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  1. Hi guys~  :sn-hi:

    How are you doing?

    Hope you have a great day today! :mm-shy:

    I'm sorry I'm not active hahaha even though you make me a MOTM ahahahah but still I'm not active :ny-yes:

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    2. JokbalManiaMomo


      Woahhh how did you know that I'm on STEM strand

      Yeah STEM is fun but when we talk about calculus, nah nothing is fun hahahha 

    3. Beanie


      You mentioned it on Discord :ny-lol:calculus sounds scary

    4. JokbalManiaMomo


      ohhhh hahahhah yeah I remember it now. I guess other people might understand it but for me it's really scary, I don't know how to calculate things using those equation in calculus I need more time to master those equation so yeah my life with calculus is a hell :jy-eww:

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