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  1. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Cr. always_dubu (180429) Angel Dubu uwu Cr. TheFlowerDance (170617) Cr. tofulike07 (180429)
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  4. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Tzuyu (쯔위) Spazz Thread

    Cr. pricelessgirl99
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  6. Holy side profiles Cr. WinterFrame (180515) Her smile makes me go Cr. Horse_Once (180429) I you too!!!! Cr. scent_sana (180515) I AM NOT FINE WITH THIS SIDE PROFILE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Cr. alwaysfine9 (180515) I love how on she switches from cutie to shekshi mode alternately in these pictures Cr. sanacottoncandy (180515) You deserve all of the in this world UwU Cr. _White_Heather_ (180515) I SURRENDER! Cr. WinterFrame (180429)
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  8. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Cr. always_dubu (180429) Cr. minjh901 (180421)
  9. Cr. Ruby_ONCE (180511)
  10. Just realized something...



    It's been a year since I first joined TTF... :ty-peek: 


    I'll make a post tomorrow because I'm lazy today :ny-lol: 


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    2. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :congrats:


    3. Plume


      Happy Anniversary Lester:jh-cheer:

    4. Jhin



  11. :dh-eagle:YOOOOOOOOOOOO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUH!!! :ty-peek:

    tara inuman :3 :ny-soju:

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