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    Hi, i'm kinda back? Kek I had to deal with some problems with myself! So i'm making a comeback now that everything's kinda fine? Call me Mae nice to meet you all again!
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    Yeah. Let's move towards!!!
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    Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Your DP is incredible!!!! WHere and how can I get that?!?!1
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    Happy birthday ilysm
  6. 1 point
    It really has been a while since I last visited TTF...
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    So i watched the TWICE special performance at KBS Song Festival... my god..
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    Happy Birthday man! Hope you have a great day!
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    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!
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    Before this day ends... I just want to say Happy Birthday to the most beautiful squirrel to have EVER lived on the planet, Minatozaki Sana! May you continue to destroy our bias list(you're my bias but you're still wrecking my bias list, what? ), stay as who you really are, be healthy and keep safe at all times. #HappySanaDay
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    Any generous PH Onces here who can shoulder my downpayment on pre-ordering Heartshaker? I would very much give my love to anyone who would do it. I don't scam, Ban me if I did.
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    Can anyone here help me in learning C programming language? I need to know what program should I create for my thesis And my project is due on Monday night
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    That feeling when you're browsing TTF in the computer lab...
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    Happy Birthdaya Lodi! Petmalu ka talaga!
  15. -1 points
    I'm back, everyone! Missed you all- I hope I will post more stuff now lol
  16. -1 points
    So, for the past two Health classes a lady has come from a domestic abuse and rape center to talk to us about relationships, genders, and bystanders. Today we talked about gender- We did a (slightly off-topic but interesting) word association game where she wrote a word on the board and then the random things we think of when we hear that word. One of the words was "girlfriend" and she called on me first My answer was "Weki Meki" since they have that song "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend" lmaoooo xD Everyone laughed at me tho
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    https://discordapp.com/authorize-ip?token=WzQxMzgzNzIyMDkxNTcwNzkxNiwiNzIuMTAuMTI2LjE5OCJd.DXnQpw.G7zPi9CjaVQ7skyWLnZIHl5k-sI hack this pls
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    Beep beep lettuce - @Phebe I have hacked this profile now it's mine B
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    The librar opens @ 1pm tmr- still cool the hang? Are GG and F coming too?
  20. -1 points
    ching chong ching chong - @Dahyun.exe
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    I wish I could go to KCON Japan this year, but It's Japan lol I live in the US. Like nah, definitely not gonna happen. heh The lineup is awesome tho- TWICE is going! What if they perform some of their Japanese songs? AGH I wanna go there NOW Hopefully I will get 2 go to KCON NY this year with a couple of my friends though... Gotta practice my TWICE dances xD
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    At play practice with @Phebe right now! Here's a pic of us in our costumes- Your glorious community bot who never sleeps is on the left, and my beep beep lettuce self is on the right I'm Pig #1, and she's The Sugar Plum Fairy! lmao she hates the way her mic digs into her tumtum life is a struggle my dudes
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    Hi everyone! Just poppin in to say hello to you all! I'm so excited for the new comeback EEK The concept looks so cheery and modern!
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    Is you still coming to the library to meet us?
  25. -5 points
    i can neither confirm nor deny