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Status Updates posted by >TornbetweenMomoandJihyo<

  1. Woah. I missed coming back here :ny-lol:

  2. I hope Sana recovers fast and Twice gets their much-needed break :mm-pout:

    1. kz.suweeg


      yeah their schedules are very hectic i hope they get some rest:mm-bb: 

    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      I totally agree

  3. Made a minor name change :jh-cheer:

    1. Phebe


      NOOOOO SANAAAA :dh-smthing:

    2. >TornbetweenMomoandJihyo<


      Don't worry I still love her like the others :sn-lub:

  4. Had a weird dream where Tzuyu and I were neighbors and best friends :ty-hehe:

  5. Is it weird that I like the Merry and Happy stage more than the Heart Shaker stage? :mn-tea:

  6. I'm really close to swerving to Jihyo right now :jh-myheart:

    1. kz.suweeg
    2. >TornbetweenMomoandJihyo<


      Lemme guess, it's because of Heart Shaker :mn-blush:

    3. kz.suweeg


      @>TornbetweenMomoandSana< Kinda?:ny-lol:I don't think i have a bias anymore when HEARTSHAKER released..:dh-wut:

  7. Heart Shaker is currently trending at no. 1 on PH Youtube :mm-wow:

  8. I keep hearing "Is Sana gay?" at the start of Heart Shaker's chorus :ny-lol:

  9. Omg I just noticed something funny on the Heart Shaker teaser :sn-lol:

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    2. JokbalManiaMomo


      If we had the same thought on what it is, maybe I will laugh too but me too I saw a funny scene there hahaha :sn-lol:

    3. >TornbetweenMomoandJihyo<


      Around 0:45 on the vid, Sana's left leg was behind her right leg. And then maybe she was about to trip she quickly put her left leg in front :sn-lol: Clumsy Sana as always

    4. JokbalManiaMomo


      Hahahhaha that's what I saw hahahaha we have the same thought hahahaha :sn-lol:

  10. Wow... I didn't know there was a stage where Twice performed while raining :cy-omg:

    1. Phebe


      A lot of idols have performed while it rained :sn-sparkle:

  11. So our entry to our college's dance contest was cancelled. Oh well, I guess there's always a next time :ny-yes:

    1. MyiMina


      Don't worry, like you said there's always a next time :mimo-hug: 

  12. I was supposed to post in the face thread last Sunday but I forgot it :ny-lol:

  13. The new layout looks nice as always :mm-jjang:

  14. What does Twice's latest update on Twitter mean? It just says "The end." :mm-pout:

  15. Now I'm convinced that the MiChaeng ship is sailing again :mc-hug:

  16. Look at Me is so good! Now it's my 2nd favorite song on Twicetagram