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    Hello~ I just made a quick Mina edit. I just had to make one when i saw this photo. credits to FOREVERLY MINA Here's the edit i made! It's not the best, i just made it completely out of boredom but i hope you like it~
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    Username : JeongyeonIsMyWaifu Post count : 476 Award requesting : HEARTSHAKER - Jeongyeon
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    Username: kz.suweeg Post Count: 900 Award Requesting: HEARTSHAKER - Jeongyeon
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    Username: TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon Post count: 104 Award Requesting: "HEARTSHAKER" - Nayeon
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    When i know it right than they have individual social media but they dont have the permisson to use them now as long there are in the company so its not allowed.
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    Please go with the Username "Hera" (I'm a fan of Greek Mythology btw)
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    nice to meet you too! Welcome to Twice Forum! YEAH..like you say, Twice are so beauty without their make up!
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    Bottom Right Award: Heartshaker- Tzuyu Bottom Left Award: Heartshaker- Mina Top Right Award: Selca- Mina Top Left Award: Selca- Tzuyu Thanks In Advance!
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    Username: MinaThePenguin Award(s) Requesting: Selca- Tzuyu, Selca- Mina, Photoshoots- Tzuyu There Goes All My WONCE
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    Username: TWIC3_Sapphire Post Count: 1800 Award Requesting: "HEARTSHAKER" - Sana
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    JisMW. She come from a terrible familly background. She's shy and doesn't have much friends, but she loves a lot of people here and she'd like to talk to all of them but she's just too shy to do it. She's really nice and always willing to help, but sometimes she hurts people without knowing it, because she was manipulated many times when she was young, and she doesn't know how to act when she's talking to other people. But deep inside, she just want to be happy and make others happy. She loves giving gifts and maybe sometimes she's a little bit too nice ? But she can't help it. Making others happy was and is always her priority, she even neglected herself many times. Making anyone sad is her worst nightmare, and if she does, she would become totally depressed. Her hobbies were her only escape. She loves dancing and drawing but she's always dragging herself down saying she can't do anything. She should be more confident for sure, but it's hard for her. She also loves to sing. But she suffered from severe throat disease years ago and she can't sing anymore. She's training everytime but it's so hard for her and sometimes she wants to throw up. But she has that one person who's always here for her and is always taking care of her and so she's the happiest now. She'd still like to be able to talk more but she's too afraid to be rejected so she doesn't talk much and she stays away from other people. Her confidence was crushed many years ago and she still can't get it back. Maybe one day...
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    They actually all look very good without (much) makeup.
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    Yes, yes, yes. All are beautiful without makeup too. Lay thy gaze upon them some more!
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    Hei i'm new here so Nice to meet you all! Also i want to say all twice member is beautifull no matter what kekeke
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    but jeongyeon really doesn't want her bare face to be seen
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    TWICE are beautiful no matter what
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    I have the same opinion the are beautiful also without makeup.
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    They are still beautiful and I like their confidence even when they're bare-faced (there are some idols who are not confident with their bareface)
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    nayeon's bare face is still the best imo. have you seen any other idol who films bare faced iirc she even filmed a teaser without makeup
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    All of them looks very beautiful with or without make up All natural beauties~
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    i think this is the first time i saw someone say he/she likes IGBAS
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    Username: Twice.Arts Title Requesting: Tzuyu‘s Royal Guard
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    Date my bias. Ewwwwww, I won't date a guy. I'm not gay. Sickening. Would you rather stay mortal, or be immortal?
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    Doesn't matter, either foods are fine with me. Would you rather eat spicy hot food or salty food?
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    Neither. The fur accumulation for both animals are just too much some times. Would you rather have the elemental powers of fire or water?
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    Wow, a prison question. Let me think. Answer is neither. Would you rather have one child, or more children after you got married to your love of your life?
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    Easy. Neither. Would you rather have 1 firearm or more firearms for home protection and self-defense?