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  1. Black Friday x Twice

    Er,if anyone wants to see the second chapter, you can request me here, I'll be really glad to continue it
  2. Black Friday x Twice

    You got me, xD Wew, thanks Oops, didn't notice, I'll watch out next time. Thank you Thanks a lot,it's my first try xD Haha, well, I kept my promise
  3. Black Friday x Twice

    Well,the first chapter of my fanfic. Enjoy. xD @Ahn Haeju I fulfilled my promise,haha Black Friday x Twice Chapter 1 “Nine hundred and eighty six,nine hundred and eighty seven……”An man in his forties was arranging a 1000 pieces Lego model. He worked on it really carefully,as one wrong move would turn everything into nothing. Although he was an engineer,he liked Legos. He was quite a successful architect,drawing tons of plans of buildings for companies,local and international. No one knew he liked Legos, he lived alone. Perfect. “ Thirteen pieces left.” He thought,with a black piece in his hand. Unlucky number,bad colour for luck. So Death came for him. From nowhere,a woman in a black suit appeared behind him,wearing a black shirt inside,black gloves and a black briefcase. It looked like she just materialized from the shadows. “Excuse me,checkmate.” She held a gun at the man’s waist,at point-blank range. The lone bullet in the silencer went through the man’s flesh,into his liver,and lastly coming out from his stomach. She knew how much time the man had. She paid attention in Biology classes when going to university. “Please wait patiently for sixteen minutes.”She said,with remorse on her face. “Ooh,Legos,what you are building?” She took the piece from the man;s palm. “Okay,13 pieces left.Hmmm,I’ll finish it for you ,don’t you worry.” She made her trademark smile,and stuck out her tongue. She put the 13 pieces of Legos in position,perfectly. “Hmm,I still don’t know what this is,a building of some sort??? You ok down there?” The man nodded,half conscious.Dark red blood was spilling onto the floor,with no intention of stopping. The man was confused,how did she get in??? The windows were barred.the doors were bolted, and there were four strong bodyguards outside his house. “Who are you,and who hired you?” He gasped for air. “You know I can’t tell you.” She looked at her watch,sixteen minutes was up. The man’s eyes closed,and his breathing stopped abruptly. Before she left,she turned to look at the pool of dark blood. “Nayeon……you can tell my name to everyone…….if you can.”
  4. What are you currently listening to?

    Zen zen zense and Scandal's Harukaze. Kimi No Nawa
  5. The "Show me your face" thread!

    Lolz, catdog???
  6. [K-Dayz] Twice/Kpop Online Radio

    Request please. If it's ok, please shout out my TTF name DesTinY 2325 too, pretty please?
  7. The "Show me your face" thread!

    You live up to your name, lovely puppy or, Cappy??
  8. The "Show me your face" thread!

    Eh, you're both visuals Puppy x cat= Cappy
  9. The "Show me your face" thread!

    Visual You're cuter
  10. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: DesTinY 2325 Post Count: 495 Award requesting: "Signal" - Nayeon and "Knock Knock" - Tzuyu
  11. "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    I'm 5'8
  12. [GAME] Kpop Bias

    GD. Red Velvet
  13. An introduction.....again??? xD

    Thank you thank you Of course I'll have fun here Thank you!!! Nice to meet you, again! Cool, thanks a lot It's saddening.But well,at least we'll be there for them
  14. VainGlory

    Okayyyyyy, I ship NaMo Favorite member????? Erm,I don't have a lot of friends in here so....... It's really cool to meet you though @TzuyuTheChocolateBar