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    BTS' V and TWICE's Dahyun to host 'Korean Music Wave' at '2017 DMC Festival'! BTS' V, TWICE's Dahyun, and Kim Sung Joo are the MCs of 'MBC Korean Music Wave'! The annual 'DMC Festival' is once again taking place this year from September 16 to September 24. A total of 7 special concerts and events are scheduled including 'K-Pop Super Concert', 'Super Match Seoul', 'Radio DJ Concert', special 'Mask King' live broadcast, 'Asia Music Network Big Concert', 'Have Fun at Sang Am', 'Korean Music Festival', and 'Hall of Fame Shin Joong Hyun'. V and Dahyun will be hosting 'Korean Music Festival' along with Kim Sung Joo on September 23. Many hot K-Pop groups such as BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet, B1A4, G-Friend, NU'EST W, iKON and more will also in attendance. You can find more information about '2017 DMZ Festival' at the event's official website. cr: allkpop *TWICE shall be performing on September 16 (K-Pop Super Concert starting at 7.00PM-KST) and September 23 (MBC Korean Music Wave starting at 7.00PM-KST) special concerts at the DMC Festival. Hi @Mina'sPenguins, @<3TzuNaMi and/or other forum staff, please help update at TWICE's calendar in the forum. Thanks!
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    Happy Birthday to myself~~~
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    Fanwars are my least favorite thing in the K-Pop community
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    I love you my loyal 27 followers hahahhaa I love you guyss!
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    Username: Gaizuu Post count: 256 award requesting: "TT" - Tzuyu Gumawo
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    Top Left: Mina- Photoshoots Top Right: Mina- Signal Bottom Left: Mina- Cheer Up Bottom Right: Mina- Knock Knock Thank You In Advance <3
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    Top Left: "Signal" - Tzuyu Top Right: "Signal" - Mina bottom left: "Cheer up" - Tzuyu bottom right:"Cheer up" -Mina
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    Username:Yeongie윤기 Post count: 1,178 award requesting: "Like Ooh Aah" - Tzuyu
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    Who's a WEME? any WEMES?
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    It's okay, she still has her Mina-unnie~
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    Haters: TWICE aren't popular in other countries. Me: They're popular in:
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    Oh there's a limitation? Well I think you'll get it if you register on the 1st or 2nd day of the reg time. Good luck, Sean!
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    Ikr it's kinda unfair for intl Once This is relatable