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    Play this song quietly while reading this post
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    For those who are signing up for staff recruitment, I just wanna remind you that if you haven't been MOTM yet, when you become staff you can't be MOTM.
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    I Did that Once again!! pls like it and rt! Much love
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    Ah,,,, thanks to all that greeted,,, I am very touched I'd love to reply to y'all but people's notifs are going to get flooded.... I actually don't know what to say; words aren't really my strong suit Still, thank you very much from the bottom of my existence as a yellow knitted cap heart <3 I love you all Another year, another chance to keep loving and supporting Twice
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    100 days won!!! Thank you so much, everyone!
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    Amount of money in my bank account:
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    Updated a lot with new pfp's If the MB/GB size is too high please PM me with the photo you want and I'll change the size for you :>
  9. 3 points
    Why do people post fanart that's not even their own fanart?
  10. 3 points
    Happy birthday to the beanie on my head <3<3
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    For those who haven't joined, join my Discord server! https://discord.gg/GAsyX4n
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    I bought myself five albums for my birthday woo
  13. 3 points
    Is it just me that when I search literally just the letter "v" on Google the Heartshaker MV comes up v v v v v v v v
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    I love you No homo
  15. 3 points
    Been hiking and going outside a lot Sore af from this 9 hour hike though, remind me not to go outside anymore Glad to be around TTF again, sorry I was gone
  16. 3 points
    So there is this new group called (G)I-DLE, and I think I'm pretty much addicted right from the start.. I already know their names, order by age, positions, and I'm already in the discord server qpsoigjqpg Miyeon is my bias and she's making me a total mess....
  17. 3 points
    How to crawl myself out of this deep hole called guilt?
  18. 3 points
    Unlike a lot of the users who're interested in joining the staff, I am over 18, but I don't think I'd be suited to any of the available positions.
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    [!!] TEAM TWICE is now looking for new Staffs. If you think you are qualified to be one then check the link below to know how the application works. Be sure the read the requirements. Good luck!
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    Uhmmmmm yeah! Hhahahah this thank you status update is soooo late! But yeah I want to say thank you on those people who voted me (I wouldn't mention you all you know who you are <3 ) You all know that this is one of my dream, to be a MOTM and now it came true so thank you very much guys! A million time thank you guys! I really appreciate every vote you gave on me! So let's goooo~ We will all celebrate this month! (1 dream to go~ and that's to have my very first merch/album of Twice whahahahahha)
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    I BOUGHT TWO MORE TWICE ALBUMS! I got The Story Begins and Lane 1. These are my photocards: TSB - Baby Nayeon, Adult Jihyo, Jihyo Momo and Chaeyoung Unit Lane 1 - Jihyo Selfie, Nayeon Lenti
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    If you want to ignore me and not talk to me anymore why do you keep going to my profile h uh ??
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    Album photo's taken! I didn't take photos of the albums since they're already stocked in my room but I have photos of the photocards and stuff that came out of the albums. TWICE (What Is Love) GUGUDAN (Cait Sith and Chococo Factory) OH MY GIRL (Banana Allergy Monkey) Sorry for the weird lighting in some of them. These are taken in my kitchen again. The photos are also taken in my photocard binder! Maybe one day I'll do a video of it if my collection gets large enough. The majority of it is just empty spaces with one member in each page XDD
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    Well. Hello, guys. HERE IS MY COME BACK.