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    WAAAAHHH!!! Huhuhu they said see you, Philippines Sehun oppa
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    Happy Dubu Day!! Sorry for the late wish for you.. I noticed that Jihoon wanna one are 1 year 1 day with Dahyun
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    Facebook informs me that I said this five years ago, while I was still at University: “There's no escape, is there? I can leave the window open to prevent myself from roasting alive, but then I'll be driven insane by the crap music they're playing on the lawn outside.”
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    The title is so lame . . . Hi! Idk how to start this lol. I discovered Team Twice since the early days of Twice but decided to join the forum last May 24, 2016 only lols. Some of you may know this (bec i've been saying this before) but my start here wasn't really great. I didn't know how forums work so I ended up not using my account for a while. October, the same year, I decided to come back and tried to figure out TTF, and hopefully, I succeeded lol. You know me as a moderator now but I was once a 'rule breaker' too before lel (since I didn't know anything about forums & I basically didn't read the rules). My point here is, you may be having a hard time now, or you may break the rules a lot, you will eventually learn from your mistakes and be better. See where my troublemaker self got me? Lols. 2 years went by so fast. It was a fun journey, thanks to everyone I met here. This is not just my 2 year anniv speech but also an appreciation post so let me show my appreciation to y'all who made TTF a fun place i guess that's all. again, thank u everyone! Here's to many more years to come!
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    Hii! Guys! I found a fantaken video of the performance of Twice in Twiceland Zone 2 This fantaken video is full version and I hope you will watch it! heheheh CC: TWICE GOT STRAY ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcU6qNGAi-tG9iTHdr3FPQ )
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    SMile Music Festival is looking for applicants SM Entertainment launched the fourth annual SMile Music Festival, an open audition for children and teenagers in Korea to participate in. The event is organized as part of the agency’s social contribution program to support children who dream of working in the music industry. Applicants must be children who have been part of a music club for at least five months at a Child and Youth Center in the Seoul region. Applications will be accepted from June 1 to 30 on the SMTown website and the SMile Music Festival internet cafe on Naver. Results will be announced on July 6. The winning team will be given funding and will be trained by professional trainers, singer Kangta and vocal duo TRAX. The group will train and practice for three months and then have the chance to perform at the SM Town Coex Artium in Gangnam district, southern Seoul, on Nov. 23. By Sung Ji-eun CR: Korea Joongang Daily
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    Growing up with BTS How the seven 20-somethings of BTS became global pop sensation BTS (Billboard) What else is there to say about BTS’ global fame? International media have been rushing to cover the K-pop act’s coming-of-age saga and President Moon Jae-in sent a personal congratulatory message to the band on the septet becoming the first K-pop act ever to top the Billboard 200 chart with its “Love Yourself: Tear” album. Only a few days later, the group’s single “Fake Love” hit the Billboard Hot 100’s top 10. BTS debuted in 2013 as a hip-hop heavy-act with “2 Cool 4 Skool” EP under Big Hit Entertainment, a minor agency in an industry dominated by entertainment S.M., JYP and YG Entertainment. Dubbed the Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean and Bulletproof Boyscouts in English, the act consists of three rappers and four vocalists, all in their 20s and all hailing from provincial Korea. RM, formerly known as Rap Monster and the group leader, and Suga are main rappers who have produced and written many of BTS’ albums. J-Hope is another energetic rapper and the main dancer who was originally a street dancer from the city of Gwangju. Vocalists include Jimin, who hits the high notes and does modern dance, Jin, who jokingly introduces himself as “worldwide handsome,” Jungkook, the youngest of the group who also serves as a sub-rapper and V, a deep-voiced crooner. All seven members pitch in with writing credits on most of their songs, while RM, Suga and J-Hope have released their own mixtapes in 2015, 2016 and March this year, respectively. The act has released three full-length albums and five EPs so far. Social commentary on Korean society Despite its ambitious start, BTS’ early school-themed albums that touched on pressures familiar to any Korean student were often criticized for being old-fashioned and conventional. But the group’s desire to speak its own mind led it to tackle social issues such as the education system, materialism and mental health. And that social consciousness later turned even those who had previously shunned K-pop into dedicated BTS supporters. “What is as important as BTS’ jaw-dropping performances is its songs that resonate with the younger generation. With songs like ‘Paradise’ and ‘No More Dream,’ BTS tells fan that it’s okay to live without dreams, and that really speaks to young listeners,” said Seoul-based pop music critic Im Jin-mo. As the survivors of the highly competitive K-pop jungle, BTS gives sincere advice like “Live as you like, it’s your life anyway” in its anthem “Fire” and boldly asks “Who made us study machines?” and “Who will take responsibility (for us) living the lives of puppets?” in “N.O.” Bang Si-hyuk, producer and CEO of Big Hit, once said that what he stressed most to the members were talking about their inner thoughts and showing their artist-driven authenticity. BTS didn’t stop there. It went onto socio-political territory, a taboo for K-pop, a highly-manufactured genre that usually sticks to safer subjects like romance, partying and daily life. Many of BTS’ loyal fans -- known collectively as ARMY or Adorable Representative MC of Youth -- have said that the band’s critical lyrics have inspired them: Songs like “Dope,” “Silver Spoon” and “Am I Wrong” are rife with condemnations of media and societal ills, lines concerning class divide and that have political implications. “When Seo Tae-ji and Boys, an iconic K-pop band in the 90s, brought out songs that addressed social issues, older generation tilted their heads while 10- and 20-somethings showed fanatical reaction to its songs,” culture critic Kim Young-dae said, “In the same context, by drawing out its own issues, BTS was able to communicate with fans directly.” Social media and ARMY BTS’ smart use of social media and its devoted world-wide fandom ARMY have played a major role in making the group a household name internationally. By sharing its most realistic and friendly sides on social media accounts, which all seven members hold onto even during their busiest world tour periods, and with the help of internationally spread translators, BTS has been able to capture the heart of fans from all over the globe. The band’s expansive social media influence has earned the group Billboard’s Top Social Artist Award for two consecutive years, beating out names like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Recently, BTS members’ joint Twitter account amassed 15 million followers, the first Korean account to do so. “BTS members add their own stories into their social media posts, which help fans understand BTS better. Fans will think, ‘Ah-ha. That’s how the song was created,’” said music critic Moon Yong-min. Moon also explained that BTS’ comparatively slow start as it took almost two years for the band to make its name known to the public, which contributed to ARMY solidarity. “At its early stage, BTS didn’t receive attention in Korea while it was also considered nonmainstream in the overseas market. That factor, I think, strengthened the ties between ARMY and BTS, as they’ve grown together from the bottom.” Will BTS ever top the record Psy set with “Gangnam Style” that peaked at No. 2 on the Hot 100 chart in 2012? “It may be hard,” Lim said, emphasizing that “Gangnam Style” was a world-class hit back then. But he said there’s a difference in that BTS, as an idol dance group, represents what K-pop is really like, while Psy was an oddity in the K-pop scene. BTS performs at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 20 in Las Vegas. (Yonhap) “There were fans who cried during the BTS’ performance at the Billboard Music Awards. Its live performances are amazing, incomparable to what we see on screens. That’s the true power of BTS,” he said. By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com) CR: KPOPHERALD
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    Well , this is what I read before this. So all we can do is just wait as it worked like that last year . Cheers .
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    Yupp @TendyLoops i’ll try to do that, well I actually did it but the file size is 2.1gb and it’s really hard to download and reupload with slow internet connection speed but no matter what i’all try and save it as soon as possible
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    Actually i don't think it's a discussion anyways thanks for the video
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    Yeah, I've paid up on Interpark too. But when I went to verify my account it won't seem to verify. It's the Confirmation Number I use in the Registration Number field, right? Including the T? I'm pretty sure all the other info is correct. e.g. I'm using my fans.jype.com ID/nickname, DOB in the order they request and copy-pasting in the conformation number. My Interpark displays a 'Registered' too.
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    Congrats on your anniversary!! sorry I'm a really late tho.. (nice title btw)
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