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    The 3 steps to knowing your OTP is sinking: 1. Rejection 2. Sadness
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    How to feed Penguin  "Tasty!" Credit to the owner
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    those wholes they cut in the back look kinda weird fashion the last pic sorta reminds me of a less angry cr. assist upload Chaebae's too powerful
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    Moguri shyshyshy such an awesome fansign for her her hair looks impossibly smooth/shiny I think Momo's prbly the member who has had ponytails the most; she pulls them off really well
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    I think I know what Heaven looks like...
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    She's honestly the most adorable human being ever ;~;
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    This is my favorite clumsy Sana moment so far (I'm pretty sure we'll see a lot more in the future)
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