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    I'm finally listening to the majority of you complainers on here. I hope you're happy.
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    Hello everybody. My name is Anna. I'm just 18 years old girl. Nice to meet you'all Once ! Probably I'm happy for being Once and also being thankful that I can greet many people outhere who also loves Twice especially in oversea. Ouh ya, on this introduction, I will tell you a little about my introduction with Twice. Actually, I don't know how to start it. But, my love began to bloom against them when I see them in variety show that're called "Amigo Tv" I . D . O . L . M . I . C . H . I . G . O~ Yeah,Like what Jeongyeon said,XD~ Actually my first bias,is Minatozaki Sana. I started to like her when the scene where she falls and said that her back was ache because of the microphone. The way she said was melted my heart. Since that, I started to learning about them and knowing them a lot and more. When I know them already, I thought that I was stupid because I knew them so late. I started to like them since 2016 era. In about two years 1/5 Iike that. Hahaha! Although my introduction is slow, but that does not mean I can not recognize them deeper, right? Not just me, but everyone can do it. But there is one problem that I can not solve till now. B. I . A . S ! OMG. Till now, I cannot choose one of them, but I like all of them. You'all know this feeling,right? Hurgh! Anyway, my dream is to attend to their concert and buy their albums. I know not just only by attending their concerts and buy album only the way we support them, but there are many more ways. Through our hearts and affection. That's the most important things. They love us, we love them too. Together we support each other. Let's spread our LOVE and enjoy the sweet taste of LOVE! I love Twice, You love Twice and We'all love Twice! F . O . R . E . V . E . R . T . I . L . L . T . H . E . E . N . D . That's all my introduction about my first meet with our lovely Twice. Nice to know you'all. Thank you and Good-bye.
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    Username:#Twice Post count :100 Award requesting:'Likey' Mina Thx
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    Today marks my 2nd month here. Stayin' alive lel
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    Hello and welcome to TTF!
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    Hi welcome to TTF don't forget to see the rules!Have fun here and you can also join the TTF discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/nHyXtcP
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    she look so pretty right?
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    LMAO the introduction messages from the mods, whatta whole new level Anyways hahaahah Welcome here Anna ! take your time roaming around in the forums, and dont forget to drop in on the chatbox
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    Yeah. Let's move towards!!!
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    Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Your DP is incredible!!!! WHere and how can I get that?!?!1
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    Happy birthday ilysm
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    No, it's from the 1995 film Love Letter:
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    The setting is more towards Twilight. So it can be both in this case. You're on Team Jacob?
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    i can neither confirm nor deny
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