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    I am in trance, as hiatus ends with Knock Knock release, I am so high, with all the Music Video's delights, Now, no time to waste, there are streams to give chase, Let's all hope for the best, To beat in views count, of the rest. --- Note: Going to crop some gifs from the Music Video, they'll be avatars that'll fit the requirements of the Forums. If you have any request or gif you wanted me to crop it, just comment on this status update and I'll follow up. Thank you very much.
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    cr. KPOPSTASH Melting though! I love the sound of this. It's so soothing and relaxing.
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    cr. jypent they can knock on my door anytime
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    A new top five fave Twice song. JYP really pulled through with this one; it complements Knock Knock perfectly, both in lyrics and sound/instrumentation. *Adds light r&b ballads to list of genres that they should explore more, in addition to pop rock* Mina's opening line is so beautiful :') Jihyo and Nayeon kill their parts; Nayeon especially with her falsetto lines. This song fives me all kinds of feelsI've been waiting for them to fill this niche
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    STREAM! STREAM! STREAM! STREAM! STREAM! For Sana's dorkness.
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    Just in case you haven't seen it yet.... (And if you have watch it again lol)
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    She can have any hairstyle she wants if she smiles like this.
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    <----Me right now. Mfw you don't get a card of your bias in three Twice Albums.
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    TRUE DIS: LIKE OW MY GAD! credits:スター @yoongicidal
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    Cr: JYPETWICE CONFIRMED - Da Hyun is the cuter version of Harley Quinn xD When you gave up resisting and let others hit you... You hit them back harder LOL. (You have been warned for violent scenes by Tofu XD)
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    That hand & head combi gesture is indeed from a 80s dance move, made popular in Korea by Park Nam Jung 박남정 for his hit song Missing You 널 그리며. Twice members did that dance movement in a segment of the video for 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun to depict the evolution of Kpop dances that trended through the years.
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    cr. stryfe(gyfcat) My reaction when I see hate comments about Twice.
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    Excuse my poor gif-making skills but I just really had to post this because Mina was so adorable in here
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    Just made a quick Gif of Mina from Knock Knock MV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A2t_tAjMz8
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    cr. mbracingstars cr. mbracingstars Jihyo is amazing
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    as of February 18, 2017 your second awards request will not be per 100 posts, instead every 125 posts hope this helps Post Count: First Award: 100 Posts Second Award & Beyond: Every 125 posts (225, 350, 475, 600) Once you reach a milestone you can go to the awards request thread (here) to request the award of your choice
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