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    I like to relate Twice members with myself or people around me. Personally, I'm a little bit like Nayeon. I act as the younger member in a group even though I'm the oldest one there. But I appear as Mina since I don't talk a lot. I like to listen to people's story and react to them instead of telling them my own story. Talking about myself in front of my friends mostly doesn't make me feel comfortable. I have a friend who looks like Mina. Not the personality, but the face. And yes, she is beautiful. She is a nice girl as well. It's been a while since I haven't met her hmm.... Recently, I find a girl who represents Sana. This girl is so innocent. She is plain, cheerful, loud, smile widely, and a hardworker. She is kinda a social awkward. I find her blank personality admirable. She's smart tho. She reads a lot so she knows a lot of things. I think, just like Sana who's so advance in learning languages. I also used to have a friend who looked like Tzuyu (but short). Most of the time, she appeared like a queen: Charismatic and royal. Her friends called her 'Princess' as her nick name. Just like Tzuyu, she doesn't talk a lot either..... Ah, the last but not least, I have a little cousin who resembles Jihyo. Ohh I love her so much! She is chubby and has a good hair. She is loud, super friendly, smart, and confident. She was 4 when I met her. She is so cute, unfortunately she can't sing haha X'D I'd love to meet more people who resemble Twice irl. I also want to know new people woth their own unique characteristics. I think it's great to discover many varieties of human personality. For me, people are so fuuuuun to explore~~~ Hehe... :D
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    So I came home early after going somewhere and I'm so excited to tell you all what happened today! I have a friend who is currently dating a guy and things are a little bit complicated for them. Then earlier, she told me she watched some TWICE MVs last night since she want to know "WHAT IS LOVE" and also, she was curious about those girls in my tweets (LOL. I was blamed). What is Love is a sad song, she said. But there was a song who left a mark on her. She said that Cheer Up song is really related to her current situation -- a girl who can't give her heart so easily but worried that she might tire the guy's patience. She left me in shock and I saw her tears falling. And from that time, it made me realized the true meaning of the song from a woman's perspective. Now, Cheer Up song will never be the same for me. It was like mixed emotions when listening to it. You'll smile on the happy parts, you'll feel sad on the other part. Them Mina bridge lines hurt, bruv. In the end, she thanked me for no reason. It was her curiosity that leads her to TWICE not me. I'm just a man who retweets every stuffs I see. LOL. As a sign of comfort for her, I did the TT pose. We all know what that means. I'll keep you updated to their story if there's something to be shared. That's all! Let's hope for the best for 'em.
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    Hi guys! Same thing with Tzuyu ! It's so fun to do these kind of things oml
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    Thanks beatle! Hmm what would we do tho
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    “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” ― The Fault in Our Stars
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    Congarts mate One of the nicest TTF members I found after I joined We the same aged kids and just noticed only one day apart Does that make me hyung ?
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    Congrats on 2 Years @syko Ciao Bella
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    Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Ty Thanks t2 Lel thanks sis
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    Ah I love the songs they write themselves! Feel so much more personal
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    Oh no just saw this... Any chance I can still get that last GIF one
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    Hey guys, my mom looked through my computer and found conversations that she said were 'disgusting', so I'm being banned from the computer for awhile. I had my email tab open, she looked through my Google Hangouts..... I'll be on every once in awhile hopefully, but I'll probably be back by Monday. Till then, seeya.
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    Hold da phone. Doesn't every bias thread ask da preverbal q Y?