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The Story Begins
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  1. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    Don't reply to this thread if you love Twice xD
  2. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [GAME] True or False Game

    False xD The person below is a bunny
  3. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [JIHYOIST/PIC] Your Daily Jihyo

    Please help me, her beauty is killing me <3
  4. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [DISCUSSION] [POLL] TWICE's Songs of Your Choice + TWICE's Vocals Discussion Thread

    Knock Knock is THE BEST song, I don't know why people don't like this song much.... TT
  5. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [TZUYUIST] What do you love about Tzuyu?

    I love Tzuyu so muchhhh. She is cute and beautiful... She has very good voice... She is innocent and savage at the same time... She loves dogs and I love dogs too... She is hardworking... She stays away from parents and works... this is neverending <3
  6. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [OFFICIAL] Myoui Mina (미나) Spazz Thread!

    Damnn Mina stole my heart there:
  7. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    Twice Signal Pixel Full M/V

    Awesome! Keep up the cute work!
  8. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [TZUYUIST/PIC] Daily Tzu for Yu

    Can Somebody check whether I am alive or not? I have fallen in love with this thread too <3<3<3<3
  9. Your post is seriously awesome, efforts appreciated.Sana is realllllllly amazinggggg <3
  10. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [OFFICIAL] Park Jihyo (박지효) Spazz Thread!

    My eyes are Lit and blessed at the same time T_T. Thanks for sharing <3
  11. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [DISCUSSION] Who is the strongest member?

    Momo and Tzuyu but Momo seems more energetic than any other member, she literally dances on every beat <3
  12. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [JIHYOIST/VID] Jihyo Fancams!

    Thanks for sharing dude! Not all heroes wear capes :) !!!! <3 Jihyo <3
  13. TzuyuIsMyLovE❤

    [MOMOIST] Why did you like Momo?

    She is an Absolute dance machine and she is super cute <3<3