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  1. chaengiepenguin

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE And Red Velvet Are Best Friends With Each Other

    They look so cute Glad to see more interactions between idol groups Hope to see more collaborations in the future
  2. I'm crying She's so smol and precious
  3. chaengiepenguin

    [CHAEYOUNGIST] Why did you love Chaeyoung?

    Chaeyoung is cute without even trying to be cute, her artistic talents are amazing (as you can see in the limited edition of Twice's page two album and the spris shoes), her sense of humor even though the members think that she's not that funny (no jam), she's an amazing rapper and singer, her dimple and mole are cute, her smile, her laugh is addicting, she's beautiful, she's an amazing performer and very confidence on stage, Chaeyoung can slay any hairstyle and she doesn't really care about what haters say. I can say more but this will be very long, to make it short I just love Chaeyoung for who she is
  4. chaengiepenguin

    [FAN EDIT] Twice Hair Colour Edits

    These look so cool Chaeyoung should try one of those colors cause she looks amazing in those edits
  5. I think Chaeyoung also has that effect for Twice's members as well She also girlfriend/boyfriend materials, remember when Mina said that she would date Chaeyoung if she was a boy because "she is feminine and sexy." Or when Jihyo changed her profile picture to Chaeyoung's boyfriend picture (when Chaeng changed her hairstyle) Chaeyoung always has different charms with different hairstyle.
  6. True! Hahaha Good thing she has always been at the top of my bias list Chaeng's new hairstyle has caused a few deaths in a spawn on 24 hours Same! I think my heart stopped beating for a few moments
  7. chaengiepenguin

    [DISCUSSION] I Confess

    That's true! I'm liking her short hair now Have you seen her preview from the encore concert??? She has hair extensions and she looks amazing
  9. OH MY GOD Chaeyoung in hair extensions got me like She's so pretty
  10. chaengiepenguin

    [DISCUSSION] I Confess

    I confess that: 1. At first I didn't really like Chaeyoung cause she was way too charismatic (which made me scared, which was stupid cause she is my bias now) 2. I became thrice during Cheer Up era (sorry Twice ) cause my friends influenced me. 3. Nayeon used to get way too many lines which kinda made me annoyed since Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung got way too little (but I get why she got those lines). 4. I hate Chaeyoung's new hair the first time it came out (sorry chae) and I hate the way her hair is styled during Signal era (I still love her though) 5. I still think that Sana and Momo voices are pretty annoying to hear (but they are amazing dancer so not a really big problem for me) 6. I LOVE CHAEYOUNG SO MUCH!!! Please don't be mad at me
  11. chaengiepenguin

    Twice Signal Pixel Full M/V

    Wow! This is amazing and super cute I can see that you put a lot of effort for this. Thank you for your hard work and keep up the good work
  12. Chaeng's side profile is amazing Her mole is really attractive (along with her dimples ?)
  13. chaengiepenguin

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Lagi muter-muter eh, ketemu threadnya once Indonesia Salam kenal semua, aku once dari cibubur ? Semoga forum ini makin rame ya
  14. chaengiepenguin

    Twice Chords

    Thank you for this