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    I'm finally back! xD This time I'm tackling a quite hard painting o.o, I think I'll take some time to finish it ^^', so I decided to share the process with you! First of all, I'm so in love with the wedding dress photo shoot <3 If someone has the full book, please tell me <3 For now, I only finished the sketch, but please stay with me on this one, I'm sure that the result will worth it! For now, I made a rough blockage and started to play with the flowers. It's a learning process for me as well, but stay tuned!(geez I sounded like cartoon network) Check my social media for paintings, tutorials, and WIPS: Site: www.sammsworkshop.com Instagram: @samms_workshop Twitter: @samms_workshop Facebook: www.facebook.com.br/sammsworkshop
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    No judge please No judge please
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    That movie already released in my city No, this
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    Oh not that cute fluffy things, i mean something whose can conquer Mars
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    OMG Sammy you're back!! I'll patiently wait for the complete version <3 i already see an masterpiece just by looking that sketch
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    Don't forget about brown little buddy whose can fly sometime
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    @Emperor Ryu the movie about dinosaurs is out, right?
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    that looks lovely, i can't wait until you'll finish it
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    I'm in the hotel~ it's cozy but I still miss my home uwu...
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    my cat ate my ramen so i threw a noodle at him and he ate that too
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    wow!! i know i'm late but that's really good
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    Oooot thanks for this hahaha i was gonna look for this but you already found it hahaha
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    just knew the fact that im easily tilted nowadays
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    Ahh yeah the worst enemy is "our self". Fight against another human in this earth, be the one whose can survive.
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    For me is Minatozaki Sana because her name remind me of Fourth Hokage
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    I'm TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon and My bias is Nayeon!(also Dubu) I hope you will enjoy here and I hope we can be a best buddy here! If you want some profile gif picture, click here and if you interested to join this group on Discord, click here for Team Twice Buddy and click here for Bangtan base buddy and click here for Wannable Lastly, Please enjoy your vacation here!
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    welcome to ttf. hope you'll enjoy your stay and find friends along the way
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    Hi there Welcome to TTF Feel free to post as much as you like Lets be friends I am a stalker
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