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  1. Looking very mischievous especially in the first photo.
  2. Where are these from?
  3. Sana is so dang cute in these concert photos.
  4. I noticed she would make different faces most the time. Good to see them in a compilation.
  5. momo

    So good. Momo is a great dancer.
  6. Awesome. I hope she gets one of the spots.
  7. Momo's bare face looks great. It seems as if she doesn't apply that much make up.
  8. Super cute photo of SaMo.
  9. sana

    Incredibly cute.
  10. Momo works hard to maintain her figure.
  11. The reactions are great.
  12. The whole video is fun, but there is also a SaMo hug.

    2 weeks? Awesome. Very excited to see the full episodes.

    I always enjoy dance videos. Bit by bit, I'm unconsciously learning the choreography.