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    Hello everyone😍my name is Leen and i am a once girl from Jordan, iam 21 years old ,ive been a once for good time now , but iam new to teamtwice . Hope to get know you all. Fighting 💪❤
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    This is the story of how TWICE’s Mina became the elegant queen of K-Pop she is today. Mina was born in San Antonio, Texas before moving to Japan at a very young age. Because of her dual-citizenship, she has two different passports which she can use interchangeably. While living in Japan, Mina trained in ballet for 11 years. She attended the Obayashi Sacred Heart School, a prestigious all-girls school exclusively attended by elite students. Her father is the lead orthopedic surgeon at Osaka University Hospital, one of the top facilities in the country. When she was younger, Mina was an avid fan of K-Pop, and showed her love for groups such as CNBLUE. Because of her incredible ballet skills and natural chic aura, Mina debuted in TWICE with the least training time. Since debuting with TWICE, Mina has been nicknamed the group’s “Black Swan” for her undeniably mysterious aura. She’s so chic and elegant that she can still look beautiful even when she’s crying. From dancing to even eating, Mina is the model of elegance. Even something as simple as a smile can seem royal on Mina. With such a prestigious background, natural talent, and elegant charms, there’s no denying that Mina is a real-life princess! source: koreaboo
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    As you know i'm new to this forum! I came here through OH and i'm excited to join! I've been a fan since around Cheer Up Era so i'm a bit late joining rip Please treat me well
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    Omg, hi everyone its Wolfie's 1 year anniversary (well it was supposed to be yesterday but totally forgotten about it Sooooo.... to begin this off....it seems that this is a thing now sooo just going to follow everyone else hehehe xD. Well first of all, for those that don't know me, my name is LonelyWolf a.k.a Wolfie - yes you guessed it, it's totally my real name btw. I've been a fan of twice ever since sixteen started but went afk on twice afterwards. I finally became interested in twice again a few days before their 3rd comeback TT which I joined the forum as well. I was hesitant in joining TTF as I lurked around the forum for like 5 days cause I was just shy and scared as I'm not the type of people that would go on forums and how to interact I think it took me like two hours or more to write my introduction and lurked around the chatbox a couple of days before typing and talking to everyone. As time went on, I became comfortable with everyone and the forum. I started to post more in the threads and had fun conversations with everyone like @Zeba @syko (bomilover) @Kh3ngboon @Ooh-Ahh (meanie) @StylishDoge @nayeonlover (traitor) @tzuXhybudget (senpai) and everyone else that I have forgotten about. Since I have joined TTF, a lot of things has changed. The chatbox has gone away then came back then removed forever; we have said goodbye to some of the staffs and amazing members and welcome new ones as well. At the same time, Twice has grown a lot and made four comebacks (soon to be five hehe) and became the nation's girl group (social media said this, wasn't me). I am proud of them for what they have achieved so far and wished that they achieved ever more into things that they didn't dream of. I'm happy that all of us onces can share the experience, joy and love for them. The past year have been fun and filled me with lots of memories and moments that I won't forget and will cherished. As time goes on, I've interacted a lot of people more than I could have thought of and made some great friends *wink* *wink* (you know who you are). For members that I have never gotten to know about and talked too or maybe if you just lurk around the forum, I'm happy that you are here as the things that you bring to TTF and maybe one day we can talk and share our experience and become friendly with each other Also experienced heaps of triggering moments like the fun egg hunts . There have been ups and downs, times where everyone gets angry, sad, disappointed, overjoy and relieve but we all came together and managed to go through somehow. This is getting long now, I should end it soon . Additional thank you for everyone that helped me and get me out of my comfort zone. You fam have given me a lot of guidance and I am grateful for your hardwork and effort. I hope that everyone and new members will continue on to grow TTF and the community itself. Well, thanks for celebrating my 1 year anniversary and reading this entire story or speech (or whatever may you want to call it xD) But in truth and all, this year has changed me a lot and TTF was a big part of that change. Well I'm looking forward to spending more time here with everyone and meeting new members and people. Thank you everyone and TTF, love you all.
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    We're 23 members away from 10,000 total TTF members
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    Right.... I have NOT been here for a really, really, really long time. I swear I BARELY remember how to post topics and i'm pretty sure I'm gonna break a rule or something because I have absolutely NO idea watsoevar about what has changed in the regulations (rip me). But Imma just throw it out anyway. What I've been up to. Decided to spin things up a little. Possibly graphic content warning for the last image.....unless you're into that sort of thing then it should be sexy af. Digital Artworks painted using Adobe PSCC Inspired by existing images. Enjoy the sights Now don't panic over the watermark because it's mine. Relax yall. cr:myself
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    for people that are not interested by the movie, dance start at 4:48 Signal album Twice - Signal *Note from Production team We really like twice super power concept and for this super late dance cover video, we try to re-act that concept with somehow low budget and this video finally made :), this is a small milestone that we have achieved 1k subscribers to consider making this video, hope you guys like it :)
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    A fanfic to celebrate Twice comeback! Title: ONE MORE TIME (part 1) Characters: All the members + "Haeju" Story: Haeju was teased by Nayeon and friends because she was caught crying, again. They complained that she was so sentimental that made her easily cried on small things. The members thought that Haeju was so weak and needed to be changed. And then they got an idea how to fix her! Will it work? Can Haeju be changed? And how is Haeju's condition somehow related to her mom?
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    They just posted the official MV of "One More Time" Please watch it and make the views higher like the other MV's
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    Pew today is my 1st anniversary on TTF ... lel I didn't know I joined right after Nayeon's birthday Well at first thanking all the staff members And all those people I had friendly chat .... starting with @T2long, @syko , @Palace , @SubjectKpop , @Kh3ngboon , @Zeba , @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle, @OmicronTheta I remember old chatters ... but I forgot new ones cause I wan't regular Anyway from new chatters My kawaiiii noona @Jhinjerely Yours bonbon @Lovely puppy leader of tbees @Twice's Bias And all My hyungs and noonas My kkt family members (sorry mentioning everyone is not possible).... I have a few dongsaengs love for them as well Sorry if I missed someone I already forgot what I talked with @Twice's Bias and many other new members And @Ahn Haeju is completely erased from my chatbox memory... But you're my closest person and special one ... sorry for forgetting our chat I'm not a chat friendly kid so it's hard to chat with me and getting along with everyone is hard for me .... But you guys made it easy for me THANKS A LOT I'm attaching my old intro as well http://forums.teamtwice.com/topic/4538-bonjour-everyone/ I was learning French back then ANYWAY THANKS FOR A LOVING A YEAR AND I KNOW MANY MORE ARE COMING
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    Hi I just want to share my SaTzu FMV "Signal" Thank you for watching!
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    I am new here, born and raised in Seoul, Korea. I am 17 years old boy, and currently in highschool. It is very nice to meet you. The reasons why I joined this community are... First, I love Twice ^^; Second, I am studying English, of course , in school and hakwon. So joining this club and coummunication with you in Enlish will help me to brush up my English skill. Third, I'd like to know how Twice is getting received in other countries and the reactions from people other than Korea. Please understand my poor English and Thank you for reading. So See you around.
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    Happy 200 reputation points to me Thanks to those people that gave me reps and continue to give me reps. I love you all guys!
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    Good day everyone I hope everyone will be good and happy today hahahahaah May cute bunny Nayeon bless you with her cuteness
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    Breaking announcement: 1st MV teaser of "Likey" is shown right at the end on the 2nd day of "ONCE BEGINS" fanmeeting on October 15th. Comeback on October 30th, 6pm-KST, with 1st FULL album! #Likey Get ready and save up for the album, ONCE! 1st MV teaser link -> http://www.vlive.tv/video/44432
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    hi guys im new to this forum! My bias is Jihyo :)
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    Hello and Welcome to Team Twice! Hope you'll have a great time here! Remiix? I think he's twiceoncex iirc. :)
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    I found out something interesting scrolling onto he twice japan website (twicejapan.com). It says 100 days! Which means ONE MORE TIME the newest TWICE japanese MV came out on 100 days since TWICE's japan debut! Was super cool and it made sense on why it came out today! Congrats TWICE on your 100th day since your Japan Debut :)
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    I think this is my first time crying on a Twice fanfic. So silly hehe :')) I just can't help but to share this.....
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    I went to the Changwon Kpop festival and took some footage this is the footage of their introduction between two stages this is the footage of Nayeon doing a 2line poem This is Twice performing Signal This is their Knock Knock stage! I know it is very far away and low quality But they were taken by me and I hope you enjoy them!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQWhaWwqg4JBbp-gCF5bHIQ And please subscribe to my channel if you have the chance!
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    I wanna be a motm next month. Can I?
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    Good day Everyone! I hope your day is good and happy May Twice also be with you and alsp I love you all guyss!
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    OMG! We're near the 10k users LET'S PREPARE TO PARTAYYYY
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    I have two to be nominated as the MOTM for this month it's either @MyiMina or @ZackZachary. Who would you like guys?
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    Hi everyone, I would like to make a last topic for a long time. As the title said, I'm saying goodbye to TTF. I have to concentrate on my studies to be able to success with what I want to do later. So here I am, saying goodbye. I would like to thanks everyone on TTF for being this kind and nice to me, I met really cool and cute people who were really nice to me, always there to talk with me. I really made sweet and great memories here. I really wanna thanks everyone for welcoming here and helping me when I needed help and talking to me when I wanted to talk with people. I'm sure that I won't ever forget anyone here, you're all so special ! I hope you have a great time and a great life cause you're all amazing and you all deserve the best. I don't know if I have to quote names but I would really like to thanks @NomNomMiX for the talk we shared hehe, @Kh3ngboon for always being here when I need help, @Tzumongie for always answering my questions. The TTF Staff is the best! Thanks for this forum, thanks for everything. (Also special thanks to Ling for defending me and talking with me it was really helpful.) Thanks to the French Squad too (Ari, Tini, Plume, Mina ♥), On se reverra mes p'tit enfants ♥ je vous aimes tous ♥ Et merci de toujours avoir été là hehe Malgrès les petites disputes I love you all guys !! Hope we'll see each other again !! -Puppy ♥
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    Im back every1! back to see the new mom! i wish its @MinaThePenguin or any1 who wants to do it
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    I am very pleased to meet you all.
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    Hey guys im Always Calm. I like twice for their style, looks and music. I also make kpop style beats https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXHInfQ-3KuDH_SQ_U5bWnw/featured Nice to meet you
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    Who recalls their old songs back in their school days?
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    Listen to DJ @Zaito's radio! http://kdayz.caster.fm Nayeon's
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    I'm a 1 year old Once, and a 1 year old Mina stan (She is my ultimate bias for one year omg )
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    Welcome to Team Twice Forums!
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    Wow you look my friend and your soooo cute I wish I could show myself but my mom l won't let me TT
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    unfortunately.. i'm older than all the members.. to be exact, i'm 9 years older from tzuyu
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    Hi, @Always Calm! Welcome to TTF, hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!