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  1. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    Omg!!! My Ellin!!!! How do u know her. She is my favourite visual. I am not able to put her in my dream team due to her age. Anyway thanks for sharing. Why your team only 3 people?
  2. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    Yes. Good merits = good returns.
  3. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    Hi phebe! Please take some time to do this. We are eager to know your dream team. I will wait.
  4. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    Hi phebe. 1st time seeing u. Maybe u change nick? Where u from?
  5. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    any soon?
  6. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    hey jokballet what votm?
  7. Your favourite chatters in TTF chatroom

    chatroom is back!! lets continue to vote the best chatter!!
  8. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    can u help me tell others to share their dream group here? thanks
  9. Form Your Ultimate KPOP Girl Group

    still waiting... good job!! why seohyun?? she is a role model for girl group. 0 scandal.
  10. Mina was my ex bias. Mina is my bias during sixteen. She is just too pretty. But once debut sana is my no.1
  11. Credit to carefree traveler. Sana gorgeous passport photo!
  12. haha so what is nayeon traits?
  13. hi. is she not? i heard she is? anyway please share your thoughts on Twice.