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    My TTF biases: @Zeba @Shyness @Lovely puppy @JeongyeonIsMyWaifu My TTF bias wreckers: @Skallix @Kh3ngboon @Scheherazade @chaerrybear @NayeonBunnyIsMyBias @a.h. @ZackZachary @TECetc @OnceUponAStar @Beanie @Jhinjerely Yours and more @Jokballet <- adorable bias wrecker #WhenYouCantResistTTFMembersCuteness It sounds dumb but true for me you might don't know that but you guys are a bunch of bias wreckers YES I STAN TTF idk why i'm doing this status, i should be studying rn...
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    ^if you want to read this, it's not a happy thought, i'll tell you that right now. so.
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    New moodboard^^ PRISTIN's Xiyeon ~ Theme: Rainy Day ~ Hope you find it aesthetic :3
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    Well... it's been a while... I'm not going to be around much, but I wanted to check in and see how things are going. I made my first Nabongs FMV while I was away: I hope you enjoy it! And of course, keep supporting Twice
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    Hi, i'm kinda back? Kek I had to deal with some problems with myself! So i'm making a comeback now that everything's kinda fine? Call me Mae nice to meet you all again!
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    This is a new year post. I just want to share something positive for you ^^ I know there are a lot of sh*ts happen in my life this year. But, after I recalled it again, apparently there are also SO MANY GOOD THINGS happen in 2017. When I tried to remember those moments one by one, I felt so happy and grateful. Then I choosed to believe that this has been a good year for me. After that, I realized that 2017 is actually my best year in the last 10 years! Suddenly, I felt so moved. I shed tears. I used to be so afraid of 2018 but not anymore. I believe 2017 has made me a stronger person :') Guys, it depends on our perspective! It depends on how we choose to see it. Reminisce the good memories. Be thankful of anything that happens this year. I guess, even bad things happen for a reason, right? Let's close this year in a merry and happy way!
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    Soon there will be a new motm ! And that also means that you guys will finally get rid of me This motm experience was nice, and great. I hope I did a good job as a motm and I also hope that deserved people will become motm, there is too nice people around here. I don't know who I'll vote.. I'm still thinking about who I'll vote. This month wasn't the best irl but in TTF I guess it was ! The chatbox came back, I made new friends and more... But IRL I felt like karma was stuck with me.. I guess it still is. The earthquake happened, the beginning of my faints happened, fights too... Many things happened during this month and I really hope that karma will set me free of everything because I can't handle everything well. Take care guys, and have a great week..~ ♥
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    Heyyyy what's up guysss? Just posting maybe my very last status update here, yeah, I'm going to leave TTF, maybe I will be gone for a while or maybe for a long time, I said this on the chatbox before I'm having a serious health problem so that's the reason for me to leave TTF I don't want my leaving to be a sad farewell, I want to make it happy so please do comment here what's your happiest moment here that I'm involve or maybe other members involve since I'm a happy person (before), I want my departure to be a happy farewell for me Thanks for everything guys, thanks for happy moments, thanks for the lessons I got from you guyss, thanks for the chatbox moment and everything guysss I love you all and GOODBYE! I will see you again!
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    My TTF biases: @MyiMina @MinaThePenguin @Lovely puppy @Yeongie 윤기 @Shyness TTF bias wreckers: @Plume @chaerrybear @ZackZachary @Cupcake Cupid @Twice's Bias @TzuyuIsMyLovE❤ @DubusLover @JokbalManiaMomo @OnceUponAStar @Kh3ngboon @JeongyeonIsMyWaifu @a.h. @kawaiionceprinces13 and much more~! Everyone on TTF is so kind ty myimina for this idea ily Anywaysssssssssss while some of these people may not really know who I ammmm wow rip I still find them super kind and a big part of this community yey ily all now pls dont hate me for tagging you im innocent child
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    Why is everyone asking for people to vote for them as MOTM? The MOTM role is for people who are active on the forum and are well known. Why do you even bother asking people? Just stop. It's annoying. People shouldn't become MOTM for constantly begging people to vote for them.
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    1,000 reputation!!!! Thank you all so so so so so much!
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    Made by @I. Am. Jihyo's we wore them around school today owo My weird finger lmao
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    This FMV makes me swerve ah It proves how cute she is I love her so much
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    Happy new year everyone! I remember those moments of happiness with you guys, it was so cool! You guys making my dream true (MOTM) and I want to say thank you again <3 You are really nice ! I love everyone here
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    Finally it reaches 10 upvotes *touched* *happy* I love my all my readers/friends there >.< Btw, I feel more relaxed writing 'Haeju' as I've changed my nickname lel... I'm no longer the Haeju. She is~
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    So my album came in the mail this morning... I was really excited since this is the first album I've ever had~ Why do I suddenly feel like collecting now?
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    Well, reputations, guys, don't do anything here. You can't win cash with reputations
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    Well it's been a year since I joined TTF so its time to do some reflection on the past and plan for the future... nah not gna take this too seriously Anyways it's been exactly a year since I made an account here, and boy did this site change a lot since i first joined. Back then i was a forum newb in general and maybe i still am cause i always have more to learn... The chatbox has been replaced, themes have been added, emotes can no longer be made and bought, donations have changed, awards have been reduced.... too many. So here's a shoutout to all the staff and former staff at TTF for making all this possible and making it the big forum site we all love. Keep it up! To be honest I had been lurking in ttf for a long while before making my account, i only did it (in an army camp, at night, before firing some bullets) cause i was bored as heck. But dang thats a worthwhile investment isn't it. Too much has changed in myself as well over the past year. I'm no longer the soldier who wanted to get out of army ASAP, and i'm now the guy that graduated and finally gotten the chance to move out of singapore and study in the USA :) yes i'm still the international travel-loving coffee-loving Minky-loving Twice-loving music-loving music game-loving WhiteBlue, so here's to a greater time ahead with y'all (if you bothered to read down all the way here that is, otherwise you're jusy lazy jkjk i luv u )
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    I'm taking a break from TTF. I've been too overwhelmed from TTF drama right now. I have cried way more than I should. So I'll be around every once in awhile. I will not be a community bot who never sleeps anymore. I won't be online everyday to greet all of you. I'm sorry everyone. I may not be on here but I'm sure @I. Am. Jihyo's will give you an update on how I'm doing. Anyway, goodbye everyone.
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    It’s my 1st anniversary everyone remember when I was a newbie:3
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    Healing for tough day today💕💕 Once
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    I think I'm not ready to be ded
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