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  1. The veterens of said war will not be forgotten. I'm a veteran too Ah yes now I'm the king. Bow peasents!!!!. No just kidding.
  2. Sana follewed by tzuyu followed by Mina.
  3. shes was once my bias wrecker. Back when tzuyu was my bias.
  4. Hi there, can i get your cover GIF? thank's

    1. #Satzu


      Yeah I'll do it. It'll take a few hours.

  5. If you liked it you should see the 10 hour loop.
  6. It would be good as a phone ring tone.
  7. Tzuyu Is good too
  8. SANA with the shy shy shy.
  9. What they said about Sana though.you should ignore. As much as I want to declare war and defend poor Sana and the rest it's best to ignore
  10. Poor tzuyu tho she keeps getting cut off by Sana
  11. Could you listen to this unabridged all the way through. How long would it be untill it would get annoying. If you can set this though tell in the comments. True Sana biased won't get annoyed. I personally haven't watched it yet.
  12. All who haven't seen my fanart please do and be sure to comment and leave suggestions. Thank you.


  13. Yeah I like here new hair. That hair and when's she went blondish white is my favorite Sana hair colors
  14. Aw poor tzuyu. At least she was able to keep the bunny.
  15. She could never be my bias wrecker. She is The bias. Always.
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