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  1. WHICH ERA HAD THE BEST OUTFITS? Which era for you had the best outfits in the MV? Is it Ohh Ahh? Cheer Up? Signal? For me i'd say LIKEY I really liked their outfits there they all look so gorgeous! They all look gorgeous in all era's but it's just LIKEY for me! All of our girls suit their outfits i can't get enough of it lel And OHH AHH is second best for me~ a BIG thumbs up for stylist nim!!
  2. kz.suweeg

    one year of swag

    hello everyone i'm keira :> On May 15, 2017 i stumbled upon a thread here. i don't remember what thread but i think it was about momo HAHAH And i found it interesting so i decided to create an account. That time Dahyun was my bias and i never knew that i'd change my bias so often so now i just label it as can't choose. At my first time here i was quite nervous because i'm not really good at meeting new people. But i felt less nervous when i saw the replies on my first introduction post here, everyone was so nice ^^ I was mostly active on the chatbox and met alot of friends there~ You guys know who you areee. There are alot of things that happened to me in and outside the forums. I never really expected to be motm, i was actually on a vacation with my family that time so i was not as active. But still thank youuuuuu. And i want to thank all the people who i made friends with~ You guys really made me have a good time here. Hopefully my next year here will be filled with new memories and friends to remember! cheers for one year of swag!! even though i have zero swag
  3. kz.suweeg

    A star has entered the server

    Sorry if it's late but happy anniversary lodi!!
  4. kz.suweeg


    Hello Angel! Welcome to TTF fellow ONCE from the PH!
  5. kz.suweeg

    2 chaerrys a day keep the bear away

    Happy Anniversary Chaerry!!
  6. kz.suweeg

    knock... knock... Hello

    Hello there! Welcome to TTF!!
  7. kz.suweeg

    Heya! ( ^∇^) Nice to be here!

    Welcome to TTF!
  8. Happy Birthday!


    1. Phebe


      Thank you kz <3

  9. kz.suweeg

    one year of swag

    thank you~
  10. Happy Birthday!!!


  11. Happy Birthday mina'syellow Beanie!! 


    Hope you enjoy your day!!


  12. kz.suweeg

    one year of swag

    thank youu Aww thank you beanie♡
  13. kz.suweeg

    one year of swag

    when will i start attending pre-school then maybe haha and thank youuuu you can call me anything you want and thank youuu uwu thank you plumeee♡
  14. kz.suweeg

    one year of swag

    thank youuuu♡
  15. cute bunny cr:studioPARN
  16. kz.suweeg

    Hello, everyone new ONCE here.

    Hello and welcome to TTF!! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here and be sure to visit often! there are alot of fun people here so i'm sure you'll have a good time~ let's be friends~
  17. kz.suweeg

    [DISCUSSION] your bias wrecker?

    i've been biaswrecked 4 times and that means i changed my bias 4 times my first biaswrecker was nayeon then there's jihyo, mina and jeongyeon.
  18. kz.suweeg

    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: kz.suweeg Post Count: 1,500 Award Requesting: "What is Love?" - Tzuyu thank youuuu
  19. kz.suweeg

    [GAME] True or False Game

    false the person below just watched a movie