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  1. the crossed out is private stuff. I miss you all thanks for thinking about me :']


  2. Hi!

    Welcome To TTF! Though I Am Departing From TTF, I Hope You Enjoy Your Time Here ^^
  3. Hello My Followers And TTF Members,

    I Am Here To Announce My Departure From TTF (Please Note That Will Mean I Will Be Inactive And I May Visit Again). Thank You For All The Memories I Made, And The Friendships I Formed. Please Stay Safe And Live Life To It's Fullest.

    If You'd Like To Speak To Me, Contact Me On Discord. My Username Is MysticalPenguin#2532.

    Thank You Everyone For Everything You've All Done.


    MinaThePenguin (MTP)

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    2. chaerrybear
    3. Plume


      i'll miss you so much my pingu! :<

    4. JokbalManiaMomo


      What? Why? :mm-tt: But I can't do anything since you are the one that decide about that :ny-yes: But still I'm happy to meet/talk or spazz with you. :mn-blush: Stay safe and be healthy. We will wait for your return. :sn-hi:

      I love you! :sn-lub:

  4. I miss you sooo much TT

  5. pinguuu

    i'm not allowed to have discord anymoreeee 

    cri cri cri :sn-tt:

  6. one word story

  7. Happy Bday Plumie!~~~~~~

    1. Plume


      Thank you Penguin! :sn-heart:

  8. Wew I'm Starting School.

    I'll Have A Tight Schedule So I Won't Be Active Here And On Discord :(

    In My Spare Time (If I Have Any) I Will Visit ^^

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    2. Plume


      Good luck! :ty-yodahi:

      it should be ..easy probably.. :sn-smthing:

    3. Shy Shy Shy

      Shy Shy Shy

      good luck! 

      oh btw i'm not allowed to have discord anymore. cake can explain to you.

    4. chaerrybear
  9. ⭐What's your First Kpop Song?⭐

    BTS Boy In Luv
  10. Happy Birthday Batmannnnnnnn!

    Hope To See You Sometime On Discord!

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    2. ZackZachary


      lol, you arent going to school? @MinaThePenguin

    3. MinaThePenguin


      Not Yet Lol, School For Me Starts Tomorrow :D

    4. ZackZachary


      oooh good for you then! enjoy your day off!:ny-yes:

  11. Hi!!!

    Hi, I'm MinaThePenguin! People Call Me MTP Or Pingu As Well! I'm Really Active On Discord (TTF Has A Discord Server)! Make Sure To Take A Look At The Rules, Announcements, And Team Twice 101. Hope To See You Around Fellow Mina Stan! (Get Discord And We'll Get To Talk ^^)
  12. new ONCE

    Welcome To TTF!!!