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  1. [AWARDS] Wonce Awards Request Thread

    Username: chandra Award Requesting: Selcas - Jihyo Replace with "One more time - Jihyo"
  2. [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #HEARTSHAKER

    I'd like to have both!
  3. I saw this, I love watching it. it so cool how he just knows how to work everything. talented indeed!
  4. One in a million! Hello!

    hellooo welcome to TTF. hope you enjoy your time here :)
  5. HI GUYS!!

    welcome to the Team Twice Forums! I hope you enjoy your time here :)
  6. [NAVER] TWICE's refreshing LieV for fans

    the LieV was really funny honestly
  7. Im scared for TWICE to win awards now because of all these stupid haters :(
  8. Hi everyone!

    welcome to TTF :) hope you enjoy your stay here !!
  9. Greetings

    welcome to TTF! Glad you joined us !!! hope you enjoy your time here at TTF!

    I didnt know guests could make topics either, interesting haha

    welcome to TTF! do hope you enjoy your stay here :)
  12. [DISCUSSION] Twicetagram Christmas edition?

    Y'all in luck because TWICE is releasing a repackage album with a holiday theme called HEARTSHAKER!!! https://twitter.com/JYPETWICE/status/934799112087642112
  13. [DISCUSSION] TWICE - THEORY | Heart Shaker

    there is a repackage album coming out, Heartshaker was announced on twitter today!!!!
  14. Hey Guys! :) I'm so glad that TWICE is giving all this content and are always releasing stuff, but this is absolutely crazy. 4 Korean comebacks, 1 Japanese debut and then a Japanese comeback, 6 music videos being filmed. Only to top off all their comeback promotions, but all the shows they go on and the different concerts they've had; as well as the TWICE goods that they release.Mind you, that this is all in not even a year. I really think JYP is pushing these girls way too hard, there's no reason for all this, TWICE would have been fine with just 2 comebacks and a japanese debut, but JYP is really doing the most. I just feel sorry for TWICE, these girls put so much work in, when will they have a break!? What do you guys think, let me know? Are they being worked too hard?