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    HEY GUYS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT WE HAVE TO WIN OKAY ? PLEASE VOTE OUR TZUYU AND TWICE: http://voteformost.net/best-k-pop-girl-bands-2017-poll/ http://voteformost.net/most-beautiful-women-in-the-world-2017-poll/?fv-page=2 We can vote only once a day!!!
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    This is just me thinking out loud and these are my opinions. Don't mind me. I just gotta let it out. My thoughts on Signal: I think Signal is good but nothing extraordinary. It's catchy and does its job being the title track. If you compare it to the other title track like what others are doing, its not quite there. The main thing I noticed is that the verses and pre-chorus are well done in my opinion. They are well sung and amazing. But when it comes to the chorus, its kinda lacking that punch, making it anti-climactic and leaves you wanting for more. (which I don't think is their fault, Im not blaming JYP either lol. its just how the song went.) I'm just grateful they released came back with a relatively good song, with a semi-fair line distribution, and cool choreo. I've been listening to it nonstop. Its my JAM. Ive been "Signael bonae Signal bonae, I must let you know" and " JJirit Jjirit JJirit" -ing all day. Also, I really love Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung's singing verse. It's so good. Their honey like vocals, got me dead. What is a flop? The dictionary definition is "a failure". I think people need to understand that this is a new sound for TWICE and they said that themselves. They've never done something like this before. I do agree TWICE singing this song helped but it's unfair to call it a "flop" when its not. It's obviously charting and people are buying the albums like pancakes. If it was truly that bad (like bleeding ears bad) then no one would like it, let along spending money on it. I'm glad they didn't stick to the same old formula, it might've worked but you don't grow that way. Every try is a nice try in my opinion, at least they did it. I personally don't want a Cheer Up or a TT clone. As an artist, they gotta try new things to see what works, what doesn't, or what to improve. People shouldn't expect a new album to be the same as the old one because it could (and should be) something new and there's always the chance you might not like it. That's why I think people gotta have an open mind. Music taste is subjective. Let's face it, we're not gonna like everything. But not liking it doesn't give anyone the right to bash them. You can state your opinion but don't put malicious intent behind it. I would do anything for TWICE but I am not completely blind or deaf for TWICE. I can criticize them and not like some of their songs. Nevertheless, I love them A LOT. i just hate how some people are receiving SIGNAL, when TWICE clearly said that its new for them. They even ask for our continued support because its new but some are just . I just hope this weeds out more fake Once. If you read this, thanks I guess.
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    I've been listening to Twice's new album the whole day.. The fact that the came back hasnt sunk in yet Im happy with this new album. I have a new album to listen to by Twice so thats always a plus.