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    ANNEONGHASEYO~ Welcome to TTF! If u want some gif profile, just check
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    Hello Once! Its too long I dont make a topics. So, I bring it now. I love making gif very much, so I want make a gif profile to you! Enjoy! Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu BONUS! Will update always...
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    Why Jihyo, sorry Mina https://makeagif.com/i/q8qCng
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    Hello ONCE! Do you watch new comeback? If you don't, please open the spoiler quickly! About my reaction, no comment. This song became my favorite song! For you, who the most prettiest and cutiest? For me: All
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    25 (Fake) Fun Facts about Twice: 1. Nayeon ships 2yeon (Nayeon x Taeyeon) 2. "I am not 'narcissistic', I just love myself so much" - Nayeon, 2018 3. Nayeon loves buffy and younger boys 4. Jeongyeon was confused with who she would ship herself, Jihyo or Nayeon 5. ...But then Momoring came 6. ...But then Heechul came 7. ...But then Dahmo became official 8. Right now Momo is hungry 9. Momo's abs is harder than Twice's choreography 10. How to sing HEARTSHAKER properly: "Is Sana gay, saenggakhaedo eojolsu obseo banisseunikkaaa!" 10. Sana practices "Shy shy shy, ohyo ohyo, cheese kimbap" twice a day (pun intended) and she's looking for a new catchphrase (I wonder what's next) 11. Sana is the Twice member who hates kisses and skinship the most. She doesn't flirt to the members and doesn't ship herself with everyone 12. Apparently, some people still write Satzu fanfics 13. Twice asked for a leader. They got a God 14. Jihyo is still thinking that she is Tzuyu's medicine, the one who prevents Tzuyu from getting sick 15. Jihyo hates kisses and ghost, but lowkey loves acting cute/aegyo and to be called 'Thomas' 16. Only Jihyo is straight 17. Mina is an extrovert. Very very extrovert 18. Mina has a secret account in TTF. She practices her English here 19. Dahyun is a nerd who likes to read books, brings Bible anywhere, and loves to isolate herself to practice piano 20. Dahyun can fly and speak to eagles 21. Dahyun speaks French fluently Bonjouuur~ 22. Chaeyoung is handsome (fite me) 23. Chaeyoung was born in Africa. It was celebrated by all the animals as King Mufasa told them to 24. Tzuyu will be casted in the next Star Wars movie 25. Twice's favorite song is IGBAS Add more facts below!
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    i'd like both please, thank you <3
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    don't forget to read the rules, and if you need any help just ask
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    Lemme take both https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/327865043804749844/466143729472897025/jy-lick.png
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    Jeongyeon because she has Law of the Jungle experience haha!
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    Saber Tzuyu stays undefeated
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    #SummerNights - Nights Please cuz I'm broke and can't afford both
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    Welcome to my profile picture GIF thread!! ORIGINAL GIF'S DO NOT BELONG TO ME! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since I suck at making gif's, I have decided to make a thread where I resize already created gif's from amazing gif creators and resize them to squares for everyone here to use (so they fit properly in the profile picture range on TTF)! They will be mostly related to TWICE. If you are on a computer, I recommend doing ALTCLICK on the gif you want to use and click "Copy image address" so you can copy the gif and implement the link where you upload your profile picture's instead of having to download it. Due to some issues, some gifs won't be useable for profile pictures (since I have to make them lower than 500KB). The majority of these are all put to 201x201 for display on this thread; if you want to use one but the file is more than 500KB, please message me and I'll make it under 500KB for you. For now, let's get to the gifs! Enjoy! OPENING TOO MANY SPOILERS MAY LEAD TO LAG!