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    Unpopular opinion not always from haters, even ONCEs have their own (like Signal being a bad title song, etc etc) Here's from my friend: Twice merchandise design is either too girlish or too childish. ( I still would kill for the nameplate set from the Japanese concert... )
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    Hi. I'm a samchon fan of TWICE (original fandom: Wonder Girls). I had a dream recently where I met TWICE on a plane and was giving them advice on how to prepare for their long-term career plans after they've stopped being idols. I thought it might be interesting to discuss. What do you all think? 10 years later, after TWICE has stayed as the Nation's Girl Group for a long time, started solo projects, and possibly gotten married (Nayeon would be in her mid-30s, maknae line would have just turned 30), what do you think their post-idol long-term careers might be? Nayeon: TV Actress / mom Nayeon's currently studying theatre/film in university, so she seems likely to head towards the idol-turned-actress route. But because she wants to get married and have kids early, I don't really see her throwing herself fully into her acting career and becoming a top A-list actress. Most likely, she'll follow S.E.S. Eugene's route - acting in TV dramas every now and then, but spending most of her time raising her kids and being a mom. Of the three branches of acting, she's more likely to do TV dramas rather than movies or musicals, I think. Even though she can sing well, her voice tends to be more sweet than powerful, so she might not be able to project that well in musical theatre. Also, Nayeon's strongest charm lies in her facial expressions, and that would be better suited towards TV drama closeups rather than watching her body language from a distance on the musical theatre stage. Movies are a possibility, but I think TV dramas would have a wider variety of roles that would suit her. Jeongyeon: Restaurant owner / startup entrepreneur Many people might think Jeongyeon would be suited to be a model. And I do think her body type and facial features lend themselves well to modelling, so it's possible. But I don't think she'll do it for very long, simply because she lacks interest in fashion. On the other hand, I think Jeongyeon has the discipline and drive to do very well in business. I'm inclined to think it would be in the food and beverage line, because that's what she grew up with, but it might also end up being something in technology, given her love of weird gadgets. (If she does start a restaurant/cafe though, she would be more in management than doing the actual cooking. Maybe she might inherit her father's business, if her sisters don't want it.) If she makes enough money as an idol, she might follow KARA's Gu Hara and make a killing off real estate. In any case, Jeongyeon is someone with enough street smarts to figure out how to make money even if you throw her out into the streets with nothing. Given her start as an idol, she could do anything that captures her interest. I'm not worried about her future at all. Momo: Dance teacher / choreographer Unlike Jeongyeon, I think Momo only has one career path to follow: dance. Food broadcast / mukbang might be a possibility, but I don't think Momo eats beautifully enough to make it a long-lasting career (it may work while she's still full of aegyo as a young idol, but less likely once she turns into an ajumma. Plus she's not really a big or smooth talker on broadcast). The problem with Momo is that she's born talented at dance, but people who are born talented often have a hard time explaining techniques on how to improve to others, since it comes naturally to them. Right now on V-Live, she mainly demonstrates with her body the right moves to make, but how well would she do if she has to see people making mistakes, figure out why they're making the mistake, and suggest ways to fix that? That would be her challenge. If she can successfully overcome that challenge, then I think she could open a dance studio for teaching kids to dance, like SNSD's Hyoyeon. If not, then she could work internally for JYP (or maybe even for one of the idol agencies in Japan) as a dance choreographer. Sana: Variety show host / Radio DJ / wedding planner / beauty guru / interior decorator Sana has a number of paths open for her, depending on how she wants to utilise her strengths. She's quick-witted and has a charming personality, with good language and speaking skills (as long as she's not sleep-deprived), so she could do well in variety shows. It depends on her style of humour and how she wants to develop her variety style. Unlike Dahyun, I think Sana's a little bit more careful of her image, so unlikely to be completely crazy in terms of comedy. She would do better in talk shows and maybe radio DJ'ing rather than relying on physical comedy gags (so more like Ji Suk Jin rather than Yoo Jae Suk). On the other hand, she also has a great feminine aesthetic taste (her princess bed, her love of perfumes), so she might go into jobs which require that eye for beauty. Either decorating for events, or decorating people, or decorating houses. Something that involves making things beautiful and happy for women. Jihyo: Musical actress / solo singer Jihyo's the only one who I think has a good chance to succeed as a solo singer. She has the vocal ability of S.E.S. Bada, plus the sex appeal of Fin.K.L.'s Lee Hyori. She'll probably alternate between releasing solo albums and working as a musical actress. I don't think she can reach SNSD's Taeyeon's or IU's heights as a solo singer (without some lucky chances), but she can do comfortably well and make a living. If she gains more experience and skill at songwriting and composition, she could have a secondary career making money off copyrights of songs that she either uses herself or sells to other artists. Mina: ??? Mina's the one I have most difficulty predicting a career path for. Yes, she's had some training in ballet, but she didn't become a professional ballerina, and her ballet training basically stopped after she entered JYPE. It would be unlikely that she could get certification as a ballet dance teacher unless she devotes several more years into studying ballet, but how is she going to find the time to do that while promoting as an idol? Furthermore, she's half-otaku and stays in her room most of the time. Given her interests, she'll probably end up as a minor celebrity, maybe working alongside Momo to teach dance (not necessarily ballet) to children. Possibly a soothing radio DJ or movie critic, if she can learn to express her thoughts more. If she improves her vocal abilities further, she might be good as an OST singer. Dahyun: Variety show host / gagwoman Dahyun's made for variety. She's already showing extensive knowledge of current trends and memes in the industry, and she's not afraid to go crazy for comedy. She's got talent for it, but she just needs more experience. Her sense of comedic timing needs to be refined a little more, and she's overly relying on physical comedy gags and facial expressions. Her speech and wittiness needs improvement (it's sort of the opposite style of Sana, who has good wit but can't go crazy). Right now, Dahyun's style of variety humour is most similar to Jung Hyungdon, Park Myungsoo (without the savageness) and maybe early HaHa (from X-Man days). She's probably not going to head towards the style of savage-ness that makes fun of other people (like Kim Heechul or Kim Gura), but she could become better at making fun of herself. If she can work more on her speech, she could hit Jeon Hyunmoo's or Shin Bongsun's level. Chaeyoung: Lyricist / music producer / children's book author Chaeyoung's clearly meant for the arts. She has the right soul for it, and the relevant interests. If she becomes an author, then children's novels might be the best genre for her to work in, because then she can combine her love of illustration with writing. If she wants to stay in music, songwriting is clearly the way to go. Music production and arrangement could be a secondary skill she picks up, so that she can fully make a song instead of just writing the lyrics or melody for it. But Chaeyoung's development will depend very strongly on her life experiences. Right now, the themes of her songs are still innocent and girlish. To write more powerful songs or deeper literature will require her to experience a lot more things in life. And her challenge would be adjusting her songs to capture the trend in the market, rather than just expressing her own dreams. If she can adjust well enough to write songs for any sort of market trend, she might end up following Wheesung's footsteps, which would be a great future for her. Tzuyu: CEO / Solo artist / pet shop owner Tzuyu has enough determination and drive to constantly push until she succeeds at whatever she aims for. Right now, that seems to be her singing and dance, so she'll probably continue pushing herself to improve until she can one day have a solo concert. After that, it will depend. It feels like Tzuyu might end up being the unexpected breakout solo star, like Sunmi from Wonder Girls (who was neither the strongest singer, nor the best dancer or rapper, or the most attractive... but at least Tzuyu has a strong start as a visual). Basically, Tzuyu can follow BIGBANG Seungri's footsteps as a confident savage maknae that transitions successfully into a solo career. If she gets tired of celebrity life, she might retire to enjoy her dogs at a small pet shop somewhere. Or she might end up starting her own business and becoming a CEO. (I could totally see her eventually working her way into JYPE's board of directors.) But that's just my thoughts on the members' possible futures. What do you guys think?
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    Der shud b a list of every emote made here. Den make a supa long poll listin' 'em.
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    i think it's either, they can be your opinion or any unpopular opinion
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    I'm new on this forum and everything is so confusing >.< plus i'm blocked from certain things? Not sure if it's because i'm new or it's the website. Still happy to be here!! \(^~^\)
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    Woo, I made a gif:
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    Me: Knock knock? Friend: Is this another Knock Knock by Twice joke bc I am super-done w/ those is2g Me: It's a different one!!! I promise!!! Friend: Okay then, who's there? Me: Is Sana gay? Friend: Is Sana gay who?
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    third place, huh? DID I WIN YESTERDAY?! YES!!! OMG!!! Time for a gift to everyone again Here it is:
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