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Everything posted by >TornbetweenMomoandJihyo<

  1. Just saw this on Twitter. Isn't she adorable? credits: BLIИKTWIƆE™‏

    Hi guys! I'm back again with Twice's other song from their latest Japanese single You can listen to it here: What do you think of Brand New Girl? Share your thoughts below! credits: . えむし
  3. do you know da wae?

  4. [PIC] TWICE Folder Icons

    Hi guys! Thought I might share this one: So basically I set my folder icons to Twice members! What do you think of it? Member pics credits: ❧ NOONAYA
  5. [OFFICIAL] Park Jihyo (박지효) Spazz Thread!

    Jihyo the fluffy unicorn
  6. what's that one thing you're not good at?

    Making friends with someone younger than me. Most of my friends irl are older than me by 3-4 years.

    After listening to Likey for almost everyday, I wondered if someone made a mashup of it with Pristin's We Like. Well here it is. I did not make it, but I hope you enjoy this credits: &nbsp;LEIA [ 리아 ]
  8. I hope Sana recovers fast and Twice gets their much-needed break :mm-pout:

    1. kz.suweeg


      yeah their schedules are very hectic i hope they get some rest:mm-bb: 

    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      I totally agree

  9. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Who's Your Favorite in Candy Pop MV?

    1. Candy Sana because of that pink hair 2. Candy Tzuyu because she looks too cute with those twin tails
  10. [FAN ART] Candy Pop Wallpaper

    Good job as always Your effort is much appreciated

    On and off stage, they are beautiful
  12. [DISCUSSION] For fanboys only

    Well here in PH you will be judged by not only being a fanboy, you'll also be judged by being a fan of kpop. From what I've observed, I encountered many fanboys who were not shy in showing that they are fans to the point that they dance and play Likey and Heart Shaker. It's a good thing that more fanboys are coming out, but judgemental people are still unavoidable 'cause people tend to hate on someone/something famous. Just ignore them, their words will not define who you are.
  13. Your 2017 HIGHLIGHT

    Since 2017 is coming to a end, why not share your memorable moments of this year? For me, this is the year that I met Twice and became a big fan of them. I was actually not a big fan of kpop in general back then but Twice made me change my mind. I also met new friends both in this forum and in real life What about you? What made this year a great one?
  14. Your 2017 HIGHLIGHT

    Yep, same old me I actually plan to visit here more
  15. [DISCUSSION] What things of Twice do you have?

    I have headphones and a poster (unofficial ones tho), the Signal album with pre-order benefits and my arriving Twicetagram album
  16. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Twice ba yung sinayaw mo? At least ikaw 2500 yung akin wala pa sa kalahati nyan
  17. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Ano guys magkano na nalikom nyo mula kay ninong at ninang?
  18. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Momo or Jihyo lang sapat na LOL pera na lang po hehe
  19. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Best 5 Side-Tracks in Twicetagram?

    1. Look at Me- that bass drop tho 2. Ding Dong- Chaeng's da-da-da-dance on the floor 3. 24/7- super catchy 4. Wow- also catchy, especially Sana on chorus 5. Sleep Tight Good Night- relaxing song, I wish Twice would do more songs like this
  20. Made a minor name change :jh-cheer:

    1. Phebe


      NOOOOO SANAAAA :dh-smthing:

    2. >TornbetweenMomoandJihyo<


      Don't worry I still love her like the others :sn-lub:

  21. Had a weird dream where Tzuyu and I were neighbors and best friends :ty-hehe:

  22. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Which ERA Had The Best Outfits?

    Likey era because the stylist really went all out with every comeback stage