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  1. Mina was my ex bias. Mina is my bias during sixteen. She is just too pretty. But once debut sana is my no.1
  2. Credit to carefree traveler. Sana gorgeous passport photo!
  3. haha so what is nayeon traits?
  4. hi. is she not? i heard she is? anyway please share your thoughts on Twice.
  5. Our Twice is now the No.1 KPOP Girl Group in the 3rd generation era and the national girl group representing Korea which is same as SNSD from 2nd generation. How did they achieve this and why are they no.1? Please share with us your thoughts! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Twice was form from survival show Sixteen produce by JYP. It is a very smart move by JYP. Group that is form by survival show will make them train harder and push them over their limits. Survival show gives us audience the opportunity to know and understand the members. Hence when they debut, we will not feel unfamiliar. Moreover, it also allows the judges and audience to pick the best members to fit in the team. Twice debut at the right timing when the 2nd generation girl groups such as SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, KARA, T-ara were weak. Timing is a very important factor to become the best girl group. Just look at APink and AOA, they are 2.5th generation girl groups. Neither here nor there. They debut in wrong timing when SNSD is still strong and unable to dethrone SNSD. They are still popular but will never achieve SNSD and Twice level of becoming the queen. Twice have foreign members which are Momo, Sana, Mina and Tzuyu. This is a latest trend and strategy to put foreigners in the group. This will attract more fans from international counties because their fellow countryman is in the group. Having Japanese members is plus point as Japan is korea neighbour and korea girl group always release Japanese albums. They attract japs fan and can act as a translator. The most important is to have a Chinese member like Tzuyu. Chinese is the biggest race in Asia and there any many Chinese in south-east asia. You would definitely one a Chinese member in a girl group. However, korean members must be more than foreigners as it is still a korean girl group. Every Twice member is talented and unique: Nayeon – Smart, Jeongyeon - Girl Crush, Momo – Healthy, Sana – Cute, Mina – Feminine, Jihyo – Friendly, Dahyun – Craziness, Chaeyoung – Naughty and Tzuyu – Innocent JYP spent large capital and resource on Twice promoting them, constant release of albums, publicity, variety shows and etc... The concept of twice is innocent, lively and cute. To be no.1 national girl group, u must be this kind of concept. Sexy and mature concept like AOA or girl crush concept like blackpink is tough to be no.1. Twice has already gather so many loyal fans / Onces, both in korea and worldwide. We worship them as our favourite celebrity/idol. There are irreplacable by any girl group (pristin, gugudan, dia, weki meki, and etc..) till the end of 3rd generation era.
  6. I0riYagami

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE in Singapore

    On my way to ion orchard. See u all there.
  7. Hi. does anyone has the pic of Sana from the below twice video? [TWICE] 엄예엄귀 앞머리단과 따르뜨사나? (The bang hair girls of http://www.vlive.tv/video/36459
  8. your profile pic is squashed. use https://ezgif.com/crop to make it into a square gif.

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      I like how my pfp is, I cropped it before I put it as my icon. This way it doesn't cut off things I want to show.  

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      Look, I'm not trying to be rude but I like my profile picture the way it is. Thanks for doing that, but I really don't need it.

  9. I0riYagami

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice SIGNAL Visual Ranking

    same as @NoShynaNoLife
  10. I0riYagami

    [GAME] Your confession to the above Twice Member

    no problem can you please pick a twice member for the next ttf member to confess?
  11. I0riYagami

    [GAME] Your confession to the above Twice Member

    @Zephyr_TheNoob and @JokbalManiaMomo thanks for your reply. but u guys has make a mistake. please read my thread carefully on how the game works. Kindly edit accordingly. thanks!
  12. Dearest TTF Members, Give your confession to the Twice Member above you. Guidelines: You are are only allow to confess to the Twice member that is mention above you. Similar to @chaerrybear kpop bias game. Thanks @chaerrybear and credits to you. Your confession can be anything you want to tell to that particular twice member e.g. how much and why you love her, advise you want to tell, ask her do or not to do certain things, whatever fantasy you would like to have with her and etc... Cannot say anything offensive or hurtful or against forum rules. You can choose any of the 9 Twice members for the next TTF member to confess. You cannot pick the same Twice member as the one you have confessed for the next TTF member. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. You can participate in this confession game as many time you want but you cannot reply to your own previous reply. You can add one image or gif of the member you are confessing to so as to make it looks nicer. Example TTF Member 1: My dearest waifu, Sana, my one and only love. Heaven has chosen to bring us together! You are so cute and adorable which makes me always want to embrace you. 月を見るたび重いだせ!! (Tsuki o miru tabi omoidaze - Remember me upon seeing the moon). 愛してる!!! (Ashiteru - I love you!) Mina TTF Member 2: My most beautiful black swan, Mina, why you always look so pretty (with and without makeup) thus making my heart sway everytime. I have betrayed you for Sana and feeling very remorseful. Actually, I am still watching over your secretly. I am glad to be your guardian angel. Chaeyoung TTF Member 3: Hey yo! Wassup baby beast!! I love your hair extension during Twiceland encore which is swinging back and forth. I want to share this love rap lyrics with you. Cuz I can tell, my life with you would be delicious The way you lick your lips and shake your hips got me addicted I’m sittin’ here hoping that we can find some way to kick it Mina TTF Member 4: Hey Mina. Please keep your hair long...... Sana and so on..... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Confession Game Start! My dearest waifu, Sana, my one and only love. Heaven has chosen to bring us together! You are so cute and adorable which makes me always want to embrace you. 月を見るたび重いだせ!! (Tsuki o miru tabi omoidaze - Remember me upon seeing the moon). 愛してる!!! (Ashiteru - I love you!) source: 49 media tumblr Mina