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    Okay, Now I really have to do this /stretches arms/ because I'm guilty af for stalling time Okay, leggo. So what exactly is a MinaYeon? Well THIS is Minayeon A Twice OTP that consist of members Myoui Mina and Im Nayeon Look, they even acknowledged and confirmed it themselves I'm telling you, IT'S REAL GUYS! R. E. A. L. They've been real since predebut, just look at them <3 They even meme together! If you aren't a shipper, what are you doing with your life? Go ship em now! Please feel free to spazz and share some of them MinaYeon All hail MiNayeon Here, have some MinaYeon heart <3
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    :3 been a lil whil since i've visited here cr. taeillee was the photographer rly trying to take a pic of their backs or...
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    YAY YAY YAY!!!! TTF IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    FOUNDED THIS Picture on twitter i think it's Mina and Momo but they do look sexy