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    Just leaving this message here. My pms are always open if you want to talk to someone. I'm always here for everyone. I was a very depressed person but now I know that it won't help moving forward so I decided to stay positive. Positive thoughts, replies, and life. Even though everyone struggles these days, happiness will come to you. Good days will come to you. Good things will come to you. Bad things will come to you as well, but everyone has bad days, bad things and stuff. I'm a person who has a lot of regrets. Regrets that I won't be able to be over it, but I have to learn to forgive myself. If you have suicidal thoughts, there are a lot of people who can help you. If you are very depressed, there are people who can help you as well. Please take care, please don't harm yourself no matter what. There will be always someone who loves you. You are loved. If no one will love you, then I will. I am not the best person at comforting people, but I understand every each of you. I am maybe young, but I experienced a lot of dangerous and problematic situations sadly. But I learned from them,which is a good thing. Take care of yourself, your family and friends. Love you all ❤️💪
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    Username: ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3 Post Count: 305 Award Requesting: "Wake Me Up"- Nayeon 3rdYey hahaha Thank You!
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    best if you have Mapo Tofu for breakfast all day everyday
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    My bias looking so classy and prettyi love her vocals its really unique <3 Forever young sounds like a bop so far i can't wait for square up
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    Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    bad day today but tomorrow is another today
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    Looking forward for their comeback, i really want to see them especially Yook Sung-Jae
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    herbivour because dinasour herbivour are cute. I more like sea than air and land and yes. Dinasour have life and lived here in past time.
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    Hmmmmaybe.. hahahah since i love to watch a lot of movies, But actually i'm more of a KDramaholic hahahaha
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    i have STM so yeah unless that person really popular for me
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    OMG i just realise that person is the same actor who play StarLord  Hahahaha wait you just realized that just now?
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    I think i love them all, because basically their is our ancestor right? evolution branch OMG i just realise that person is the same actor who play StarLord
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    Yupp yupp yupp hahaha finally i'm gonna see Star Lord again hahaha
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