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    Hey. So I wanted to share the unbelievable thing that happened on Twiceland 18/05/2018... Sana took my phone a recorded a video of herself... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ixaOSWBIVE
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    Hello! I made some edits based on LOONA's style, I hope you like it. Square Vertical Scans from KAPOM on Flickr
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    This is a random thought, but I want to get this out of myself as soon as possible. One of the reasons I'm still existing now is my desire to start a family, raise kid(s) and watch them grow up. It's like a responsibility, eh? Your parents gave birth to you and watch you grow up, and the best way you can repay them is to provide them with grandchildren that they'll adore for the remainder of their lives. So how would I raise my kid? My dad raised me up by telling stories about his favorite movies, music, etc. The songs & movies he listened to & watched when he went on first dates with mom, the movies they watched when growing up etc. That's how me and my brother got to love Star Wars growing up. Then again, when my son asks me what my favorite movies of my time were, sometimes I wonder too. Maybe my son would grow up listening to Kpop, that I would let him decide. But surely I want my son to know that his dad grew up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that his heroes were Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. Who knows what movies 20 years from now will be like, but one day people 20 years from now will likely look back and wonder what these great superhero movies were like, and likely enjoy the great things our generation has to offer.
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    Hello. I came back safely from my trip. This trip was nice, but I got distracted by people who kept telling me that someone is creating fake rumors about me. Do you think that's good to receive messages like this while you're on a vacation? I don't think so. I kept thinking about it though. w . Hah, I should've ignored it, yeah. But it's too much now. I'm going. I'm leaving. I'm not coming back. I will leave all of my projects here that i didn't finish. kek. So many will be happy that I'm leaving, good for you then. s . Please know that the leaderboard isn't a competition. Stop begging for reputations. You have to deserve it to earn it. Don't cry if you're not first anymore. Everyone has his place here. Yes, I am talking to you. I had a great time here... My birthday is coming, I don't want it to be a mess like my life. Please, please stop creating those rumors. Please. It's my last wish. My account will now rest from everything. Goodbye. Shut down MyiMina ? yes < no MyiMina will now rest peacefully. Th ank y ou.
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    If Sana touch my phone i will never use that phone again. Only for seeing the video again an again!!
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    Oww, you must be happy! I want to see that vid soon (later at home as while I'm typing this I'm still at work)
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    huwaaaa!!!Sana touch your phone!! That is.that is....ugh! I'm so jealous with you!!!!!!
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    It was about Twice getting a new person as their 10th member. I use your username for the title of its season 3. It's about one of the members dates the new member and some of them gets jealous about it. Having an affair and stuffs :p
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    The most incredible thing in the world
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    Are you the girl from The video..If you are i am dead..Love your fansign event!!!!!!
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    NANI you ...... you're bless with rainbow lights
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    I've heard several ONCEs saying they really don't like I'm Gonna Be a Star... Maybe it's just cause Nayeon is my bias and I love her voice even if she is just repeating the same line over and over, but I also like all the other parts... In fact probably one of my favourite songs by twice! Just curious about others' opinions on the song!
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    yeah I'll update tomorrow Time to update my list :)
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    More Twice tracks 2 b +ed 2 da all list.
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    At long last I'm posting my full TWICE album collection! The only thing is, as soon as I get their next album, I'll have to do this all over again... I didn't know whether they'd look better standing up or lying down, so I took pics of both. Which way do you think looks better? In all honesty, my collection is no that big; but still, I didn't have space in my room to take good pics of them, so I used the dining room table...
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    Not only is your poetry great, but you brought in some Nayeon facts that not everyone is aware of.
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    Username: Hera Post count: 1,372 Award requesting: "Wake Me Up" - Momo, Mina "Like Ooh Ahh" - Momo (don't show it on my profile)
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    username:TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon post count:3205 awards: Wake Me Up-Nayeon thanks~
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    happy anniversary! hope your day more better than yesterday!
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    when they joined ask us anything
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