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    I've been up for 22hours straight just to stream the new mv, And I'm still here streaming.. I LOVE BEING A ONCE FOR TWICE OKAY? They totally derserves it ;-;
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    My first writing collaboration with @Ahn Haeju! Sorry if its not amusing, I'm new to this https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1294126/the-consequences-nayeon-twice
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    her visuals are no joke credits:guiter500
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    I feel like Jeongyeon wrote my first love in Love Line. "Shaking voice, I can't have it my way. My cheeks are turning red too, which I can't possibly hide" my first love make me feel like that everyday ok I was literally SUFFERING "Trying to look cool and even if I look okay. I can't hide my heart like this, I must be in love with you" oh god i must have look stupid when i was in front of him oh my lord
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    Happy Birthday to Jeongyeon! I saw recently on Weekly Idol that Jeongyeon hate kisses from her members hahaha that's so funny thought
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    My GIF set from Twicetagram Jacket Behind the Scenes I might add more in the future
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