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    Hi everyone, I would like to make a last topic for a long time. As the title said, I'm saying goodbye to TTF. I have to concentrate on my studies to be able to success with what I want to do later. So here I am, saying goodbye. I would like to thanks everyone on TTF for being this kind and nice to me, I met really cool and cute people who were really nice to me, always there to talk with me. I really made sweet and great memories here. I really wanna thanks everyone for welcoming here and helping me when I needed help and talking to me when I wanted to talk with people. I'm sure that I won't ever forget anyone here, you're all so special ! I hope you have a great time and a great life cause you're all amazing and you all deserve the best. I don't know if I have to quote names but I would really like to thanks @NomNomMiX for the talk we shared hehe, @Kh3ngboon for always being here when I need help, @Tzumongie for always answering my questions. The TTF Staff is the best! Thanks for this forum, thanks for everything. (Also special thanks to Ling for defending me and talking with me it was really helpful.) Thanks to the French Squad too (Ari, Tini, Plume, Mina ♥), On se reverra mes p'tit enfants ♥ je vous aimes tous ♥ Et merci de toujours avoir été là hehe Malgrès les petites disputes I love you all guys !! Hope we'll see each other again !! -Puppy ♥
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    It's my older sisters birthday Lots of gifts is given on her, and me still waiting and saving for some money so I can buy Twice album atleast once hahahaha