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    (The lyrics I use in this thread is based on their MV's caption on youtube) Ever wonder why does asking for likes on social media make Twice's hearts flutter? Also, what kind of pose is Tzuyu trying to make here??? So, there are two things happening in Likey. The first one is they are trying hard to look the best to get the likey The second thing is.... After liked by many people, Twice start to think that these people need to know Twice's "true" side. They feel insecure about it because all they do is just pretending. It's not just a fluttering heart but, maybe, they feel exhausted as well...... But then, those thoughts make them feel more sad and melancholy. They keep thinking about it. It even makes them crying! I think crying makes them feel better, at last. Then they conclude that they are over-thinking about it. Twice dance to let go all of those bad feelings, before asking for likes again. They do it in a better mood now which, hopefully, lasts long this time....... What do you think, guys? Do you like this thread? If yes, please press upvote and vote me for TTF's next member of the month. Also follow my twitter, instagram, read my fanfic, check out my FMVs on youtube and-- aaaah, forget it! I just hope you enjoy this as much as I do >.<
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    1. Probably the choreography, this is so cute! 2. The "BB Cream p-p-p-pa" 3. When Dahyun said "Oh wait, wait, I finally got an answer Woo" that's so funny and I love Dahyunie so much 4. The dancebreak, Momo always SLAY in all the eras. Finally, I think the entire song is my favorite part. I really Likey the song.
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    Hey! Please check out my dance cover of likey and tell me what you think!
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    This is so good! You got the dancebreak
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    Hello and welcome @TzuyuTwice
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    Happy Birthday AGAIN~ Heheh i just can't get over her okay? Happy Birthday to the ultimate girl crush Jeongyeon~This is the last one I promise~
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    her visuals are no joke credits:guiter500
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    Ikr, her english improved so much, bless Mina and her english