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    Until the album comes out on iTunes, or if it's not on the music service you use, there are a few vids of it on YouTube. Here's one (the songs are mostly complete, but i think they cutout towards the end). And here are the individual songs Ponytail Pit-a-Pat Jelly Jelly 1 to 10 One in a Million Next Page
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    the foreign members thoughhhhhhhhhhhh
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    [!] 160509 Updates: This list now strictly focuses on fansites who has taken personal fancam/fantaken pictures of the Twice members. Translation accounts/ GIF makers etc are now taken off this list. Some fansites have trouble concentrating on their biases that it made my life harder to categorize lol. So any fansites that has a lot of pictures of the other members despite their twitter DPs/Banner and fansite name are now categorized under 'OT9' category. [NEW] Now available with Youtube links! [!!] 171217 Updates: [NEW] Now available with Instagram links! Updated with more fansites. Updated statuses of fansites, removed expired sites. --- Legend: Green – Active Blue – Hiatus/Hasn’t been updated for the past 1 month Red – No longer updated (in a span of 6 months) * - Notes (W) - Available Website (Wordpress, Tistory, etc) Link (T) - Available Twitter Link (Y) - Available Youtube Link (I) - Available Instagram Link [N] - Newly added in the 171217 update --- OT9: [N]1for2 (T) (W) 어 화 잇 트 : TW (T) (W) [N]BLANK (T) (W) [N]crushtwice (T) [N]DrawingTWICE (T) (I) 두두 (T) [N]Enneagon1020 (T) (W) Twice_advance (T) 오늘두부탁해 (T) [N]호잉(T) [N]모노 (T) (W) [N]웨니린린(T) [N]어화잇트 : TW (T) (W) [N] 마쉬멜로우(Mashimellow)(T) [N]Jellybeans (T) [N]지방이(T) [N]It's Krad's (T) (Y) [N]studioPARN (T) 텐더아이즈 (T) [N]TwiceOnceLand(T) 유독 (T) 두부애기사랑해 (T) (W) hotwice (T) *last updated 171109 Twice Studio (T) *last updated 171118 AllTwice.com (T) (W) O2 (T) [N]챙구 (T) (W) [N]티팟(Twice_pot) (T) [N]하늘연달 스무날/10-Twice-20 (T) (W) [N]AllTwice (T) (W) [N]사탕발림 (T) [N]Peacelove (T) (W) [N]제우스(ZEUS)(T) (W) Lovelybunny (T) *last updated(14 months ago) Satangbaleem (T) *last updated(6 monts ago) Baby Angel (T) (W) *last updated 160207 Other Members (OTPs, etc): Beauty And Beat (Mina & Momo) (T) (W) [N]2yeon fever (Nayeon & Jeongyeon) (T) [N]MONI_SATZU(Sana & Tzuyu) (T) (W) [N]coup de fourde. (Jeongyeon & Mina) (T) [N]MOZZI House(Momo & Jihyo) (T) [N]FLORESCENT[Sana & Chaeyoung] (T) Chouchu♥사실 나 널 좋아해 (Tzuyu & Sana) (T) (W) *last updated 151115 Nayeon: 하트립 (T) (W) 나연이랑 (T) (Y) 나숭힝 (T) [N]F4.25 (T) [N]WanderLust (T) [N]first rabbit (T) (W) [N]FLORA ANGEL (T) [N]MyElegantGirl (T) (W) 체리콕 🍒 (T) (W) *last updated 170131 Favorite (T) *last updated 151103 Jeongyeon: Black Paint (T) 유플러스 (T) (W) Jace (T) (W) ᵁᵀᴵᶠᵁᴸ 유티풀 (T) (W) [N]WHEREVER YU ARE (T) [N]Eleven And One (T) [N]Brilliant Topaz (T) [N]정연의법칙 (T) [N]노잼정연맘 (T) Smile1101 (T) HEART PUNCH (T) Momo: close (T) 모요모요 (T) (W) RingX3(T) peachmomo(모숭아) (T) (W) [N]피치톡톡 (T) (Y) [N]close (T) [N]써클인모모 (T) [N]Fairyism (T) [N]Throbbing_Egg (T) [N]MOMOPLAYER (T) (Y) [N]DoDoMoMo (T) [N]Sweet Peach (T) (W) 모구리닷컴 (T) (W) *last updated 171108 Peach Romance (T) Peach Pink Punch (T) Momoya (T) PS (T) 딱 PeacH (T) Ice Tea (T) Sana: candy frappe (T) A Mood Board (T) 사나의여름 (T) (Y) [N]ㅋㅅㅅ (T) [N]사나의 콧냄세 (T) [N]White Heather 1229 (T) [N]season in the sun (T) [N]Had Me At Hello (T) [N]CottonCandy (T) (W) [N]12:29 (T) [N]사카츄 (T) [N]PineconeSanaChina (T) [N]SPACEWALK (T) [N]사나는 못말려 (T) [N]Flake Of Snow (T) (W) [N]사나에 빠진 딸기 (T) [N]나의 하루 (T) My Light (T) *last update 160321 사나에 빠진 딸기♡ (T) *last update 160123 My Haru/Spring (나의 하루) (T) *last update 151114 No Sana No Life (T) *last update 151117 Jihyo: [N]Asante (T) Under The Sea (T) (W) [N]찍죠 (T) [N]Wink Angel (T) [N]Jihyochip (T) [N]AT THE END (T) [N]2분 1초의 기적 (T) [N]ε천사지효3 (T) (W) [N]INFI (T) 지효옆자리 (T) (W) *last update 171023 진진 [반동결] (T) BlackJJack (T) [N]지효랑 (T) Jihyorang (T) *last update 151105 Mina: Sweet Smile 0324 (T) (W) Miracle Night (T) Spring of South Pole (T) (W) [N]세묘입미나 (T) [N]미또파 (T) [N]미나를미나 (T) [N]미나라이트 (T) [N]myou (T) (W) [N]love me now! (T) [N]FOREVERLYMINA (T) [N]Ballerina Mina (T) (W) [N]Alpha Crucis (T) [N]𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒶_𝒸𝓊𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓈 (T) Black Swan (T) Flower Mina (T) With Mina (T) (W) [N]아름다운미소:) (T) [N]Spring of South Pole (T) (W) [N]Mina Day (T) Dahyun: Shine a light (T) (W) Best Dahyun (Choigo Dahyun) (T) (W) 두 붓 컴♥ (T) White Bean (T) (W) 오늘두부탁해 (T) Dear Dahyun (T) (W) The night I count the stars (T) phdrj_twice (W) Chaeyoung: A Born Artist (T) (W) 채영꿀노잼(Honey Chaeng) (T) [N]시금 (T) [N]vividfilm (T) (W) Flawless April (T) (W) Drop the beat (T) (W) At The Flow (T) (W) Near and dear (T) (W) Tzuyu: Delta Trap (T) (W) [N]Tzu t`aime (T) [N]BEAUTY CHOICE (T) (W) [N]ᴀɴɢᴇʟᴛɪᴍᴇ (T) [N]sugarglider (T) (Y) [N]막내쯔(TZUYU_corp) (T) Gemini (T) *last update 160115 My Fairy (T) *last update 151023 Lucky Eevee (T) (W) Twice0614 (T) (W) Pegasus (T) (W) Mentions (MultiFandom): DISK (T) (W) SHAQ (T) (W) Studi0-G (T) (W) GirlGroupCD (W) Rainy (T) smile -wA- (Y) Jibbazee (T) (W) (Y) 순덕스튜디오 (T) *last updated 171120 대학생 업로드용 Upload (T) (W) *last updated 170401 PS. Sorry if I missed a few, until the next update!
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    Happy Birthday Nayeon!!
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    Been hearing the whole album the whole day, JYP please let them do a rock concept in future! Didn't expect Ponytail to be that good combining Twice and rock music
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    Still waiting for itunes to drop twice's new album :(, plus I havent even listen to the song yet.
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    That moment when you work hard on something and pick a favorite and it's the least liked. Lmao, XD I am not as good as I thought I was. I need to work harder, and change that!!!!!
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    Ok, but seriously. Let's all take a few moments to realize that all 9 girls look more and more beautiful as the days go by. JYP, you are one lucky samchoon fan, so make sure you treat all 9 young ladies right.
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    New Fan Art posted up!!! go vote on it. New art coming soon with members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Last night I was making a healthy dinner and one of my brother's friend's asked what it was because it smelled so good. I told him what it was; A VEGGIE BURGER LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! He said it smelled like a spicy steak lol. But I can assure you it sure does not taste that way. LMAO!!!!!!
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    I have been waiting so long for my check and it is here YAY. I am no longer BROKE I am so happy right now.
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    What time is it? it's time to VOTE!!! LMAO Fan Art is up
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Creating NEW Fan Art!!!!!Get READY TO VOTE !!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S Hint in the colors
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    you guys should watch this and become aliveeeeeee
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