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    If you could only choose ONE member to be stranded with on a desert island, who do you think would be the best choice to help you survive and be rescued? Assuming you want to be rescued that is, because in the Dance The Night Away M/V, TWICE certainly didn't at the end.
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    So I've been super inactive over like a year so I kinda need to so another introduction, but also cause I have a bit of an update for people who already know me. So I'm Alex, I'm genderfluid meaning sometimes I feel like a girl or sometimes a boy or sometimes neither! I used They/Them pronouns! Anyway onto the important stuff! I'm a HUGE fan of TWICE been nearly 2 years since I discovered them, my bias is Dahyun and my wrecker is Nayeon! Honestly though I love all 9 girls with all my heart
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    Happy birthday! Woah, you're older than me.
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    happy birthday
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    Happy birthday!
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    Twice Mina Jihyo Sana Momo Jeongyeon Nayeon Dahyun , Chaeyoung Tzuyu cr:twitter
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    Happy Birthday
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    Hello every-nyan How are you? Fine thank you.
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    Happy birthday!~
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    Hello, please exchange my heartshaker - mina to wake me up - mina. Thx!
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    i loved the lyric, it was amazing! https://www.koreaxdentro.com/letra-kpop-espanol-dance-the-night-away-twice-album-summer-nights
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    hellooo welcome to ttf!!! hope you enjoy it here!
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    Yes, when I looked at the song in more detail I was surprised to find that Chaeng had fewer lines than I first thought (and they're all in English, oddly enough). But as well as having a lot of screen time in the M/V as you said, she also had quite a substantial rap in their last comeback, so I think it balances out.
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    may I have "Summer Nights" - Sana & Dahyun pretty please
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    New beginning!
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    Post count: 1,518 Award requesting: "Summer Nights" - Momo
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    Monster Myoui has been a thing for me since 2015, and idk why. I came up with it around the time LOA came out. 13 year old me thought it sounded really edgy and cool (Perhaps its because Mina slays?? Idk what i was actually thinking back then)
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    Hello, could I request to swap the following awards for their beautiful DTNA equivalents? "What Is Love" - Sana "What Is Love" - Nayeon "TT" - Jeongyeon "Likey" - Chaeyoung Many thanks!
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    The official thread for MiChaeng! The love story that started with Mina's platonic feelings for our small bean, until Chaeng slowly started to notice our Black Swan. Congratulations, Mina! You've worked hard and this ship isn't tragic anymore. MiChaeng fighting! (c) laeunyeon and waningmoontides
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    What are Team Twice Awards? Team Twice awards are displayable badges given out to members for reaching certain post milestones, purchasing on the Wonce marketplace, owning any or all albums, donating. or for collecting during random events. These badges can be seen under your posts or on the sidebar to show off your contributions to the forum or brag about how long you have been around. What are the types of awards and how do they work? Team Twice has six different types of awards: Post count, Wonce, Custom, Special, Limited Edition, or Donor. Each award type has their own requirements to obtain them. Post Count: Post count awards are the most common type of award. These awards, displayed on the sidebar under your member banner, given out for reaching certain post milestones. First Award: 100 Posts Second Award & Beyond: Every 100 posts Once you reach a milestone you can go to the awards request thread (here) to request the award of your choice ₩once : Wonce awards are collectible awards that cost 2000 ₩once and have no post requirement! Just head over to the Wonce Award Request thread (here) to buy your desired award. Custom: Custom awards are members ways of personal expression and showing their love for twice! These awards are hard to find though as they require 15000 ₩once and 300 posts. Custom Awards are required to be 100x100 px and cannot be from a fansite! To get one of these awards you need to post the original image as well as the 100x100. You can find more information or request a Custom Award here. Special: Special awards are, just like their name suggests, special. These awards are given out automatically for reaching special requirements on the forum and cannot be requested. The requirements are a secret to members so use your thinking caps and be active on the community and maybe you'll get a little surprise ^^ Limited Edition: Limited edition awards are even more cool than special awards. These awards cost 2000+ Wonce per award and can only be purchased for limited amounts of time. These awards usually follow events like holidays or twice comebacks. Once the event is over these awards on unobtainable so you better keep you eye out for special events! Donor: Donor awards are our newest award category. These awards are given to donors for Team Twice projects as a way to show your support for the site. Donor awards come in all varieties: fansite awards, fanart awards, or animated awards. Once the project is over these awards are completely unavailable for obtaining. Where can I find a list of all the awards? A complete list of awards can be found here, or you can click the "awards" icon on the header bar seen on every page. Please not that #CHEERUP and #TT are limited edition and are not available any longer. Custom awards are also unavailable (As stated in the wonce awards description) Is there a limit to how many awards I can have? As of now there is absolutely no limit to how many awards a single user may have. However, please note that only 4 can be seen on the side bar and 15 under your signature, so choose wisely! Can I swap an award if I don't like it anymore? Yes! Just head over to our awards request thread and ask to switch <x> award for the new award of your choice. Can I reorganize my awards display? Yes, you can head over to the reorganization thread (here) and request which award or awards you want displayed on your side bar. You cannot, however, request for awards displayed below your signature to be displayed as many of these are limited edition and cannot be taken away and re-given! Is there a process for choosing awards? No... Yes, our awards library is updated regularly (including changing the badge of established awards) throughout each calendar year. Each incoming group of regular awards goes through a voting process where forum members may vote for the badge they want displayed per member. Voting takes place three members at a time, and last one week per poll. Once each members badge is selected the awards are added the list of available awards which can be be requested in the awards request thread. Can I make a suggestion for awards? Absolutely! Head over to our suggestion thread (here) and post your idea for awards that can be made available to everyone! 1. No fan taken photos 2. You must be able to see the members whole face 3. Images cannot be tampered with (Lightroom, etc.) 4. Awards must be high quality. Any low quality or blurry award will be rejected 5. Submitted awards must be 100x100 with no rounded edges 6. Please allow at least 72 hours for the processing of requests
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    MY BIAS LIST (As of November 10, 2017) Chaeyoung Sana Momo Dahyun Nayeon Mina Tzuyu Jeongyeon Jihyo
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    S - The A - Gay N - Member A - You're welcome.