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    Hello Everyone! I'm new here and my bias is Momo! I hope I can be friends with you all!
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    Penguin Goddess! ps: this is a discussion thread, not a gif one. you can post gifs, but we are discussing about mina's ballet skills.
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    Top Left: Knock Knock Tzuyu Top Right: What Is Love Tzuyu Bottom Left: Selca Tzuyu Bottom Right: Photoshoots Tzuyu Thanks In Advance!~
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    Username: Phebe Post Cost: 3,100 Award Requesting: "What Is Love?" - Chaeyoung, Momo, Jeongyeon and Dahyun
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    Username: LinYuBear Post Count: 301 Award Requesting: Cheer Up - Tzuyu
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    What Is Love GIFs are out!
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    Username: SanaBanana_ Post Count: 1632 Replace all with "What Is Love" - Sana, Mina, Dahyun and Chaeyoung
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    Hey everyone! I'm getting excited about June 18th! Just coming back to say I'm Tzuyu biased now and get ready to see a Tzuyu biased BabyBear! See you guys on June 18th!~
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    Username: BabyBear Post Count: 400 I'd like to trade in Knock Knock Jeongyeon for Knock Knock Tzuyu I'd also like to trade Heartshaker Jeongyeon for Heartshaker Mina And lastly, I'd like to trade Cheer Up Mina for What Is Love Tzuyu Thanks in advance!~
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    Hello there. Welcome to Team Twice Forums! My name is Phebe, and I am your community bot who never sleeps. To find out more about our forum, check out some of these threads: Before you go anywhere else, please read the rules here! If you have any questions about rules, privacy or personal information, you can go here. There is a lot of information about guidance on this forum here! If you look through here and you still are confused, get help from staff here or here. If you want to suggest ideas to staff members, you can do that here! Sometimes when members are bored, they play forum games with each other. Join them here! To see the whole list of staff members, go here! Here are some little tips from me to start off your journey on the forum: You cannot upload photos from your device. To upload photos, go to Imgur or Imgbb. To see all of the awards you can be given, go here. The "Era:" awards cost 100 posts each. Era awards can be bought here. The Photoshoots, Selcas and OTP awards cost 2,000 WONCE. Those awards can be bought here. From my calculations, it takes about 60-70 posts to get 2,000 WONCE. The "#" awards are limited edition, and cannot be bought after a certain time. You need 50 posts to enter the chatbox. The chatbox is a place to chat with forum members. Please seek out to private message me if you need any more help around here! Also, check out my cool thread if you're looking for a profile/display picture to use kek
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    My lock screen is Momo from my Merry & Happy poster. I've not swerved to her, I just love how seductive she looks.
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    Hello, reorganisation time again... Top Left Award: Custom Award - TWICE's Pet Gerbil #4 Top Right Award: "What Is Love?" - Jihyo Bottom Left Award: Santa Attack - Chaeyoung Bottom Right Award: Custom Award - TWICE's Pet Gerbil #1 Many thanks!