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    I Did that Once again!! pls like it and rt! Much love
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    [!!] TEAM TWICE is now looking for new Staffs. If you think you are qualified to be one then check the link below to know how the application works. Be sure the read the requirements. Good luck!
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    3 years of loyalty with Mina as my ult bias ady ♥ I already got noticed by Chaeng on a vlive, so I hope Mina will notice me someday ♥ I love her so much uwu
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    New profile pic ♥
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    hmm, I agree but... I can't see running man here I got a heart attack because of those selfies
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    I'm sorry momo but what happened to your hair cr:twicexmomo
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    wow 10 more days and i'm one year old here
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    The power of Mina' Bangs make your heart stuck with her.
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    Running Man are daebak! I watch it 1 hour ago and I laugh so loudly beacause of Dahyun!!
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    Let's get to the point, I really want to donate for the hosting of the forums but sadly there's only one gateway which is Paypal and ofcourse me or the others who do not own a credit card or stuff won't be able to donate. So I would like to suggest to open another efficient gateway for us to be able to donate like SMS loading or as same as that, as long as it wouldn't need a credit card or atm.
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