias @Yeongie 윤기 @chiuchiuuuuu @OmicronTheta @Jokballet @Mina❤ @Moguri96 @Cupcake Cupid@OnceUponAStar @Onces @Big Boss And lastly @everyone else I might have not listed (you are so awesome!)
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    more time found, didn't want to leave the rest hanging, so here's the rest
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    I actually don't have preferences. Just talk to me and I'll talk to you. Special mentions? The first few when I joined TTF I guess @Liar @SubjectKpop @Tzumongie @Zeba @Ooh-Ahh @syko @Riku @NomNomMiX @nayeonlover @T2long @StylishDoge and most of them who joined before me And there are all the ones after I've joined. I thank you though.
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    Necessary if rules weren't being followed, unfortunately
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    Let's just say that some people come to the forums mainly for the chatbox and neglect that people actually pay a sum of money every month to maintain the forum. Let's say people take you for granted, test your patience and step all over you when you're done so much for them just that it doesn't show. How would you feel? As if that wasn't enough, you continue to push your limit. Take this as a lesson. Use the forums wisely and bare in mind that others actually sacrifice their time, to maintain this place for Onces. Don't take what you've given for granted, you'll only be left with nothing in the end. For those who had to suffer the consequences caused by other, I'm sure the whole staff team is sorry but one rotten apple spoils the barrel. Many of you obeyed the rules and respected the staffs but due to other members, you had to pay the hefty price as well. We understand or rather the staffs would understand that this isn't fair but it's for the better good. Take this a lesson. Learn from the past,for the future. Regards
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    *All rules can be updated at anytime and go into effect immediately* **All changes made to official forum rules will be announced** ***Please use your common sense when using the forums & chatbox*** ☞ ☜ [!!] These rules apply to all sections of the forum including: threads, chatbox, status post, and PM's [!!] Treat all forum members with respect. No harassing or flaming. Absolutely no releasing members personal information with out their expressed consent and informing the admins prior. Doing so will result in an immediate and indefinite ban. No spam. No bullying (Targeting other members with malicious intent). No trolling. No threatening other members. No offensive or sexually explicit usernames, display pictures, signatures, threads, or discussions in chatbox. Making racist comments, bigoted comments, or hateful comments towards the forum, other fandoms, members, staff, yourself, or in general is not tolerated: No offensive/racist/harmful/suggestive usernames. No duplicate accounts. No swearing. No posting paid for content. ☞ ☜ Do not spam: Strings of emoticons/emojis (this means more than 5). Strings of unreadable text or characters (left to the discretion of the staff) The same message more than 2 times. Do not harass, flame or troll other members. Do not bully random members or new members. ☞ ☜ No duplicate threads. Please check before posting news and images. Posting similar videos or news articles from different sources (youtube or twitter, all kpop or koreaboo) is not considered a duplicate topic. Posts with the same content from different sources will be merged. No offensive or overly sexual threads. When posting news articles (Soompi, AKP, etc.), copy-paste the text of the article and any accompanying images (as opposed to the link by itself). Also, please include the link for the article. Posting about a unrelated topic or that is not related to a on-going conversation is spam. Please take OT discussion to a new thread. If your post contains more than 2 images (pictures and GIFs [including "reaction GIFs"]), please post the images under the spoiler cut. Two images may be posted outside of the cut. embedded videos from youtube or twitter/instagram do not count towards your image count. However, if you are posting several videos please post the videos under a spoiler cut. Source all photos and articles: Please credit all fansites and official news sources (Dispatch, etc) Please credit all fancams Gifs and screenshots from broadcasters do not need to be credited JYPE official content does not need to be sourced more about crediting can be found HERE Do not post any images or articles regarding to any paid subscription of twice channel Please tag post titles appropriately: [DISCUSSION] - use for discussion topics [POLL] - use if including a poll [<MEMBER>IST] - include the member' name in brackets for your topic [INFO] - use for all News topics [PICS] - for photos [VID] - for videos [AUDIO] - for audio [TRANS/ENG] - for translations [DOWNLOAD] - for downloads [ENG SUB] - use for Download topics that have English subs [NETIZENS] - for Netizen Zone topics [PANN] - for the specific forum or portal site that the article is sourced from [TWT] - for Twitter content [IG] - for Instagram content [FB] - for Facebook content [VLIVE] - for V Live content [GAME] - for Forum Games topics [FAN<ART/EDIT>] - for fan art or edits [FMV] - for fan-made videos ☞ ☜ Point distribution: ☞ Chat and thread spam: 1 POINT ☞ Not following thread rules (putting multiple images behind a cut, etc.): 1 POINT ☞ Bullying and trolling: 2-5 POINTS (Based on the staff's judgment) ☞ Racism, bigotry, etc: 2-5 POINTS (Based on the staff's judgment) ☞ Offensive usernames: BANNED from site participation until changed ☞ Duplicate accounts: 1 POINT per duplicate account (duplicate accounts are banned indefinitely) Penalties: ☞2 POINTS: A week long ban from the forum and chat ☞4 POINTS: A one month ban from the forum and chat ☞6 POINTS: A two month ban from the forum and chat ☞8 POINTS: A permanent ban with opportunities to reverse the ban (future forgiveness events, etc.) ☞10 POINTS: Permanent, irreversible ban
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    Hi my fellow TTF members, TTF is a great place for us members to post threads, chat and at the same time make friends online. I belief we treat everyone as friends but I think each of us do have a few members that we think is our favourite or very close to. It could be you have similar interest, close relationship or conversate well with that member. Share with us up to 10 TTF members that you think u like them the most and tell us the reason or story why is it so? 1. @B.R.joe My dear korean hyung-nim, Joe is the very 1st person I chat with in TTF chatbox. We are able to conversate well as both of us each belong to a country whereby Mens need to serve the national service. Thus, apart from Twice topics, we talk about our life during national service and reservist. He always share the latest Twice news, videos and picture to us. I love having international friends and I can't wait to met Joe in Korea, my no. 1 favourite TTF member. 2. @Moguri96 Moguri-chan the generous platinum donor of TTF that I came across in forum thread. I admire his nice display pic and signature of Momo. Because of him, I started to have a tingly feeling with Momo and Momo end up become my no. 3 bias among all member. Apart from our interest with Twice, both of us are gamers hence sharing a similar interest. We have build a stronger friendship in playing Overwatch together with some of the other TTF members. 3. @NoShynaNoLife Shyna is a dedicated Sana's bias same as me. We know each other because of our conversation in forum for Twiceland concert in SG. We had heated discussion on me being the 1st person in SG to take picture and interact with Sana during twiceland photo event VS him sitting at the front row in Twiceland concert and get to see Sana up close. He also share with me latest updates on Twice variety show and we have a great laughter talking about it. We play Heroes of the Storm together which further strengthen our friendship. 4. @xiaobbang xiaobbang one of my newest TTF friend i know via @B.R.joe. I am happy for her to be studying in korea and can attend twice fan sign and concert for this summer. Joe, xiaobbang and myself are chatting on kakaotalk. Enjoy chatting with her as she is very sweet and friendly. She looks like momo very pretty =) Hope to further strengthen relationship with her. 5. @Ahn Haeju My dear treasured friend, Haeju. Even though I am new to the chatbox, she the one that always keep me engaged in the conversation treating me as a visible person. She is kind, selfless and always greet me. I miss her the most as now chatbox is gone. Hope to chat with her somewhere to build a stronger relationship. 6. @OmgDubu OMGDubu the co-leader of Dubu clan with @Downie. At first, I met him and mistook him as @Downie because they use same charmander dubu dp but end up knowing he is not. I always gave him a hard time to choose between Dubu and his gf for marriage, kiss, date and etc XD.. We have a great conversation via each other created threads thus knowing each other better. We both are also overwatch player and had fun playing together before. 7. @Ooh-Ahh Ooh-Ahh the coolest and charismatic guy in TTF. Whenever he starts talking he has this aura that attracts me. He is a person I can talk with casually and humorously. I do not have to hold back my words when talking to him. I always mistook him as Mina's bias in the past because he use a very blur Sana' cool and charismatic display pic. Usually Sana's bias will use cute and cheerful display pic of Sana. He has changed dp because I make a clearer version for him. He is a person that I will like to be very close with. 8. @#Satzu The infamous chatterbox, Satzu, whom is one of the most notorious chatter in chatbox. He always keeps me entertain in chatbox and make my day a very happy one. I like to tease him and order him around as he is so much younger than me. He is a must have in the chatbox! 9. @TWIC3_Sapphire The Twice OTP craze, Sapphire, a very very young girl who love Satzu the most! She in indulge with girl-to-girl OTP relationship probably due to her love in anime. Whenever she see sana and tzuyu kissing, hugging or making love she will do a similar reaction like the anime girl on her display pic. She is the person that I like to tease the most in the forum. Whenever she sent a reply in forum thread, I will quote her and start making fun. With her around the forum makes my day a joyful one. My 10th person who should I pick? Candidates: @OnceUponAStar @Zaito @Mina_ng @LivinGforNAYEON @nayeonlover @Downie
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    Hello, I'm Sam! I just got into K-pop about a week ago and I'm loving it. The fans are so creative and supporting, of both the idols and other fans. I have a very close friend that's into K-pop and basically got me into it but he likes different groups, so I wouldn't mind finding friends who have common interests. My top 3 bias are Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung and Nayeon. I'm happy to be on here and to get to know some of y'all!
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    I do believe that this is the best decision. Do what ought to be done. Because forum isn't just about chatbox. There are a lot of content to discuss because that's what forums were meant to be. To staff who put all the hard work and effort, thanks for giving us a place to interact each other. Your hard work and dedication were paid off and I am truly grateful. :> For those who broke the rules, every actions has its own consequences. Be polite and be respectful because there's always a limit for anyone else. I'm not trying to be offensive but please just enjoy the process, Admit your fault and be modest. Thanks. *winkyface;)*
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    Tbh its fair that the chatbox is removed as several people were abusing it. Also trying to get the chatbox back or begging isn't going to make it better or fixing it but it is making it worse soo just stop and let the situation go as it is as everyone who abused has already done enough damage. What everyone can do in the forum is hope that the chatbox come back sometime later on e.g. a few weeks EDIT: Ok since I have seen a lot of people asking if there is a official TTF discord. Let me tell that there isn't one and if you people want to make a official TTF discord then you would have to talk about it to the admins/mods/staffs but if they don't want too then here is a second opinion for you. MAKE YOUR OWN DISCORD SERVER AND JUST INVITE EVERYONE ELSE IN TTF AND ASK THEM TO JOIN THERE but.... DON'T SAY THAT THE DISCORD SERVER IS THE OFFICIAL TTF DISCORD WITHOUT THE ADMINS PERMISSION. Not sorry for the caps btw
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    No. I'm sorry. we will not give it back because you guys have decide to disrespect us as staff, the forum itself, and each other and it has gone too far. Our staff take time out of their lived to work here for free and put in a lot of effort and for members to act this way makes it almost a waste. The forums is here for the forums and not for the chatbox.
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    Welcome to the New Members Guide! Here we will guide you to know the basics of the Forum features! Member Rank System Posting Threads and Replying in Threads Reputation Points Marketplace Awards Emotes Signatures Posting Images/GIFs Posting Videos Member of the Month Wonces Private Message Status Updates Member Name Colors Usergroups Using Spoiler Cuts Ignore Function How to Credit Discord In Team Twice Forums, we have rank system where your rank will changed based on the number of posts you've posted in the forums. The rank will be automatically updated when you reach certain post counts. The system is as follows. ===== - To post a thread - - To quote someone as a reply to a thread - - Multi-quoting - ===== Reputations Points are points that you received from people's upvoting your threads, repies or even status updates. - To up-vote someone else's posts / threads / status updates - ===== Marketplace is a place where you can get all the cool custom banners, custom awards, custom titles, username change and even an upgrade to your signature!!! For more information, you can check the thread out! Click here! ===== Awards are one of the features we have in the forums. If you have no idea what awards are, they're basically the ones you see below a user's profile in a thread or posts, and the ones below the signature. In the Forums, there are two types of awards: normal awards and the special awards! - Normal awards - - Special Awards - In some cases, we do have Season awards like April Fools awards, Halloween awards and Christmas awards. Do check it out when the time comes! ===== Emotes are definitely one of the few features we have in the Forums! Whether it's from to , they are definitely fun! However, there's too many emotes being requested to the Forums, so we decided to give it a big touch on this! Excluding OTP and random emotes, we will be limiting 20 emotes to each member only. That's sad, right? Well, no worries! We will be having an election for emotes for every three months! - How voting works - To thank you for contributing your time to vote for the emote, we will be handing wonces as our gratitude!! ===== Signatures are like your own identity, situated below your posts, it shows your significance. How do you edit your own Signature? ===== Here's the way to post images and gifs in the Forums ===== Posting videos is the same as posting images, the Forums automatically embed it for you. ===== Member of the Month is a special title where the staff will award one member that is qualified to be the one. 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There are currently 12 different colors representing each group in the Forums! ===== We now have usergroups for members!! For old members of the Forums, you noticed that there's a banner on the posts already, so we'll just get straight to the point. We used the albums as the name for the usergroups!! The system is as follows: ===== What are spoilers? They are the magic tools that can hide contents from the readers if they are prepared for the content, they shall click on the spoilers!! Use spoiler cuts when you: have a thread or a post that has more than 2 images, where you start using spoilers on the third onward. want to hide something in the post or thread. Now without further ado, let's check on how to use the spoiler cuts. ===== Finding someone annoying? Well, you can ignore them now with the function. - adding user to the Ignore List - - Modifying Ignore List - ===== By crediting, we mean how you are going to credit the source of the images and the videos you have gotten from. If you venture into some of the spazz threads, you might notice there's like a link below the images, this is to credit where are the sources from (like how do you get the images of the videos), regardless if you save it and upload it on a site. If you do not credit the sources, we might be issuing warning points to your account and both parties don't want that to happen right? You'll know the hows to credit the images and the dos and don'ts by referring to the guidelines to crediting. [Crediting 101] With the implementation of the new Discord Server for Team Twice Forums, it'll be more fun for us to converse and have fun there! Click on the link to know how to join the server and how to join the fun! [Discord 101] -The "Team Twice 101" thread is a constant work in progress! Please let us know if there is something we should add. Thank you!-
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    || Team Twice Forums: A Crediting Guide || When sharing content on TTF, oftentimes it is necessary to provide credit(s). This post will go into detail on what does and does not require credit; how to know what you're crediting; and some good practices to follow. Keep in mind that these rules only concern threads, as opposed to statuses (right?) or the chat box. If you have any questions about these scenarios, or something that isn't covered, please let us know; PM a mod and/or admin or send a message via Contact Us. Thanks! Content that requires credits: Fansites Twice fan site list this includes fan-taken photos and fancams News media e.g. Dispatch, Never, 10 Asia, etc *maybe create a directory for them like the fan site list* Content that does not require credits: JYPE Korean TV broadcasters/channels e.g. KBS, SBS, MBC, Arirang TV, SBS MTV, Mnet, tvn, Olive, etc. CFs/advertisements and sponsorships e.g. NBA Style Korea, Pocari Sweat, MLB Korea, etc. Magazines W Korea, International bnt, CeCi, etc. GIFs How to know what to credit Most of the things that require credits have watermarks. Watermarks are small logos or signatures (text) that indicate the content owner. When crediting, looking for a watermark is a good place to start. You'll usually find them in the corner of an image or at the bottom of a fancam. Notice the small "Enneagon1020" text in the bottom right of the image; that is a watermark. The same goes for the "love me now!" at the bottom of the fancam. Likewise, a lot of the things that don't require credit also have watermarks. This is an example of something that you don't have to credit, as it is from a TV broadcaster (MBC). This is an example of sponsorship content and something you don't have to credit. These are examples of JYPE content, with and without a watermark. The former is from TTV5 in Switzerland and the latter is a Twice Twitter post. Tips and good practices: If you don't know or remember the credit for your content, please search for it and/or ask around. Mods and other staff members are glad to help; you can use the Contact Us tab at the top of the page or PM a staff member. Additionally, you can ask in the chat box or PM other members for help. If you still can't figure out who or what to credit, it's best to refrain from posting the content until you do If you're unsure about credit(s), try to pick up on what the content is like. If the image looks something like this, it's probably from a photoshoot for a sponsorship or magazine, and therefore doesn't need to be credited. While providing the content source isn't necessary, doing so is helpful for finding additional content and verifying credits (especially if the original image doesn't have a watermark) When crediting fansites, the name in the watermark and the twitter (or other social media) may differ; both are acceptable
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    (All KST, unless stated otherwise) 24 May. WED 19:00 MBC MUSIC Show! Champions Ep229 18:00 MBC every1 Weekly Idol Ep304 25 May. THU 21:40 NAVER TV Mnet "I can see your voice 4 Ep13" 19:00 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Myeong-dong, S-PLEX Center, Multipurpose Hall, 3F (Address: 31 Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul) http://www.musickorea.asia/Board/view/board_name/notice/idx/139189/category/0/page/1/n_apply/1 26 May. FRI 18:30 KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH Ep12 LIVE @YouTube 17:00 KBS2 Music Bank 27 May. SAT 19:00 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Gangnam, Ilchi Art Hall (Address: 86 King Kong Building, Floor B2, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) https://www.ypbooks.co.kr/event_list.yp?targetpage=branch_view 16:50 MBC 오빠생각/"Oppa Thinking", (other guests: Henry and Sleepy) 15:45 MBC Show! Music Core 28 May. SUN Happy Birthday DAHYUN ♥ 12:10 SBS Inkigayo 29 May. MON 20:00 TICKET OPEN TWICE 1ST TOUR 'TWICELAND -The Opening [Encore] -'Interpark' 30 May. TUE 22:00 (to 00.00) MBC FM4U Tei's Dreaming Radio 20:55 SBS Night of Real Entertainment 12.00 (to 14:00) SBS 107.7 Power FM Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time 31 May. WED 21:00 [JP Line Live]TWICE Japan Debut Special Program Part 3 https://live.line.me/channels/21/upcoming/3236811 19:00 MBC MUSIC Show! Champions Ep230 18:30 UHD Commencement Congratulatory Show 'U Have a Dream' at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/entertainment/2017/05/23/1104000000AKR20170523137500033.HTML 01 Jun. THU 18:00 Mnet M!Countdown Ep.526 02 Jun. FRI 20:55 KBS2 Entertainment Weekly - School Attack 17:00 KBS2 Music Bank 03 Jun.SAT 18:00 CONCERT 2017 Dream Concert @Seoul World Cup Stadium 15:45 MBC Show! Music Core 04 Jun. SUN 23:00 SANA TZUYU X LieV TWICE Sana Tzuyu live @ V LIVE 15:30 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Noryangjin, CTS Art Hall (Address: 100 Noryangjin-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul) http://bapmusic.com/shop/board/view.php?&id=event&no=175 12:10 SBS Inkigayo 05 Jun. MON 23:10 KBS2 Hello Counselor (Jeongyeon & Dahyun) 19:30 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Seocho, White Hall (Address: White Wave Art Center, 1720-4 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul) https://fans.jype.com/BoardView?BoardName=twice_notice&Num=443 06 Jun. TUE 23:10 KBS2 냄비받침/ "Pot Stand" Ep.01 20:55 SBS Night of Real Entertainment 07 Jun. WED 19:30 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Sangam, Sangam Nuri Dream Square, International Conference Room (Address: 396 World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul) https://fans.jype.com/BoardView?BoardName=twice_notice&Num=445 08 Jun. THU 19:30 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Gangnam, Bear Hall, B1 (Address: Daewoong Pharmaceutical, 644 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) https://fans.jype.com/BoardView?BoardName=twice_notice&Num=447 09 Jun. FRI 19:30 KBS1 Open Concert recording at VISION University, College of Jeonju/(Jeonju Technical College) (promo. for 2017 Muju World Taekwondo Championship) 10 Jun. SAT 15:30 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Gwanak, Eye Level Hall (Address: Daekyo Tower 3F, 23 Boramae-ro 3-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul) https://fans.jype.com/BoardView?BoardName=twice_notice&Num=449 11 Jun.SUN 19:00 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Busan, Event Hall, 6F (Address: Design Center Busan, 57 Centumdong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan) https://fans.jype.com/BoardView?BoardName=twice_notice&Num=452 14:00 TWICE Mini Album <SIGNAL> Fan Signing @Daegu, Champagne Hall, B2 (Address: Novotel Ambassador Daegu, 611 Gukchaebosang-ro, Munhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu) https://fans.jype.com/BoardView?BoardName=twice_notice&Num=450 13 Jun. TUE 23:10 KBS2 냄비받침/ "Pot Stand" Ep.02 22:45 EBS1 Global Daddy Finder - TWICE video broadcast message http://blog.naver.com/ab00834/221029297312 14 Jun. WED Happy Birthday TZUYU ♥ 23:10 SBS Dream Concert broadcast (03 Jun. event) 21:00 [JP Line Live]TWICE Japan Debut Special Program Part 4 15 Jun. THU 18:00 Mnet M!Countdown Ep.528 - King of Selfie (TWICE) http://blog.naver.com/ab00834/221030097536 17 Jun. SAT 18:00 CONCERT TWICE 1ST TOUR 'TWICELAND -The Opening [Encore] -'Jamsil Indoor Stadium' 18 Jun. SUN 17:40 KBS1 Open Concert at Jeonju Technical College - broadcast (recorded on 09 Jun.) 17:00 CONCERT TWICE 1ST TOUR 'TWICELAND -The Opening [Encore] -'Jamsil Indoor Stadium' 20 Jun. TUE 23:10 KBS2 냄비받침/ "Pot Stand" Ep.03 21 Jun. WED 05:25 [JP]Fuji TV Mezamashi TV 04:00 [JP]TBS Hayadoki 23 Jun. FRI 20:00 [JP]TV Asahi "Music Station" - TWICE's introduction at "Music topics" corner 25 Jun. SUN 18:25 SBS Fantastic Duo 2 (Tzuyu, Momo, Dahyun, Jeongyeon & Jihyo) (recorded on 13 Jun.) 16:50 MBC King of Masked Singer (Sana & Chaeyoung - celebrity judges) 08:30 [US](24 Jun. SAT: - event local time, 19:30 EDT) KCON 2017 NY (Venue: Prudential Center, 25 Lafayette Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102) http://www.kconusa.com/kcon-ny-artists/ 27 Jun. TUE 23:10 KBS2 냄비받침/ "Pot Stand" Ep.04 28 Jun. WED TWICE JAPAN DEBUT BEST ALBUM 『#TWICE』 01:30 [JP]Fuji TV Sakikage Music 30 Jun. FRI 20:00 [JP]TV Asahi "Music Station" - TWICE special appearance (2 hours) sources: JYPE and naver news (on TWICE)
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    Hi everyone, its my first anniversary of being a member of TeamTwice. First off I would like to say that I am very grateful of getting to know a couple of members here on the forms. ( @Koi, @T2long , @Dani , @Zeba, @StylishDoge @minassi @syko ) thank you for putting up with me, and always talking to me whatever the situation is In the future. I seriously love y’all!. The best friends that I could ever ask for. I hope that we'll be more comfortable with each other. and get to meet each other one day. There is more that I want to say but I gotta keep this short :). To the staffs that are working on the forums @NomNomMiX @Kh3ngboon Etc...; thank you! for you're hard work that you are doing! and providing for us members. I haven't been active for the 1st half on the forums because of school, and stuff that I gotta take care of. And I will or not be active on the forums this summer, I don't know haha; I plan a lot of things that I want to do this summer. Will see~. I see that their are a lot of new members like lovelypuppy <3 Aka a the sweetest person :D and Sud! Thank you TeamTwice! without you I wouldn't be the person that I am now! <3.
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    Well, it seems to be an informal ritual to do this so I'm following the others as well hehe. Uhm, well, for those that don't know, my name is Zeba - yes, it's actually Zeba, not a nickname! I've been a fan of Twice ever since before they debuted but only joined these forums later. It took me more than a year to find my bias and I'm proud to say that it's Tzuyu. A lot of people had tried to sway me in this time, tsk tsk I'm looking at you syko and steven. It's been exactly one year since I joined (Yes, I joined on Tzuyu's birthday). I don't really recall how I found this place but nevertheless, I'm glad I did! The past year has been filled with lots of memories and moments that will always be cherished. I've made some great friends, had heaps of experience with extremely triggering fun egg hunts and watched the forums grow. There have been a lot of ups and downs but we've all come through together. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this site, helping it flourish and keeping it online. Looking forward to spending more time here and meeting great new people! Also, thank you for reading this overly sappy meant-to-be-introduction. I don't know what you would call this XD
  28. 4 points
    Quite hard to pinpoint my favorite members here since a few of them I've become good friends not through TTF but somewhere else. If I had to say some of my Faves were definitely @syko @madine @Zeba @LazyWatermelon and @Palace but my most favorite I would say the closest would be @Marli @Koi and and @Suspect those 3 in particular I've grown to like a lot over the course I've known them. Great people and probably the most beautiful people I've met in my entire life Tho I'd be lying to myself if I said I had favorites. I love and like all the friends I made here.
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    Whoa, chill,guys. Onces should stick together. There is already enough hostility here. Please, don't quarrel with each other. Let's just return to the good old days where Onces interact peacefully here Also, if you wanna chat, @Ooh-Ahhhas a status update for chatting.
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    Let's talk here on my little profile *no spamming
  31. 4 points
    It's the end of an era. It was great while it lasted, but my love for Twice hasn't died down because of some little chatbox. Time to move on people, we have lots to discover of Twice. Onward to a successful Japanese debut!!!
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    Happy Tzuyu Day!!! I celebrate by posting the best tzuyu gif..
  33. 4 points
    Here's my FMV for Tzuyu's birthday If you're unable to view this video, view the one below!!
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    You're Angelic #HappyTzuyuDay! Here's the FMV we've been waiting for!
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    Maybe I'm the only one who has these thoughts, but I like to see and compare different idols and celebrities autographs ^^' Like the title suggests, which member of twice do you think has the nicest autograph / which autograph is your favorite? If you have a least favorite you can say it too! I'll be honest here...around their debut, I used to think Momo's autograph was kinda...ugly >< but as I got to know more about them I actually think her autograph is really cute now, and fits her well For a favorite, probably Tzuyu or Sana's ~ they're just my style I added a picture of all their autographs in case anyone needed to see them all at once ~
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    ChewyTzuyuChan here!! For all mina stan, and all the penguins in the world.. Here is a vector of Mina for all of you.. Hope you like it... Yours Truly, ChewyTzuyuChan
  37. 4 points
    Here's another vector art... For all J-trinity fans Hope you like it... MOMO SANA MINA Yours Truly, ChewyTzuyuChan
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    I now have my phone back! i will be chatting a lot more now.. i am happy,i have got my music back and i can chat on ttf
  39. 4 points
    Energetic #HappyDahyunDay
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    off to Pinguheaven again... cr. star1 cr. star1 RIP
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    After listening to it on replay for about an hour, Three Times A Day is my favorite Twice song
  42. 3 points
    So, I've made some TWICE Moodboards. They're aesthetics, I make them in my free time :3 Another place for all of my moodboards: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/lavenderprincessjin/ Sana (Pink): Dahyun (Orange): Momo (And Suga, Light Green): Tzuyu (Purple, Birthday Special): Jihyo (Black) [Request from @Ahn Haeju] I do other groups, but these are the TWICE ones You can request moodboards as well
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    I won't say they are my Favourite Friends, but they are people who always be with me @OmgDubu , @Jokballet, @Lovely puppy , @Ahn Haeju , @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle , @Moguri96, @I0riYagami, @YodaTzu, @#Satzu
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    I've been a forum owner (mostly roleplay forums) for years in zetaboard and jcink. It's not just TTF that experienced big changes in the chatbox. If you're shocked about the removal of this feature, don't be because I can guarantee you that it's not just KPOP forums that do this. I know how the staff feels because issues happen there. Trust me, there's a loooot of things that happened in the chatbox/shoutbox that caused me to close down the forums I owned because it became really messy. It was also the reason why I stopped roleplaying. I know y'all will miss it (I do, too) but the chatbox being removed is not that bad. There's a lot of alternatives out there. Cheer up!
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    Fair enough! However, I also appreciate the position of the mods and staff who have had to dedicate their time to handling the chat, and I find it rude and disrespectful to openly recruit for a new forum because people couldn't follow the rules and a feature had to be removed. I wish you luck with your project!
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    If anyone is wondering the chat box is gone but if you want to socialize with other onces please visit @Ooh-Ahh profile and chat in the status update
  47. 3 points
    it was more than that. This has been coming for a long time and really the recent hostility between members has pushed it. This forum is to get along not have fights with each other over something silly in the chatbox.
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    Hi, i'm from Kuala Lumpur 😁 Thank you! 😁 Hi, nice to meet you too 😁 Hi Mina ❤,nice to meet you too. And thank you so much! 😄 Hi thank you so much! 😁 Thank you! 😄 Thank you so much and I will! 😁 Hi, okay I will, thank you! 😁 Hi, thank you! 😊 Hi, nice to meet you too! Thank you so much! 😁 Hi! Thank you so much! 😁 Hi! Rawr? Hahaha! Thank you so much! 😁 Hi thank you so much! I really need help in using this forum @@..hahaha >< Hi!!! Nice to meet you! Glad to meet you 😀 Hi, thank you! 😁 Hi! Thank you! 😁
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    Happy Birthday to the leader of the School Meal Club Kim Dahyun!!
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    So here is one of my drawing. It's Sana if you didn't recognize her It's from this : You can tell me what you think about it