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    im a long time twice fan but im a newcomer hear! i just love joining new communities you may say it my hobby
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    Yeah she has gotten much better, even their performance on Music Core, which was sang live was overall very stable and I was very impressed. They've come a long way and we should applaud them for it.
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    Yo what be good my boys girls and whatever else have you? It's nice to meet ya! I'm just a little lawsuit newbie getting into kpop, and I really like twice more than any other group that I've seen lol (Fyi dahyun is my bias shes so pretty and robustly vigorous. A brilliant confluence of skill and purpose! XD). I hope you guys will help show me the ropes and such!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Warmly Sincerely Dutifully DoubleDogDare
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    Well, I'm just curious why.. I started to be a fan weeks before DTNA, I have no Idea what I'm getting myself in to, tbh I've never thought I would be a fan of a kpop group.. . The first M/V of Twice I've ever watch is probably What is Love or TT, kinda forgot since I've been watching alot of their M/V's hehe. But I heard of Cheer up year ago, They keep playing the song over and over, and I hear "shutup" instead of Cheer-up lmao. My cousins and friends like Twice alot, they talks about them on Social Media, so I decided to check their M/V. I saw Mina, She looks calm and cute, since then I started to watch their m/vs, It was hard at first since Mina is the first one I knew in the group I always look for her, I don't even recognize her and the other members, I was like "oh, that's mina.. no, that's mina.. eh, I think it's mina.. who's that? who's this?" Didn't even know she's Japanese lol, I thought they're all Korean.. . Ever since that I noticed some changes on my attitude, I can't describe how bad my attitude was, but all I can say is, it's all better now hehe, I now have an anger control and time management, they helped me alot on improving my character, that's another reason why I liked them.. hehe You what's your story? I'm just curious hehe. .
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    Indeed, I already said that above, I accepted that it can just be a theory, but I'm just wondering what makes the memory power a fact? You said it yourself, Nayeon didn't state what her power is, so one could argue everything is a theory. Well, they would not be exactly the same right? Jeongyeon can stop/freeze time? Whereas Nayeon can rewind and possibly forward? Why do characters with similar powers in Marvel exist. Some are almost exactly the same power, but there is always a slight difference. Now this is interesting, what did she write? That would probably back up her power being memory related instead of time.
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    Yea, that is what I thought at first too, but what makes it a "fact" and not a theory? Kind of interesting that it is so biased to one side. Try googling for what Nayeon's power is, very difficult to find any sources that state she can erase memory. On the other hand, many fans stating she has control over time. Apparently it is difficult and not elementary for people to notice lol. That scene you're referring to seems like Nayeon is looking for a certain reaction from the alien, and when she doesn't get the reaction she desires, she activates her device and tries a different approach? It could be her rewinding time, and it could also be her making the alien lose his memory, both could make sense, but why is one a fact? I did used to think she had a device to erase memory, but leaning more towards the other theory now. Technically you can argue about even obvious powers. What if Tzuyu doesn't actually have super strength, rather the ability to alter the atoms of whatever she touches to be more delicate, lighter, etc. to appear that she has super strength lol. I'm still inclined to believe that Nayeon can manipulate time simply due to those posters assuming they are official. Why have the clock in the background and have her pose as the handles? Maybe losing ones memory can be associated with time...? Seems like a stretch though.
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    Okay, we'll call it a theory, but what are the facts that Nayeon's power is altering memory instead? It looks like she has some sort of device similar to MIB, but that is only an assumption that it does the same thing. If you look at the other members around Nayeon, they are repeating their actions over and over, possibly due to Nayeon rewinding their time? If their memories were wiped, it would make more sense if they stopped what they were doing and acted confused, or possibly fainted. Did you find any sources on that? Most of these news articles I found say Nayeon can control time: https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/05/twices-new-concept-for-signal-criticized-for-being-too-similar-to-exos-concept https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/05/08/twice-plagiarize-exo-supernatural/ https://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/blog/2017/05/09/netizens-think-twices-signal-concept-too-similar-exo
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    Why Jihyo, sorry Mina https://makeagif.com/i/q8qCng
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    Nice intro hahahahah Welcome to TTF Hope you like your stay here If you have any concern or problems just dm me or any members here Again Welcome and Hello enjoy your stay here
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    Welcome to the forum! You'll love staying here, a heart sign for you .
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    don't forget to read the rules, and if there's anything you want to clarify, you can ask me or other members of course
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    Jihyo tried.. but I'm staying with Mina <3
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    I guess Nayeon would have to be Dr. Strange as well what with the replaying time and all.
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    I tried to search for DTNA opinions but couldn't find anything . But yeah I love this track! She should honestly keep the tan going forward, it is perfect for her . The song had some really catchy parts, and those parts in particular .
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    There are already at least two other topics that can be used to discuss this.
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    Angry Mina was the best moment! (where be the angry Mina emote???) Tzuyu telling members to speak in English and then proceeds to recite the alphabet LOL.
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    I don't like Red Velvet's songs but irene...
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    According to Jihyo and Nayeon from Ask In A Box they said... Tzuyu - Hulk Chaeyoung - Spiderman Dahyun - Rocket Mina - Dr. Strange Jihyo - Thor Sana - Scarlet Witch Momo - Black Widow Jeongyeon - Hawkeye Nayeon - Iron Man
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    im not really into boy groups but i like jackson from got7
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    meh I'm bored so I'll make long list lol I think I forgot people to mention lol .. sorry in that case :| I can't even remember what I was doing from mid 2017 :') amnesia hit me hard
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    For me is Minatozaki Sana because her name remind me of Fourth Hokage
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