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    10 months..... To be honest, I miss TTF's old theme tho. I like the recent one better, but the old one gives me the nostalgic feeling. Hmm.... Maybe I should ask the staffs for it. Anyway, it's not just the theme that has been changed during this months. I've done a lot of things. Many of my projects have finally failed, but many fun things happen too. People come and go as well. I'd like to make new friends here. That's always something that makes me love TTF so much. This forum is not just about Twice, but Once as well ^^ That being said, cya around the forum, guys!
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    OMG WTF I did not know it was twices second year together wow congratulations Twice !!!!
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    happy late 2 year anniversary to my queens<3
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWICE Remember to skip everything today for Twice because its Twice day #2yearswithtwice
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    Hello nayeonloverHappy Birthday! Please stay healthy and happy as always, and don't forget to enjoy your day today!!
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    Because she is a cute pabo 😚😚😚😚
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    HNNNNNG! I really wish Mina was as aggressive as MoMo sometimes! I gotta keep this ship in my radar.
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