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    poll: who is your favorite president?
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    i love everyone no one bully me
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    New to Twice? Here's your basic fact guide to get you started! Please provide full credit/links if sharing on other sites, thank you!
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    Beautiful Fan-art of my beautiful baby I hope you like it
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    On today's Throwback Thursday (TT), we remember the iconic SaTzu blanket moment. cr: Tzubacca on Twitter
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    Please keep the photos at two maximum and put the rest in a spoiler. Thanks :)
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    She is fine. She has her portion of fanbase. She has her unique color. So you shouldn't worry.
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    If you haven't read my signature, how about you come join my friend Discord? (Not advertising) It's a fun Discord server for all of my friends! :DD Everyone I know automatically gets the heart role (since some people who join will not know me). You can invite your friends as well!!! <3 https://discord.gg/GAsyX4n
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    I got my Taiwanese version of The Story Begins today! Tbh, it came much quicker than my previous order.
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    Yet another useless media article from koreaboo. I swear they post up anything to suit their short-mental-harebrained-sick-twisted-ideas to garner more clicks. From throwing up the same articles over and over again, to writing tabloidish-sexualized-trash-pieces and stories not even remotely related to South Korea. And I'm quite sure I've read this article a long time ago too. This article popped up when Amber went off the radar last year.
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    Emma (@I. Am. Jihyo's) invited her, I didn't
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    Hello there, welcome back! I hope you'll become friendly with the new members, me especially ^^ Chatbox is pretty dead honestly xD
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    I would post my introduction but you can just find me in school to ask me questions
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    A really stupid reason, honestly...... you wouldn't understand the ban unless you're on the website, so I'll skip that. But thank you!! Please look forward to them! :D
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    Haha, I had some of my singing examples on a website but I got banned on it for a week recently for a DUMB REASON so I don't have any at the moment. I am planning some covers of songs soon, so look forward to those :)
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    I have (in order of attainment): - Twicecoaster Lane 1 Photobook - Twicecoaster Lane 2 Photobook - Twicecoaster Lane 2 Poster - Twice Logo Stickers (Self-Made) - Twicetagram Photobook - Twicetagram Poster All the photobooks have photocards and stuff too!
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    happy cylinder days i hope you have a great national kahula day :D happy funny funny funny funny happy days hah yayyy yes yes yes you are a fried french friend yess yes yes mmmm i am not catifhs do not ban me yet ok hello ohhhhh heys mihoy minoyyyy *scrible scrible*
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    Henlo henlo it is i the your worshipper. Happy givingsthanks and stay roomy.
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    Facepalm! So basically a group of guys failed to set out to do God-knows-what on a ship they were on? As a member of the same gender, so shameful. It doesn't even match the song, unless they have some seafaring desire to sail the world, then okay; however, just reading over the lyrics, that's some weird fetish for a boat. I'm not kidding either. This type of video is just but an example why me & ma crew don't pay any attention to guys in K-Pop that much. If this is comedic based, they edited out the part where they get caught by pretty police women at the end. That would've improved the video's rating chances. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best overall and 1 being the absolute worse, I want an Inception Team to dive into my brain and remove that painful memory. 3/10 for this video. And I'm being generous with that 3. Their young yet. They have much to learn to be a man. The song has other uses, just not with this video. I'm leaning on this music video to swap out the bad taste and lack of masculinity and failed intellect I just witnessed. So here's the next poster's challenge.
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