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    TWICE! GAJA! What is love? NAE SESANGEUN BARO NEU! TEU. WA. I. SEU. maeilgachi yoenghwa sogeseona chaek sogeseona deurama sogeseo sarangeul neukkyeo MMM sarangeul baeweo nae ilcheoreom jakku gaseumi ttwieo dugeundugeungeoryeo seolleime bupureo olla MMM gunggeumhaeseo michil geonman gata OOH eonjengan naegedo ireon iri shiljero ireonalkka geuge eonjejjeumilkka? eotteon saramilkka? I WANNA KNOW satangcheroeom dalkomhadaneunde I WANNA KNOW haneureul naneun geot gattaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? sarangi eotteon neukkiminji I WANNA KNOW haru jongil utgo ittaneunde I WANNA KNOW sesangi da areumdapdaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? eonjengan naegedo sarangi olkka jigeum ireon sangsangmaneurodo tteoollyeoman bwado gaseumi teojil geot gateunde MMM ireoke joeunde manil eonjenga jinjjaro naega sarangi ol ttae nan ureobeoriljido molla MMM jeongmal gungggeumhae michil geonman gata OOH eonjengan naegedo ireon iri shiljero ireonalkka geuge eonjejjeumilkka? eotteon saramilkka? I WANNA KNOW satangcheroeom dalkomhadaneunde I WANNA KNOW haneureul naneun geot gattaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? sarangi eotteon neukkiminji I WANNA KNOW haru jongil utgo ittaneunde I WANNA KNOW sesangi da areumdapdaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? eonjengan naegedo sarangi olkka jigeum sesang eoneu gose salgo INNEUNJI dodaeche eonjejjeum nawa mannage DWELLEUNJI EONJE EOTTEOKE uriye inyeoneun SHIjakdwelleunji moreujiman neukkimi EOJJEONJI jinjja joeul geot gata WAENJI yeonghwa deuramabodado deo MEOTJIN sarangi ol kkeoya nae yegam eonjena MAJJI eoseo natanabwa nanuen da junbiga DWAETJI READY! (OEDI ISSEULKA) chajanel kkeoya (OEDI ISSEULKA) bogo shipeo jukkesseo deo isang chameul su eopseul geonman gata satangcheroeom dalkomhadaneunde haneureul naneun geot gattaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? sarangi eotteon neukkiminji haru jongil utgo ittaneunde sesangi da areumdapdaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? eonjengan naegedo sarangi olkka i wanna know (IM NAYEON, YOO JEONGYEON, MOMO JJANG, SANA JJANG) i wanna know (PARK JIHYO, MINA JJANG, KIM DAHYUN, SON CHAEYEONG) i wanna know know know (CHOU TZUYU, WANSEUUI SARANGEUN TEUDOONGI) i wanna know (IM NAYEON, YOO JEONGYEON, MOMO JJANG, SANA JJANG) i wanna know (PARK JIHYO, MINA JJANG, KIM DAHYUN, SON CHAEYOUNG) i wanna know know know know (CHOU TZUYU, SARANGHAE) WHAT IS LOVE i wanna know
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    The biggest lie I have ever told in school- I have completed my homework but I forgot to bring the copy.
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    EXO And Red Velvet Announced For 2018 Busan One Asia Festival Lineup The 2018 Busan One Asia Festival has revealed the first lineup! On May 31, it was announced that EXO and Red Velvet will be performing at this year’s event. Beginning with the opening ceremony concert on October 20 at Busan Asiad Main Stadium, the Busan One Asia Festival will run for nine days (from October 20 until October 28) through various parts of Busan. In addition to K-pop concerts, the festival will capture attendees from around the world with events featuring food, beauty, fashion, and more. Stay tuned for the next lineup of the 2018 Busan One Asia Festival! Source (1) (2) CR: soompi Busan One Asia Festival 2018 website
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    Netflix to make 2nd season of Korean original variety show 'Busted!' SEOUL, May 31 (Yonhap) -- Global streaming platform Netflix said Thursday it will make a second season of the variety show "Busted! I Know Who You Are." Early this month, the U.S. company unveiled its first Korean original show in cooperation with the Korean production firm SangSang, which has produced popular variety shows like "Running Man" and "Family Outing." Premiering on May 4, the show mixes a variety show and a drama, peppered with elements of mystery solving and suspense. Starring popular comedian and show host Yoo Jae-suk of "Infinite Challenge," actor Lee Kwang-soo and EXO member Sehun, to name a few, the cast members play the role of clueless detectives led by Yoo to solve a mysterious case in each episode. The first season's finale is set to air on Friday. A poster of "Busted! I Know Who You Are" provided by Netflix (Yonhap) jaeyeon.woo@yna.co.kr (END) CR: Yonhap News Agency
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    I'm being so inactive recently... I should be more active tho. I need to work on my project so I am not as active as before. After I hand in the project next week, I think I will be more active like I was ps. it's not my fault to use all Mina emojis Don't open the spoiler unless you want to be stressed. Open spoiler? <|> >|<
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    BTS sets example for K-pop bands K-pop boy band BTS / Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment Some entertainment companies try to emulate them as they rock globe By Kang Hyun-kyung Before May, some Koreans were doubtful about the global success of the K-pop boy band BTS. While many were convinced BTS is indeed a global sensation, there were some who half-believed they had that kind of clout in the global music industry. Underneath their skepticism lies skepticism about the durability of the boy band as Koreans witnessed the short-lived popularity of Psy who once rocked the world with his "Gangnam Style" music video as it had gone viral for some time. Psy became the first Korean singer to reach the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Gangnam Style" stayed at No. 2 there for seven consecutive weeks in 2012. But his follow-ups failed to meet the expectations from global fans and gradually Psy has faded away. Psy's one-off popularity has prompted music fans here to wonder how people can be so sure that BTS would turn out differently. The all-Korean boy band, however, swept away such suspicion about their potential. BTS won the Billboard Top Social Artist Award on May 20 for the second time in a row and became the first K-pop group to win the fan-voted prize twice. About a week later, they rewrote K-pop history again. Their third album "Love Yourself: Tear" topped the Billboard Top 200 album chart, becoming the first K-pop group to rise to the top on the U.S. mainstream chart. They are unstoppable. On Wednesday, days after their epic triumph on the U.S. chart, BTS made the Billboard Hot chart top 10 with their song "Fake Love." The boy band extended their record. Their song "MIC Drop" reached the Billboard Hot chart top 28 in December. Their dreams have come true one after the other. BTS' global success, meanwhile, has gone far beyond their self-satisfaction. The Big Hit Entertainment group's unprecedented, fearless upward march in the U.S. mainstream market has inspired other K-pop singers to imitate them. One of the local entertainment companies reportedly launched a task force to emulate BTS. According to experts, there are several factors that made the Korean boy band break through the U.S. mainstream market. For one, their songs are about universal topics young adults all across the world are dealing with and some of them stand up against the social hierarchy. Growing pains, social issues and criticism against hierarchical social orders, which once were considered taboo for Korean music, are some of the themes of their songs. Some of their songs were inspired by literary works such as Haruki Murakami's dystopian fiction "1Q84" and Ursula Le Guin's short story "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas." Such topics helped fans relate with the singers. Building intimacy with fans is another factor that made BTS popular among fans all across the globe. Like other K-pop singers, BTS members are active social media users. They update every detail of their lives on their Twitter and YouTube accounts. The way they meet fans, however, is different from other K-pop acts. While many K-pop singers try to be seen as attractive and chic and thus put on layers of thick make-up and high-end fashion before they expose themselves to fans, BTS members are humble and try to be real and genuine and don't behave as if they are superstars. While some entertainment companies are trying to model their bands on BTS, others are not so enthusiastic about transplanting their success formula with their K-pop bands. "There's no doubt that the global success of BTS is a good thing for other K-pop groups because they can ride the popularity of K-pop," a publicist working at one of the big three entertainment companies said on condition of anonymity. "But I think it's not a good idea to try to simply emulate or imitate them. We do have our own system in place to train our singers, so we will continue to follow our own path, while not relying on the BTS way. This is because each singer has his or her unique merit and I think there's no one-size-fits-all type of model." BTS has changed the K-pop scene and their influence on the local entertainment industry is real. An increase of singer-songwriters among K-pop singers is one of the impacts BTS has made. K-pop singers were once perceived as "performers" who simply sing songs composed by songwriters and follow the dance made by choreography experts. After BTS, however, an increasing number of singers write their songs or participate in the production of their music one way or another. As a result K-pop has transformed into a music genre having its own traits as singers perform diverse songs that strike a chord with their fans. hkang@ktimes.com CR: The Korea Times
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    [soompi] Netflix’s Variety Show “Busted!” Confirmed For A 2nd Season Netflix’s variety show “Busted!” will be getting a second season! The show confirmed its renewal on May 31, to the delight of many viewers. “Busted!” is a investigative variety show that features a motley crew of seven celebrity “detectives” who try to solve different cases as they arise every episode. It is directed by notable producing directors (PD) like Jo Hyo Jin, Jang Hyuk Jae, and Kim Joo Hyung and produced by Company Sang Sang. Company Sang Sang’s CEO Jang Hyuk Jae commented, “I want to sincerely thank everyone around the world for their interest and love for ‘Busted!’ I will repay everyone by meeting expectations with a higher level of completion and more laughs in season two.” PD Jo Hyo Jin expressed, “It was awkward at first because it was a somewhat new attempt at combining variety shows with simulated reality, and there were probably many aspects that were lacking, but I am happy that to have another opportunity to explore different stories. I actually have more stories that I wanted to show if we were to be renewed for a second season. We will carefully consider, prepare, and return with more original plots and entertainment in season two.” The first season of “Busted!” will release its last two episodes on June 1. Source (1) CR: soompi
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    English subway app launched for foreign tourists By Kang Seung-woo There is good news for foreign tourists visiting Korea and using public transportation, as an English language app has been released to make their travels easier. The Seoul Busan Subway app The app, named "Seoul Busan Subway," is available for download to Android and Apple smartphones, designed to help foreigners who are not familiar with Korean to easily find subway destinations in the capital and the nation's second-most-populated city. "Seoul Busan Subway is the only app that comes with subway stations in both names and numbers in the Seoul and Busan areas," said Kim Jae-sung, CEO of app developer Seoulworks. "Foreigners often have a hard time recognizing Korean place names even when written in English. With station numbers, tourists will be able to find their destination easily and efficiently." According to him, the app includes key features such as showing the best route with fare information, autocomplete station search, bookmarking for offline viewing and real-time departure and arrival time information. "The app also enables users to share search results via Facebook, Twitter or email," he added. Seoulworks was established in 2016 to service foreign visitors to Korea. It recently released the Korea travel information website kraveler.com for tourists. ksw@ktimes.com CR: The Korea Times
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    President Moon Jae In Congratulates BTS And ARMY For Achieving No. 1 On Billboard 200 BTS and their fans ARMY received a letter of congratulations from South Korean President Moon Jae In! BTS made history on May 28 KST when they took the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart with their album “Love Yourself: Tear.” Later that day, the official Twitter of President Moon Jae In shared a letter from him congratulating the group and their fans on their huge achievement. The letter is as follows: “I express my congratulations to the seven boys who love music and the boys’ wings called ‘ARMY.’ “Young people all over the world are comforted and find courage because of BTS’ songs and dancing, dreams and passion. I congratulate you on the album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ reaching No. 1 on the United States’ ‘Billboard 200.’ It’s the first time in 12 years for an album in a language that is not English, and the first time ever for a Korean artist. “BTS puts their sincerity into their outstanding dancing and singing. They have a magical ability to turn sadness into hope, and difference into similarity. Each of the seven members put who they are and how they live into their music, and they are overcoming location and language, and culture and institutions. “Korean popular music has made a leap forwards on the world stage thanks to BTS. Through the language of K-pop music, our young people can share experiences of life and love, dreams and pain with young people all over the world. “I support BTS’s dreams of reaching No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, winning a Grammy award, doing a stadium tour, and becoming the most influential artists in the world. I also support their fan club ARMY, who are raising their voices together with BTS towards the world. “BTS, whose name means ‘We’ll block the prejudices and oppression that teenagers experience.’ I will now remember each of the names of the seven boys Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. As ever, this is a new start. Thank you for sharing profound emotions with our nation’s people and people all over the world through your wonderful selves. “May 28, 2018. “President Moon Jae In.” “노래를 사랑하는 일곱 소년과 소년들의 날개 ‘아미’에게 축하의 인사를 전합니다.” 세계의 젊은이들이 방탄소년단의 노래와 춤, 꿈과 열정에 위안을 받고 용기를 얻었습니다. ‘LOVE YOURSELF 轉 TEAR’ 앨범이 미국 ‘빌보드 200’ 1위에 오른 것을 축하합니다. pic.twitter.com/fiimradrki — 문재인 (@moonriver365) May 28, 2018 Congratulations once again to BTS! Source (1) CR: soompi
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    Well people tend to change a lot, even though they like it or not sometimes it just happens naturally, and that's when they realize that they have change a lot
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    I didn't know anything about Thrice. And how come they can be the most hated girl group. Haters gonna hate. I have seen it many times when people have some difficulties regarding their bodies, people like to make fun of them. They even make fun if whom which are disabled. Not just Jihyo but there are other people too who suffered from this. Like Xiumin from EXO- I am not saying this because I'm biased. But I am proud of Jihyo she didn't listened to them and did what she wanted. This is the reason Jihyo is my bias. Thanks for sharing this. As I always say, she is indeed the God...
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    Hi there Welcome to TTF Feel free to post as much as you like Lets be friends I AM A STALKER
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    Happy Dahyun Day Our dubu, the one that was once this has now became this She is officially an adult now internationally
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    Happy Birthday
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    A tofu a day, keep the once's at bay Just found my new wallpaper
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