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  1. OnceUponAStar

    "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    This is mainly just for fun. Okay basically, the title says it all. XD You're gonna tell everyone how tall you are. I'll try to make a list of the TTF members' height down below when this thread has enough posts Let's start! My height is 5'7. Here's the list of the members' height in TTF: Hope to know more about your heights.
  2. OnceUponAStar

    A star has entered the server

    pls dont judge my title Today actually marks 1 year that I started making a presence in TTF. (well technically it's been 13 days but i just spent those first 13 days lurking) Most of you would probably know me as Lester(yes, a hansum name indeed ) And some of you guys may know on how active I am in my first few months in TTF I couldn't deny that i've made mistakes throughout the year(like making duplicate threads ) But what I could say is that the fun memories i've spent of TTF all year long with you guys... It's something that I want really want to cherish. I just want to thank everyone in TTF who made my experience in the forums a whole lot of fun MY SINCERE THANK YOU WALL <3 My sincere apologies if i forgot some of you guys Cheers for more fun memories to come!
  3. Cr. TwiceOnceLand (180429) Cr. scent_sana (180429)
  4. Cr. CottonCandy (180601) Cr. season in the sun (180601) Cr. U_TaJ0 (180429) Cr. TwiceOnceLand (180515) Cr. TWICE_MM1020 (180410)
  5. I wish i was the one being noticed by Sana in these pics Cr. WinterFrame (180429)
  6. OnceUponAStar

    A star has entered the server

    You can expect me to be more active from now on Since i got super active during the first few months after May FINALLY SOMEONE ACKNOWLEDGES!! shush u you'd react more if i didn't include you ah Thanks! *eagle sounds in the distance* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  7. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Cr. always_dubu (180429) Angel Dubu uwu Cr. TheFlowerDance (170617) Cr. tofulike07 (180429)
  8. Cr. Son_emotion (180427) THAT STARE IS ILLEGAL, CALL 911! Cr. CYblossom423 (180515)
  9. Throwback Momo Cr. Ruby_ONCE (171202)
  10. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Tzuyu (쯔위) Spazz Thread

    Cr. pricelessgirl99
  11. Mina just looking up is Cr. nakaji_1125 (180429)
  12. Holy side profiles Cr. WinterFrame (180515) Her smile makes me go Cr. Horse_Once (180429) I you too!!!! Cr. scent_sana (180515) I AM NOT FINE WITH THIS SIDE PROFILE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Cr. alwaysfine9 (180515) I love how on she switches from cutie to shekshi mode alternately in these pictures Cr. sanacottoncandy (180515) You deserve all of the in this world UwU Cr. _White_Heather_ (180515) I SURRENDER! Cr. WinterFrame (180429)
  13. Cr. island_JY_diary (180429) Cr. J_YuToPia (180501) Cr. coupd_efoudre (180515)
  14. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Kim Dahyun (다현) Spazz Thread

    Cr. always_dubu (180429) Cr. minjh901 (180421)
  15. Cr. Ruby_ONCE (180511)
  16. Just realized something...



    It's been a year since I first joined TTF... :ty-peek: 


    I'll make a post tomorrow because I'm lazy today :ny-lol: 


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    2. Jumping Penguin 🍓🐯🐧
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      Happy Anniversary Lester:jh-cheer:

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  17. :dh-eagle:YOOOOOOOOOOOO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUH!!! :ty-peek:

    tara inuman :3 :ny-soju:

  18. Cr. CYblossom423 (180428) Cr. Son_emotion (180429) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180429) Cr. FLORESCENT_CY (180515)
  19. Cr. junsuzy3298s (180429) Cr. PeachTokTok1109 (180515)
  20. Cr. BDS_MyoiMina324 (180515) Cr. beautynbeat9697 (180515) Cr. coupd_efoudre (180515)
  21. Cr. _White_Heather_ (180511) Cr. scent_sana (180515) Cr. TwiceOnceLand (180515) Cr. WinterFrame (180515) Cr. alwaysfine9 (180515)
  22. OnceUponAStar

    one year of swag

    AYYYYY CONGRATS ON YOUR 1ST YEAR ON TTF!!! should i call you kz-sunbae then? Since you're 1 day older than me in this forum
  23. OnceUponAStar

    [OFFICIAL] Tzuyu (쯔위) Spazz Thread

    Cr. reddot0614 (180429) Cr. wenny00_ (180428) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180429) Cr. pricelessgirl99 (180422) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180410)
  24. Cr. dreamnara0324 (180422) Cr. BeyondWords1020 Cr. MAXUS_YJY (180511) Cr. 37min_go (180416) Cr. junsuzy3298s (180429) Cr. LovelyMINA37
  25. Cr. TwiceOnceLand (180511) Cr. scent_sana (180511) Cr. MAXUS_YJY (180511) Cr. wenny00_ (180428) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180429) Cr. nakaji_1125 (180410) Cr. WinterFrame (180511) Cr, TwiceOnceLand (180418) Cr. TwiceOnceLand (180412) Cr. studioPARN (180429) Cr. _White_Heather_ (180511) Sorry for having the pics unorganized