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    I'm sooo hyped for LIKEY, Sana's voice is killing me~
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    The rule is simple! Just choose between our adorable savage maknae, Tzuyu, or the cutie fake maknae, Nayeon. Don't forget to give another question to the next person! Okay, here's the first question: Most likely ask you for a date: Tzuyu or Nayeon?
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    I'd like to watch animes with Nayeon~ must be fun~ Play games together
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    Hhahahahah yeah I can't guess it I'm not familiar on the looks of the lips hahahahah
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    Nayeon she is sooo cuteee to be on a dateeeee Ideal type to be a girlfriend
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    Happy Birthday to you @chaerrybear I hope you enjoy your day and also I hope you get what your wish today hahahah Lastly, my Chaeyoung be with you hahahaha on your special day! L et me rephrase my greetings, HAPPY CHAERRY DAY!
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    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Chaerry Day everybody!!!!!!
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    This game is funny. I always read the answers like I was rapping XD
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    Get: A bag full of candies! Insert: a big and thick boring book without any interesting pictures inside
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    BEST 10 (note: this is hard to choose) 10. One in a Million ★★★★★ 9. Luv Me ❤❤❤ 8. Truth ❤❤❤ 7. Melting ❤❤❤ 6. Woohoo ❤❤❤ 5. Three Times a Day ❤❤❤ 4. Eye Eye Eyes ❤❤❤❤ 3. Like a Fool ❤❤❤❤ 2. 1 to 10 ❤❤❤❤❤ 1. Someone Like Me ❤❤❤❤❤ For the title track, I like 'Knock Knock' the most. 'One More Time' follows. But then, I'm sure my list will be wrecked after 'Twicetagram' out
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    It is the phase 2 of the votings for Asia Artist Awards 2017 and TWICE is among the 10 finalist! Be sure to vote for them!
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    I'm going to do this with Chaeyoung :D Can't nobody be so talented like you, your Height won't make me love you any lesser. A to Z, you are capable of Everything. Even though you're still Young, but you always amaze us with your talents and skills. Oh my god, is there anything you can't do? Just as Unique as your drawings, you are one in a million. No one is this world can be like Son Chaeyoung, the Greatest artist of this generation. This is my 1st time doing this, so please upvote me if you like it :D
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    Lets start again Lights on I wish I can go to Twice concert
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    Sunny! (Bright and warm like a sun ^^) Atrractive ;) Naughty sometimes Ahn Haeju (me) loves her! >.<
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    Talented (obviously), Zealous (okay I confess, I google this one), Unique (she is!!!), You love her and the whole.... Universe loves her too! lol haha >.<
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    ? SAna is so amazing because her beauty is so.... NAtural from the inside and outside #Nailedit lol sorry ??????