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    Seven more reputation points.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY I never had the chance to say happy birthday to you last year. (I forgot) So happy birthday, Subaru. My lovely completion to my SubaYume ship. Wish him a happy birthday guys he's very special.
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    I ordered a Twice phone case earlier today and I'm so excited! Now I just have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to arrive from daebakcases.com
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    I've been on TTF for two months!! Thank you all so much for the wonderful moments.
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    Can someone give me a suggestion of a K-Pop song to do a cover of? I'm a part of CYA Entertainment and me and a few others are going to release a solo song as an example of our singing. I was thinking of doing I Will Show You by Ailee but I just wanna see if you all have any other suggestions. I was also thinking about Twenty-three by IU and so-so by Baek-A-Yeon. I prefer them to be soloists as well lol
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    Last year for 2017 TWICE went. Do you think TWICE will appear again this year? Let's talk about it! Maybe we should have a little section where TTF members can meet each other. That would be super cool!
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    I bought the holo Momo photocard from Signal album and should be here in two days but the seller didn't shipped it yet... I feel scammed.
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    I just searched for 'TWICE Candy Pop gif' https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=twice+candy+pop+gif&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&tbs=simg:CAESlwEJpeSSX1ZpWB0aiwELEKjU2AQaBAgVCAgMCxCwjKcIGmIKYAgDEiimBfIQiBGlBYIR_1RCCDPwQ-hDLHJwstiuMNcosziKbLLUgzCr7IdEqGjBvCflrJ8re_1ZAYAThH6TR5XJO9A8BsndCNoeGT9rIFY0Ecd0ueVsggCyybB62_1UfQgBAwLEI6u_1ggaCgoICAESBIdj4B4M&fir=z-MZwyDZBdDyKM%3A%2CPEmFG_6NSI8OUM%2C_&usg=__TzJEC3nfoZu-aUsnfpzduWguhbw%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjNlb2ZoNXYAhXOSd8KHY7SDTMQ9QEIMjAB&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=n8dmvixsFsvC3M: If you see it correctly and scroll down you'll see me omg
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    Uh... I had no glasses on and my hands were shaking when I decorated the album so... The stickers ended up looking a little wonky... At least the cute stickers made up for it Aaah it looks so nice~ I wouldn't say that you are inartistic, though. The way you decorated your album says otherwise.
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    Warning, opening this could bias wreck you
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    I saw Tzuyu in an article or something before finding Twice. "Likey" was the first video i saw of them and I was instantly stunned by Sana and then Momo's dance.
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    @Ahn Haeju @Picapict I shall continue post and promote whatever new developments and announcements in South Korean cultural, entertainment and tourism news and bulletins (inclusive of JYPE news and their respective artists) in this forum as I see fit. This is my one of my life goals in TTF other then posting TWICE related articles. I am answerable to myself, god, and will even have a discussion session with admin and mods if necessary to allow for my posts to go through. This is what I guarantee with whatever life I have left in me and till the day I meet my maker.
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    Username:TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon Post Count:601 Award requesting: Like Ohh Ahh "Nayeon"
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    I'd live in harry potter world~ that way i can be a protector of mina! my expecto patronum must be penguin Would you rather punch your teacher in the face or punch a random person in the street? (weird question lol srry)
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    Well... Admittedly it was Momo because of that one Nico Nico Nii video... Tzuyu too for some odd reason
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    Mina is the one who catch my attention. So mina for me
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    For me it's Dahyun She was the reason I first checked Twice MVs out
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    I come back to this thread after 485747 years to see Phebe attempting to marry new members... Wild Anyways, welcome to the thread y'all It's nice to see this thread rise from the ashes once again Looks like there's a lot more of us than I thought
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    Going to sleep. Goodnight.
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    As of right now I'm only a diehard fan of Twice, I'm a casual fan of a few other artists/groups like Red Velvet and IU, but I'm not sure how into the convention I could be without Twice there But who knows, maybe by the time the convention rolls around I'll have fallen even deeper into the amazing hole that is K-Pop
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    I'm still hoping I'll have fun there even if TWICE doesn't come.
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    They're super busy nowadays. A part of me want them to have some rest but the other part wants to see them doing all sorts of promotion. I hope they can attend this year's KCON
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    Twice can't stop won't stop being successful
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    I WANT TO KIDNAP AND MARRY 9 WOMEN If you don't get the joke, then you haven't seen Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I love all of you
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    I just found some old English lyrics I made of K-Pop songs. It's what I'm good at tbh (THEY ARE NOT TRANSLATED) We Like - PRISTIN Truth - TWICE I'm thinking of finishing them lol
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    Before I made a lot of posts everyday and now I do not post anymore Well I slowingAnyway I hope you all had good holidays, school just came back hahaBy the way nice comeback of Twice I liked it so much our girls always talented and they're so adorable on the MVSana's wig please
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    New DP to celebrate Twice comeback. I love dat wig!!! #Twice #CandyPop #Sana #Bias #Love
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    Wow, two new members who are LGBT! I'm straight but I will always support you all
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    Yeah, the wig was meh But at least she has a wig. Mine was lost a long time ago...
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    Casting Call Club is offering CLASSES!!!!! It costs $50 but it's on Tuesday's, late at night... I don't know if I'll be able to take it because I don't have my microphone... What should I do?
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    Wow, you're even older than me... Welcome Pink Heart Shaker! Hope you have a great time here! The guides and rules the others posted will be of great use to you. Otherwise feel free to ask any of us if you ever need a hand.
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    Hi there, welcome to TTF~ I'm picapict and My ultimate bias is Mina wah Once dari indonesia, bisa dateng ke sini buat ketemu member indonesia lainnya hehe Here's the guide to make u understand TTF better and here's some rules u have to follow If there's anything you don't understand you can ask the staff about it, or ask any member here is fine except @Phebe never trust this one lol kidding, u can always ask phebe since she is our community bot who never sleep~ Anyway, Hope you enjoy your stay here~ See you around @Pink Heart Shakerhope we can be good friends Mari
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    Every time someone calls Candy Pop an anime concept is one more level of my anger rising. You guys are gunna see my ugly side very soon. It's not pretty.
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    I think it's Once's first problem Totally agree with you. All of the girls are exceptionally charming. I love them all!!! Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I don't know how to access the chatbox, though. A little help?
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    Just bought more K-Pop stuff. I used my $75 Amazon card from my grandpa. I bought this stuff: EXID - MINI POSTCARD PHOTOCARD SET 56pcs JEONGYEON TWICE - MINI POSTCARD PHOTOCARD SET 56pcs MOMO TWICE - MINI POSTCARD PHOTOCARD SET 56pcs TWICE - TWICEcoaster : LANE 2 [A ver.] Pre-order Benefit Official Photocards Set 9 pcs TWICE TRANSPARENT PHOTO CARDS 25pcs I'm gunna be photocard LOADED Tbh each photocard set was only like $10 lol
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    No, Imma firework and I'm about to show the world what I'm worth Have you ever had a dreams, that s-, that you um- you had you would, you could do- you would um you want you could do so you want uh you want him to do you so much you could do anything ?