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    Hello! I made some edits based on LOONA's style, I hope you like it. Square Vertical Scans from KAPOM on Flickr
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    Hey. So I wanted to share the unbelievable thing that happened on Twiceland 18/05/2018... Sana took my phone a recorded a video of herself... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ixaOSWBIVE
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    Rest In peace my friend we will always remember you @MyiMina
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    Happy early birthday! (because I can't get on here when it's your actual birthday)
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    I will be gone for the majority of today and tomorrow. I have to go to the chiropractor and then a lot of other really random stuff. Then tomorrow I will just be busy in general (because of you know what h a ha). In all honesty I really hate my birthday. I never really celebrated it growing up and now I suddenly have real friends to celebrate it with, so it's a bit nerve wracking and weird for me. I'm turning 14 tomorrow, or in a few hours for some of you. It's pretty crazy to me, especially because I feel so much older than I actually am. But some of you do actually think I'm older than what I really am (I'm not 21 thank you very much). Please don't open the spoiler unless you want to hate me.
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    Hello. I came back safely from my trip. This trip was nice, but I got distracted by people who kept telling me that someone is creating fake rumors about me. Do you think that's good to receive messages like this while you're on a vacation? I don't think so. I kept thinking about it though. w . Hah, I should've ignored it, yeah. But it's too much now. I'm going. I'm leaving. I'm not coming back. I will leave all of my projects here that i didn't finish. kek. So many will be happy that I'm leaving, good for you then. s . Please know that the leaderboard isn't a competition. Stop begging for reputations. You have to deserve it to earn it. Don't cry if you're not first anymore. Everyone has his place here. Yes, I am talking to you. I had a great time here... My birthday is coming, I don't want it to be a mess like my life. Please, please stop creating those rumors. Please. It's my last wish. My account will now rest from everything. Goodbye. Shut down MyiMina ? yes < no MyiMina will now rest peacefully. Th ank y ou.
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    huwaaaa!!!Sana touch your phone!! That is.that is....ugh! I'm so jealous with you!!!!!!
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    Next award you can request is at 3700 posts :D
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    It was about Twice getting a new person as their 10th member. I use your username for the title of its season 3. It's about one of the members dates the new member and some of them gets jealous about it. Having an affair and stuffs :p
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    The most incredible thing in the world
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    Are you the girl from The video..If you are i am dead..Love your fansign event!!!!!!
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    NANI you ...... you're bless with rainbow lights
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    I've heard several ONCEs saying they really don't like I'm Gonna Be a Star... Maybe it's just cause Nayeon is my bias and I love her voice even if she is just repeating the same line over and over, but I also like all the other parts... In fact probably one of my favourite songs by twice! Just curious about others' opinions on the song!
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    And here at last is my photocard collection! I'm not particularly crazy about collecting photocards, so all these are just what I got from my albums. First, the random photocards: And here the photocard sets: I like the WIL sets best; some of the others have surprisingly not good picture quality. I kinda wish I had ordered a version of twicetagram with the photocard set as well. Please give me likes for this, guyz, you have no idea how hard it was arranging them all nicely and getting the lighting just right. I don't know how, but I spent a whole HOUR on this!! No joke. Then, after I'd finally taken some pics I was satisfied with and started to put the cards away, I realised my Dahyun and Tzuyu WIL cards were switched around and thus not in member age order the way all the other cards were! I debated whether or not to bother trying again and my obsessive compulsions won: I set the cards back out, rearranged Dahyun and Tzuyu and took the photo above. And when I add to my photocard collection with TWICE's next comeback, I'll have to go through this all over again.
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    Username: Hera Post count: 1,372 Award requesting: "Wake Me Up" - Momo, Mina "Like Ooh Ahh" - Momo (don't show it on my profile)
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    username:TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon post count:3205 awards: Wake Me Up-Nayeon thanks~
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    happy anniversary! hope your day more better than yesterday!
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    Hi! I just wanted to share the explanation of TWICE 3rd Japanese Single CD information, like what each of the versions include and what are the options available. Hope you enjoy watching the video and if you want to buy an already opened CD with a group card, just check out the description. The video is here:
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    I've been listening this song on loop on LINE Music. Glad they're number 1 and What is love is at 4th place at the moment!!
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    As long as Sana is happy... I mean, not like we will know what kind of person is the person she would be dating. I just hope they treat her right. but... dreaming of twice-fan dating is a bit... I don't know.. like you can ask her out and she might say yes, but in the end of the day it's just fan service, because idols are supposed to be their fans' girlfriends/boyfriends. Its not realistic and also pretty scandalous if a kpop star dates a fan.
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    when they joined ask us anything