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  1. Your DP is incredible!!!! WHere and how can I get that?!?!1 :mm-wow:

    1. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu


      Im sorry for the late reply I'm not really active anymore here :mn-cry:

      If you haven't found it yet, it comes from Touchdown Japan VCR, here's a link https://youtu.be/kKD9s3rm54Q  :ny-nono: 

  2. Happy birthday ilysm


    1. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu


      Thank you so much and sorry for that late reply ! :sn-lub:  ily

    2. Phebe


      Omg hi ilyt I miss you

  3. Ton profile est grave aesthetic ♥

  4. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu

    [PIC] 171224 TWICE x Pocari Sweat Winter Printed Ad

    Aweee look at their precious smiles
  5. Congratulations ! Their hard work definitely wasn't a waste, hope they'll have some time to rest now, they fed us well
  6. Highest reputation for a girl group, I'm so proud of them Oh you're a LEGGO too ?
  7. Merry Christmas everyone ! I hope you'll all have a wonderful day:chu:

    I can't believe already more than 6 months had passed since I first came to TTF. I met a ton of nice people here, mostly the Once Fr Squad (Coucou ♥️ @MyiMina @Lovely puppy @Shyness @Skallix @Cutie-Lucy ), but I also had the opportunity to talk a lot of international ONCE and it really is a great experience for me (and I probably wouldn't have met the love of my life if I didn't came here but that's another story)

    I wish to meet even more people for the years to come because we have such an amazing community. 

    I'm really thankful to all the ones were really nice to me since I first came here (I won't mention because I don't want to forget anybody ><)

    Kamsahamnida everyone ! Love you all :mm-heart:


    1. BabyBear


      Merry Christmas :D

    2. MyiMina


      Love you too Maman!~ :mimo-hug::jeongmi-hug: 

  8. :sn-hi:

    It's been awhile since I talked to you!

    How have you been?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Phebe


      I've been good! :jy-jks:

    3. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu


      Hope you're having a great holiday so far !  :sn-shy:

      (You already have so much posts I'm shook) :ny-oh:

      (Omg it's so awkward when I talk I'm sorry)


    4. Phebe


      It's okay xDDD

  9. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu

    Hi guys

    Hello Jazzy ! Nice to meet you, welcome to TTF ! Enjoy your stay ! Loona stan, huh ?
  10. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice Pout Appreciation Thread

    Nayeon, Jeongyeon or Mina for me
  11. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu

    [DISCUSSION] Twice hairstyle

    I might be too biased but Jeongyeon's current hairstyle looks amazing on her But I can't choose just one between all of them tho
  12. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu

    Lets make friends!!!

    Welcome to TTF ! Have fun here and enjoy your stay ! Hope we can be friends !
  13. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu

    [FAN ART] Mina Edit~

    Omo good job ! Looks amazing
  14. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu

    [FANART] Mike Wazowski by TB

    Looks really good
  15. JeongyeonIsMyWaifu

    HI peeps.

    Welcome to TTF Kathryn ! Hope you'll enjoy your time here