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  1. BabyBear (MTP) Is Coming Back!

    When: June 18th, 2018

    I can't wait to be active on TTF again! See you in a few months!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. optzumistic
    3. Plume


      Yay the day of my first year on TTF:jh-myheart:

    4. JokbalManiaMomo


      Wait? What? You are active 15 hours ago? Didn't able to talk to you. How sad! But I will wait for that date we will be active again! :ny-yes: Make TTF great again! :jh-cheer:

  2. Hey it's been a while that I didn't see you on TTF MTP :dh-wink: We all miss you so much! (At least we have Discord :ty-notbad:)

    I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you~ I hope you'll stay happy and healthy as always! :ny-yes:You are my friend since a long time now and I don't regret it at all, thank you for making me happy hihi. I guess you are turning to 12 now, it's nice then. Congratulations again :ty-onemil:

  3. Happy birthday!

    We are waiting for your comeback. 


  4. Heyyyy~ It's your birthday today! :congrats: Happy Birthday MTP/Baby Bear!

    Wishing you all the best and happy and good life :ny-yes:

    I hope you can be active again because we really miss you! :mm-heart:

    Happy Birthday again! And enjoy your day! :ny-chu:

  5. Hi, I'm New Child

    #SmolChilds4Life Happy Anniversay I guess?! lol
  6. [GAME] True or False Game

    FALSE :O I never saw any clips of Sixteen RIP ME And I eat them a lot already :p The person below is Sana biased.
  7. [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Username: BabyBear Post Count: 400(?) -Switch Out Signal Mina With Knock Knock Jeongyeon -Switch Out Heartshaker Mina With Heartshaker Jeongyeon Thanks In Advance!
  8. The "Show me your face" thread!

    Ok. Even though I'm under 15 I'm doing this. If this is a scam you can ask the admins or mods to ban me :) I'm not that pretty so don't expect too much. Go through these 3 spoilers.
  9. Oops Sorry For Being Inactive! 356 notifs :')

    I'll be changing my name soon because I have officially swerved and I have chosen a bias :) I missed you guys and I hope to be more active!



    1. Ahn Haeju
    2. JokbalManiaMomo


      Miss you too~ MTP I/We really miss you! :ny-yes: Nice swerving hahaha :jy-icu:

    3. Mintyoongi_TT
  10. OMG Its Snowing Here!!!

    1. Phebe



      It was a blizzard last night. :ny-fish:

    2. Plume
    3. Cupcake Cupid
  11. who your ultimate bias

    Omg I have swerved to other members too and then I watch a Seulgi fancam. The cycle goes around again lol
  12. who your ultimate bias

    I change ultimate biases WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too much, so I'll just say the one I have now and that I always swerve back to: Red Velvet's Seulgi Proof: I also do crazy things and stuff because of her rip. Tzuyu and Mina come once in a while and wreck me and ye lol help me.
  13. [GAME] Name the person above you

    I hope we're not breaking any rules lmao Funny Weirdo :D
  14. [GAME] Name the person above you

    lmao I'm phake Weird Alien :O