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  1. Tofu-Dahyun

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Best 5 Side-Tracks in Twicetagram?

    Usually it takes me a few listens for songs to grow on me, but I loved most of the Twicetagram songs from the start So it took me a while to think about this. My favourite B-sides currently are 1 - Sleep Tight, Good Night 2 - Having You 3 - Missing You 4 - Turtle 5 - Love Line, 24/7 & Don't Give Up (I couldn't decide between them) For now this is my Top 5
  2. Tofu-Dahyun

    [DISCUSSION] Who is your bias? (SAVE YOUR BIAS)

    Nayeon's smile kills me as well, thankfully her laugh brings me back to life. Her Bunny teeth should come with a fatality warning. I can't think of a better way to die, well I now know the way I want to go I think we could all die happy if the last thing we saw was Nayeon's smile.
  3. Tofu-Dahyun

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon's Bunny Teeth Appreciation Thread

    No problem, I just can't get enough of Nayeon and her bunny teeth. Honestly who could resist that adorable smile. Cr. First Rabbit Cr: MBC Entertainment
  4. Cr. Momo Jjang By the end of watching this I honestly could not stop laughing and smiling, Sana's happiness & crazyness is definitely infectious.
  5. Tofu-Dahyun

    [MINAIST/PIC] Your Daily Mina

    Ah, she's so beautiful
  6. Tofu-Dahyun

    [FAN EDIT] Twice Hair Colour Edits

    I know they must take good care of their hair, although I am a little worried for Dahyun, she might need to give the hair dye a rest, she hasn't stopped dying her hair since TT, she was orange, then red, then blonde, now grey/brown. I feel she needs to go back to her natural colour and give her hair a break.
  7. Tofu-Dahyun

    [FAN EDIT] Twice Hair Colour Edits

    Thank you I like them with different colours as well, I am pretty sure Twice could pull off any colour and I can't wait to see what colours and styles they try for their next comeback.
  8. Tofu-Dahyun

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon's Bunny Teeth Appreciation Thread

    I was thinking the same thing. So here are some Nayeon Pics I had prepared Cr.All-Twice.com Cr. Nayeon Cleaner
  9. Tofu-Dahyun

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon's Bunny Teeth Appreciation Thread

    Those are definitely some cute Nayeon gifs,
  10. Tofu-Dahyun

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon's Bunny Teeth Appreciation Thread

    To make up for the emotional gif in my last contribution to this thread, I am adding some more extra cute Smiling Nayeon gif's
  11. Tofu-Dahyun

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon's Bunny Teeth Appreciation Thread

    Cr. Heartlipped Forewarning the following emotional gif, contains tears (and bunny teeth)
  12. Tofu-Dahyun

    [DAHYUNIST/VID] DaHyun FanCams!

    I didn't know about some of these fancams / videos, I need to check out the other members as well. Thanks @chandra for sharing this.
  13. Tofu-Dahyun

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: Tofu-Dahyun Post Count: 101 Award Requesting: Signal Dahyun Thank You
  14. Tofu-Dahyun

    [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon's Bunny Teeth Appreciation Thread

    Nayeon's smile melts my heart everytime. 100% agree I could watch Nayeon smiling all day every day. Same, Nayeon's bunny teeth make everyday better. She is just too cute