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    Hi guys. I'm very sorry for my overreaction to everything. I've been stressed out the past few months with school work. For those who aren't from America or the East Coast, there's this weird thing called Capstone that you do at the end of Middle School and High School where you have to research a ton about an issue in your community. You have to take action to solve the issue and stuff like that. I stressed out a lot because I struggled to properly get a subject I could do and find out what I could do for my action plan. I'm excessively stressing out now because of the presentation which I have to present and I'm way too anti-social for that. I understand that most of you believe that would be an excuse but sure, whatever floats your boat. To start off, I'd like to thank a couple of people who have been dear to me since I joined, and I'd like to apologize to those who created a dislike towards me. I've been told by a few members here that people have still been speaking mean things about me, mostly the one's who had betrayed me in the long run. If you want to continue to talk about me, then go ahead, but continuing it will only go bad on your side after I finished many weeks ago. Fire to the flame, ya know? As I continue to 'leave' (come back tomorrow), I decided I'll make an appreciation status update, and confront everyone. Closed for now. I may edit the post and write more about others later. Thank you everyone.
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    hi i hated it
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    Guys stop leaving, come back
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    I bring you the true secret of what men do in the school bathroom. You're welcome.
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    I finally started playing Undertale. I started playing 60 Seconds as well. I really wanted to play Simulacra but it's for Windows only, and I ended up buying it without realizing @-@
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    Happy Birthdayyy!! @MyiMina Happy Birthday MyiMina 당신에게 행복한 생일과 좋은 삶과 풍성한 삶을 기원합니다! 자신을 잘 돌보고 항상 긍정적 인 자세를 취하십시오. 나는 가깝지 않았지만 너의 생일에 너에게 인사하고 싶었어, 치어 웁! ! 안영과 생일 축하합니다 !! 아 아 아 Enjoy Your Birthday!! and Have a Blast!!
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    If you want to ignore me and not talk to me anymore why do you keep going to my profile h uh ??
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    By the end of this week. No more eigenvalues or linear independence or matrices. No more media effects, cultural studies or public relations. No more multithreading, network databases or polymorphism. No more kinematics, conservation of momentum/energy or free body diagrams. One more step. Then the break I truly deserve.
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    I came back because my friends were begging me to come back uwu so i couldn't let them down uwu Uwu feels
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    yeay! twice x bts that is awesome! I have buy it at 7eleven! @#Twice do you already buy it??
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    henlo lizer helllo you STINKY LIZARD go eat a fly ugly
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    protect at all cost je t'aime
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    It seems people believe think it's cool to spam downvote. I don't care if you downvote me but do not downvote the people who wish me a happy birthday. You're a sicko. How would you feel if I spam downvoted you on your birthday and downvoted everyone who wished you a happy birthday? It's rude and absurd. I know lots of people on here want nothing more than me to disappear but sucks for you because I'm a strong independent women who can now make jokes and not be serious without getting criticized for my age so ha, you succ But anyway, yeah, I would like to thank the staff for appointing me as Mod on my brothers birthday and removing me as Mod on my birthday. Truly the best birthday present ever. I suddenly feel free. Being a mod put a lot of weight on my shoulders. Not just because of my age, but because I'm insecure. I understand that I'm young and I'm not mature. I was suppose to take things seriously and be the person other members look up to. To some, I'm their role model. To some, I'm the most immature person on the entire forum. But it seems I am now neither. I've had a lot of pressure and judgement because of my mod duties on here. It seems that now I am no longer a staff member people still want to hate on me. This time by downvoting me instead of using words. Most likely to taunt me since I now do not know who is doing it. So whoever is, you suck. You're a bastard. Thank you. Maybe you all should think about your actions before you do something. Your actions are what is making this forum toxic. Your actions are what is making this forum what is it. TOXIC. For now, I am taking my leave. Goodbye. You win.
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    Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes <3<3 My mom got me a scale for my birthday, oof @-@
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    Updated a lot with new pfp's If the MB/GB size is too high please PM me with the photo you want and I'll change the size for you :>
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    Album photo's taken! I didn't take photos of the albums since they're already stocked in my room but I have photos of the photocards and stuff that came out of the albums. TWICE (What Is Love) GUGUDAN (Cait Sith and Chococo Factory) OH MY GIRL (Banana Allergy Monkey) Sorry for the weird lighting in some of them. These are taken in my kitchen again. The photos are also taken in my photocard binder! Maybe one day I'll do a video of it if my collection gets large enough. The majority of it is just empty spaces with one member in each page XDD
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    You're the one of some member whose trigger other to bring this community back <3 i personally want to say many thanks to you because that <3 i'am sure you'll be the 'core' one day
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    Q) Why is Peter pan always flying? A- Because he neverlands Sorry for the lame joke
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    Happy Birthday
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    happy birthday. hope you're doing okay <3
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    Happy birthdayyyy
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    Happy birthday!