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    WAAAAHHH!!! Huhuhu they said see you, Philippines Sehun oppa
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    Happy Dubu Day!! Sorry for the late wish for you.. I noticed that Jihoon wanna one are 1 year 1 day with Dahyun
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    Facebook informs me that I said this five years ago, while I was still at University: “There's no escape, is there? I can leave the window open to prevent myself from roasting alive, but then I'll be driven insane by the crap music they're playing on the lawn outside.”
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    Hii! Guys! I found a fantaken video of the performance of Twice in Twiceland Zone 2 This fantaken video is full version and I hope you will watch it! heheheh CC: TWICE GOT STRAY ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcU6qNGAi-tG9iTHdr3FPQ )
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    The title is so lame . . . Hi! Idk how to start this lol. I discovered Team Twice since the early days of Twice but decided to join the forum last May 24, 2016 only lols. Some of you may know this (bec i've been saying this before) but my start here wasn't really great. I didn't know how forums work so I ended up not using my account for a while. October, the same year, I decided to come back and tried to figure out TTF, and hopefully, I succeeded lol. You know me as a moderator now but I was once a 'rule breaker' too before lel (since I didn't know anything about forums & I basically didn't read the rules). My point here is, you may be having a hard time now, or you may break the rules a lot, you will eventually learn from your mistakes and be better. See where my troublemaker self got me? Lols. 2 years went by so fast. It was a fun journey, thanks to everyone I met here. This is not just my 2 year anniv speech but also an appreciation post so let me show my appreciation to y'all who made TTF a fun place i guess that's all. again, thank u everyone! Here's to many more years to come!
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    SMile Music Festival is looking for applicants SM Entertainment launched the fourth annual SMile Music Festival, an open audition for children and teenagers in Korea to participate in. The event is organized as part of the agency’s social contribution program to support children who dream of working in the music industry. Applicants must be children who have been part of a music club for at least five months at a Child and Youth Center in the Seoul region. Applications will be accepted from June 1 to 30 on the SMTown website and the SMile Music Festival internet cafe on Naver. Results will be announced on July 6. The winning team will be given funding and will be trained by professional trainers, singer Kangta and vocal duo TRAX. The group will train and practice for three months and then have the chance to perform at the SM Town Coex Artium in Gangnam district, southern Seoul, on Nov. 23. By Sung Ji-eun CR: Korea Joongang Daily
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    Well , this is what I read before this. So all we can do is just wait as it worked like that last year . Cheers .
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    Yupp @TendyLoops i’ll try to do that, well I actually did it but the file size is 2.1gb and it’s really hard to download and reupload with slow internet connection speed but no matter what i’all try and save it as soon as possible
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    Congrats on your anniversary!! sorry I'm a really late tho.. (nice title btw)
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