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    23 notif woahhh hahhaha soooo hypeeeee and also Hello to my 54 followers! I love you all!
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    We are in the midway of the first month of the year and I hope you all been doing what you love or studying what you like and even if you are not you will find it and enjoy every part of it, so do not give up on any dreams you could have, you can achieve them. Also remember we are a family here at TTF. Fighting!
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    Finding people who can relate.......
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    For anyone having a bad day... You're perfect just the way you are Somewhere someone cares and loves you You have a home here on TTF You are the only you And you only live once, so live every moment happily and cheerfully.
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    Hai onCe! Please give me the best aegyo TwiCe member have! Dahyun Nayeon Jungyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina CHAEYOUNG Tzuyu
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    ahhh I have to download so many pics from ISAC and they are scattered ... Can anyone give me a complete link
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    so i made this poem for our literature class. 1|16|18 storms have a thing that reminds us of the people we use to love they remind us of the things you use to have lightning was your anger and rain was your sadness but all you have left is a heart full of madness
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    I went to JBJ's fanmeet two days ago and the visuals were too much for me to take in
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    I felt bad since this morning. Extremely awful. Apparently, it was a hunch about Sana. Gosh, poor her I'm so sad. I never felt suddenly this terrible without a logical reason. Sorry to people who have concerned about me I hope Sana can recover soon and take her time to rest well :') โค
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    Why are you lost???
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    Today was a really good day for me as I started running again since christmas because I was being lazy and spending time with the family Now I'm back in the grind and ran only 1 hour which is lower than my avg but I won't worry too much since is the 1st day, but god I needed that run
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    I have such a bad headache right now...
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    Wait for me, bae. Imma take care of youuuuu. huhuhu (http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003698968)
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    I really like this song, it's starting to make me like BESTie. But Hyeyeon and Haeryung (literally the only two members left in BESTie) were members of EXID and left :(
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    It's Pokemon all over again.... This time it's TWICE photocards. I'm gunna spend so much money on photocards and later ask myself "why did I buy all of these when I could of saved this for better things in life?". I know I'll never end up trading with anyone anyway oof
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    Candy Pop MV has surpassed 10,000,000 views on YouTube CONGRATULATIONS TO MY GIRLS!ยกยกยก
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    This video made me really happy
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    Good Night fam ... And here's a romantic dose from queen
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    Just used up half of my mobile data quota lol for this week lol I think i should set up wi-fi soon
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    Don't ever think that your alone, because we are here for you. I am here for you! We are family here and you can rely on each one of us so don't hesitate to DM or PM us if you feel your lonely.
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    Top Left: Selcas - Nayeon Top Right: Selcas - Tzuyu Bottom Left: "TT" - Nayeon Bottom Right: "TT" - Tzuyu
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    It seems I'm a lot less popular now. But I can accept it, new people are coming. So new friends to meet!
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    Nayeon is sweeping the floor of Twice's brand new cafe. No one is listening, but her mouth can't stop mumbling. "Huh, why the oldest member has to do something like this? Why not Dahyun? Why not Momo who's currently sleeping? Jeongyeon is not our leader so she shouldn't tell us this and that bla bla bla...." Nayeon looks at some other members outside the cafe. She wishes she can join them but her job is not finished yet. She sighs and decides to continue working without whining. This cafe should be look nice before it's opened. That's also what she wishes anyway.....
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