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    My Signal poster came before the actual album, it's usually the other way around so that's interesting.
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    This is too adorable!! cr.twiceglobal/jihyoglobal/fancafes/
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    170525 Sana - Star1 Magazine Report source:http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=415&aid=0000001857
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    My Signal album just arrived today. [Those of you in the KCON NY Line chat have already seen these!] This time, I will place the pictures in a spoiler cut for those who do not want to be spoiled before receiving their albums. Notice: multiple images in the spoiler cut -- Noel / Leftyflip86 --
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    call me the cookie senpai or sandpie
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    170524 TWICE on NAVER Starcast Update MINA PREVIEWS source: http://m.star.naver.com/twice/news/end?id=9361170&langCode=ko#
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    After listening to it on replay for about an hour, Three Times A Day is my favorite Twice song
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    I just cant wait chaeyoung new solo song lol i copy from my other post on other thread
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    Pretty since born, and keep getting prettier, my love
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    Well, this is an official goodbye for now everyone~ I don't know how active I'll be anymore, probably not much at all! I wish everyone good luck for the days ahead :] You guys are all amazing, thank you for letting me be your friend and talking to you. The time spent here was the best of times and I'll cherish the memories I created here. Bye~
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