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    Fanwars are my least favorite thing in the K-Pop community
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    I love you my loyal 27 followers hahahhaa I love you guyss!
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    Username: Gaizuu Post count: 256 award requesting: "TT" - Tzuyu Gumawo
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    Top Left: Mina- Photoshoots Top Right: Mina- Signal Bottom Left: Mina- Cheer Up Bottom Right: Mina- Knock Knock Thank You In Advance <3
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    Top Left: "Signal" - Tzuyu Top Right: "Signal" - Mina bottom left: "Cheer up" - Tzuyu bottom right:"Cheer up" -Mina
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    Username:Yeongie윤기 Post count: 1,178 award requesting: "Like Ooh Aah" - Tzuyu
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    It's okay, she still has her Mina-unnie~
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    Haters: TWICE aren't popular in other countries. Me: They're popular in: