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  1. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Cr. always_dubu (180429) Angel Dubu uwu Cr. TheFlowerDance (170617) Cr. tofulike07 (180429)
  2. Cr. Son_emotion (180427) THAT STARE IS ILLEGAL, CALL 911! Cr. CYblossom423 (180515)
  3. Throwback Momo Cr. Ruby_ONCE (171202)
  4. Mina just looking up is Cr. nakaji_1125 (180429)
  5. Holy side profiles Cr. WinterFrame (180515) Her smile makes me go Cr. Horse_Once (180429) I you too!!!! Cr. scent_sana (180515) I AM NOT FINE WITH THIS SIDE PROFILE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Cr. alwaysfine9 (180515) I love how on she switches from cutie to shekshi mode alternately in these pictures Cr. sanacottoncandy (180515) You deserve all of the in this world UwU Cr. _White_Heather_ (180515) I SURRENDER! Cr. WinterFrame (180429)
  6. Cr. island_JY_diary (180429) Cr. J_YuToPia (180501) Cr. coupd_efoudre (180515)
  7. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Cr. always_dubu (180429) Cr. minjh901 (180421)
  8. Just realized something...



    It's been a year since I first joined TTF... :ty-peek: 


    I'll make a post tomorrow because I'm lazy today :ny-lol: 


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    2. Lost Penguin
    3. Plume


      Happy Anniversary Lester:jh-cheer:

    4. Jhin



  9. :dh-eagle:YOOOOOOOOOOOO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUH!!! :ty-peek:

    tara inuman :3 :ny-soju:

  10. Cr. CYblossom423 (180428) Cr. Son_emotion (180429) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180429) Cr. FLORESCENT_CY (180515)
  11. Cr. junsuzy3298s (180429) Cr. PeachTokTok1109 (180515)
  12. Cr. BDS_MyoiMina324 (180515) Cr. beautynbeat9697 (180515) Cr. coupd_efoudre (180515)
  13. Cr. _White_Heather_ (180511) Cr. scent_sana (180515) Cr. TwiceOnceLand (180515) Cr. WinterFrame (180515) Cr. alwaysfine9 (180515)
  14. OnceUponAStar

    one year of swag

    AYYYYY CONGRATS ON YOUR 1ST YEAR ON TTF!!! should i call you kz-sunbae then? Since you're 1 day older than me in this forum
  15. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Tzuyu (쯔위) Spazz Thread

    Cr. reddot0614 (180429) Cr. wenny00_ (180428) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180429) Cr. pricelessgirl99 (180422) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180410)
  16. Cr. dreamnara0324 (180422) Cr. BeyondWords1020 Cr. MAXUS_YJY (180511) Cr. 37min_go (180416) Cr. junsuzy3298s (180429) Cr. LovelyMINA37
  17. Cr. TwiceOnceLand (180511) Cr. scent_sana (180511) Cr. MAXUS_YJY (180511) Cr. wenny00_ (180428) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180429) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180410) Cr. WinterFrame (180511) Cr, TwiceOnceLand (180418) Cr. TwiceOnceLand (180412) Cr. studioPARN (180429) Cr. _White_Heather_ (180511) Sorry for having the pics unorganized
  18. Time to make a comeback...


    1. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      go go lester :jh-cheer:

    2. kz.suweeg
    3. JokbalManiaMomo


      cameback and celebrate your 1 year anniversary hahahah :ny-yes:

  19. Got something to confess on Yoo Jeongyeon? Post it here! You can decide whether you would want your confession short or long. Just make it family-friendly Okay, I'll start!
  20. Got a confession to make on Park Jihyo? Post it here! Whether short or long, it's your decision to make Just make it family-friendly. Okay, I'll start!
  21. Got something to confess to our Son Chaeyoung? Post it here! Whether short or long, it's your decision to make... Just make the confession family-friendly Okay, I'll start!
  22. Most likely, you would think I'm being redundant here? But it's about every member so deal with it. You could say how you feel or what you want to say here about our Kim Dahyun You can decide whether the confession would be short or long Just make it family-friendly Okay, I'll start!
  23. This is basically a confession board on what you want to say or how you feel about our Minatozaki Sana This thread is welcome to all TTF members. So you can post your confession here even though Sana is not your bias It can be just a few words, a sentence, a paragraph or whatever you want it to be. Just make the confession family-friendly I'll start with my own confession...(oh you can use the spoiler tag when you want to )